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  • Some ideas for new content

    Hello everybody,

    in the last days I thought about some new content to make War Dragons even more attractive.
    These are my ideas:

    1. New defending towers/buldings

    1.1, "Chief blaster":
    This tower throws explosive devices (like little packages) in the direction of the dragons. When the attack hits the package, it explodes. If it's not destroyed by the attack, it hurts like a stone (less than a normal attack of a cannon).
    When the package is destroyed by the attack of the dragon, the dragon is getting damage over a period of time (similar to the poison of the ballista) by the effect "Burning".
    Depending on the level of the building, the duration and/or damage and/or size of the package is increased.

    1.2. "Fog of War":
    This building ejects in intervals a cloud of fog, which reduces the accuracy of the dragon, consequently also the damage.
    Depending on the level of the building, the duration and/or the surface of the fog is increased.

    1.3, "Ambush":
    Similar to the perch, this building gets an own construction zone. It is placed in the middel of the long islands (in order of the main base: between island 1/2, 4/5 and 7/8).
    Soldiers are send to the beaches in a random sequence left and right of the island. These soldiers attack the dragon with ranged weapon (stones, knives, axes, spears, arrows).
    The building can only be destroyed by attacking the moving soldiers (marked as a red target).
    The number of soldiers and kind of weapon (and the damage, too) can be increased by expansion the "Camp of Ambush".

    2. New interactions of the spells of the dragons

    2.1, The active spell "Conjuring a warrior" and the passive spell "Dodo Guardian" obtaining in a new tab the possibility to prioritize the different targets.
    There are e.g. three/four/five different boxes where you can put the buildings in a prioritized order. Now the warrior/Dodo attacks the buildings in this sequence.
    This possibility is unavailable when setting an additional spell.

    2.2, Launching the spell "Tsunami", which splashes a gigantic wave over the island to cause damage.

    2.3, In connection with 1.1, "Chief blaster":
    Launching the spell "Cascade", healing the effect "Burning".

    2.4, "In connection with 1.2, "Fog of War":
    Launching the spell "Gust of Wind", which removes the fog so there are no more negative effects or the spell "Wall of Wind" is getting an additional effect of banishing the fog.

    2.5, Prohibit the combination of some spells with other additional spells by setting as reinforcement.

    3. Expanding attacks of Sorcerers:
    Hunters and warriors have more possibilities to gain strengthening. Soercerers can (if I am not wrong) only destroy the different boats and bigger outbuildings, which reduce the possibility of obtaining additional loot.

    I don't know the english names of the spells - I hope you understand it anyway.

    Please don't be rude because of my english - it's just out of school... 0:-)

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    Some very interesting thoughts you put in here. Personally think all may take time to code but all see like they would put some much desired twist to bases.

    Personally, I love the fog one the most and the ability to choose which buildings the summon and guardian dragons target first.

    I have also always thought it would be cool to have a water type dragon to call upon the water and use spells like the "Tsunami" you mentioned.


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      Good suggestions OP - I like the idea of seeing your troops in action with your ambush tower.


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        What are you smoking? They can't even fix glitches that have been in the game since Day 1 !!! 💩💩💩💩


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          Those are some great ideas but sadly PG will never implement any of it.

          Just think if you were PG. What would cost less, to make and code a brand new spell with all new graphics and design or take an existing spell and tweak it.

          PG will always take an existing spell and tweak it instead of making a brand new spell.

          This is why we have ice shock, freeze and earthquake. All very similar just recycled spells with different rage costs and spell color.


          • YellowMonkey
            YellowMonkey commented
            Editing a comment
            Since I've been playing there has been many new spells:
            Rising pheonix
            noxious vines
            Spell flux
            Seething Spark

            Are just to name a few. So I can't really agree with you here.

          • GodofNoobz
            GodofNoobz commented
            Editing a comment
            Those were all released back when Sapphire just came out.

            Back then they had a lot of complaints from players and they put a lot of work into Sapphire dragons, if you look at that tier, they have the most unique spells in that tier compared to rest.

            That's also when the new events started and introduced Sigurd.

            Since sapphire majority of the spells were recycled and a lot of awesome Sapphire dragons spells were never seen again.

            They even recycled spells for Spring Divine dragons and had people all bummed out to the point where PG changed it up and introduced new spells to get people excited to spend.