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Disappointed with Mystic Winds on ZArmrok

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  • Disappointed with Mystic Winds on ZArmrok

    My blue version on other dragons seems to block better than this. Anybody else Disappointed with waiting on this Dragon only to be frustrated with the outcome? Seems like we all waited for the worse of the seasonal dragons.

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    As someone who typically hates warriors...

    Zam is fantastic and incredibly difficult to shoot down. He dodges mage super shots with MW like a boss. Idk what level you have him at, but he's a beast.
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    • Morpheus316
      Morpheus316 commented
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      Mines low level 13 ATM mabe I'm just not high enough yet. I'm just disappointed with MW, cause it doesn't seem like it's working. By the way Red love following your breeding paths๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š

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    The blue spell is weaker, because it cant deflect mage towers as the white one... And more improtant, for the blue spell you can use runes which can increase the duraction of the spell.

    You can use your mythic winds at best if you click lately, for example while magetowers are shooting or towers... So you use the best of that 4.5 seconds to protect yourself... sometimes you see how a half second can decide if hit by a tower or not.

    Same goes for shield,... it has to activated very quick after its over.


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      Morpheus316 did you even read the spell description?

      Also I love how you misspell Zamrok in every complain-thread you make.
      Disappointed with Mystic Winds on ZArmrok
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        Another Zamaramaramaramaramaramarok post by OP; another fantastic outcome haha.


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          Mechengg MareZ
          You guys like to troll much?

          At least
          TheRedDelilahEmrahT are helpful and informative in their replies