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*New* Breeding guide

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  • *New* Breeding guide


    I have been working on a "fast track" breeding guide.
    A guide made just for reaching the next tier as fast as possible.

    This is not a guide to build a strong rooster.
    The thought for this guide is a way of levelling up the season dragons faster. This guide has no other use. Many great dragons are not included in this guide.

    All suggestions for improvement are welcome

    I have used the database in Amoebas site as sourse for combinations
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    Good to know. Is this 100% legit?
    Ferga Pyrochis Aquileas and Austeros (70%) 31428
    Gloomclaw Jul Avalanche (90%) 15555
    Aquileas and Austeros Avalanche Deci (9%) Chompa (7%) 143500
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    • Va1kyria
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      Should be. I double checked and it should be correct
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    Better use the breeding guides from Red... so all can look there. I guess they are on top , and people dont need to be shared here and there and loose probably.


    • Va1kyria
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      I'm not rly with you. 😊
      I do think that Reds guide is great but as far as I know Reds guide does not have the same purpose?
      And who looses probability? I was just giving credit to amoeba great site as a source for information not as a source for the guide 😉

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    I can't use links so I can't look at it. Good luck with your path. BUT some of us are so happy Superman did a new path to Obsidien! I just have to stick with him.


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      I would recommend you add a precaution on this post and/or your web site for people that could wrongly use the guide. Paths like this are only suitable for people leveling quickly and spending heavily, and is not going to make for a strong roster. People will need more backup, be less reliable for wars, and the list goes on. Perhaps adding something along those lines would prevent people using the paths incorrectly. :-)


      • Va1kyria
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        Good idea 🤔
        I will do that.
        Th for the suggestion 😊

      • Forrestt
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        Yup! Nice path too :P

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      I do believe you accomplished what you were trying to do. I also created a "fast path" for alts and really heavy spenders, but removed it when I found out how many free players were using it anyway. Anyone who is not a massive spender or an alt on the same team as their main will struggle immensely, be a parasite on their team, and find the game to be more frustrating than fun.
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      • gaza8143
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        New guy on our team spent about 10k to get to L220 his strongest dragon is Arborious ( apologies for spelling ) and now he has gone from Very Active to Low Activity.

        Only way for him to progress is to have everyone give him xp runs daily - but im thinking a guide like this might be good for him to get his dragon power to where it needs to be.

      • TheRedDelilah
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        He will have to drop a lot more money, but yes. This is exactly what paths like this are designed to do.

      • Mechengg
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        The good news is that he only needs 1 run a day per dragon and they are leveled up lol. Well until green legendaries. Then he will need a 5x AND a 4x multiplier. Gold he will need a 5/4/3 one day and a 5 the next!! It's getting crazy guys!!
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