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    My perspective:

    I've been playing for about a year now buying elite every month and am just finishing up Plat Legendaries (bred Rizar and Kaiju last event and have half of Vulkan and Kelvin done this event). What I see here is actually several problems that all feed into the main complaint; the "Sapphire Wall". Unfortunately, I don't think addressing one or two of the problems is going to do much.

    1. Restricted Breeding paths. Red already outlined this in great detail. I'm not going to elaborate here.

    2. No lower-grade dragons in Sapphire+. What this does is force long periods of time before getting a new dragon because the lowest grade you can get is a huge number of shards. This also ties into #1, but is a problem in and of itself as well.

    3. Number of frags needed for Mythics. I understand that doubling the number of frags is a pattern and that you have simply repeated the pattern. However, exponential increases like this are, well, exponential increases. I implore you at PG to look at an exponential graph and see if you can find the problem with keeping this pattern up. Especially since tokens you can get go up linearly with time.

    4. Power level increases too fast. In Red --> Plat, the legendary of a previous tier was more powerful than any of the first dragons you would breed in a new tier. They would be better than even the Epics for a long time (in that they have a level head-start and Den Caps keeping the higher-tier dragons in check). In Sapphire+, the power level doubles from the previous tier with the first dragon you get! This gives the very real impression that your most powerful dragons in the previous tier aren't anything more than crappy breeders. This is a problem because it FEELS bad for those that hit it. CampusLifer can go on about how we SHOULD feel about the direction of the game, but it just doesn't jive with how people ACTUALLY feel.

    5. Ease of leveling (player) vs. difficulty of breeding. Base power level at the Sapphire+ tier is MUCH easier to increase than dragon power. All it takes is wood (there is a gating mechanic in eggs required for the hut, but it seems to me that your base can still get way past your dragon power even with this gate). What this does is it makes your current dragons (and their glacial progression) hurt that much more, because the bases around you are increasing in power much faster than your own dragons. This feeds directly into the previous 4 points because now all of your current dragons are breeders to get to the next tier so you can actually take out bases your level! Add to this the fact that when you increase your base power, you also increase your base level, which makes it even harder to progress you dragons because the bases you can hit for RSS and XP get even harder.


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      On the "breeder" problem, it's also the case that backbreeds are limited enough that you often have to pay full price for a dragon that's not an improvement. You have an entire tier (garnet) that no longer has any relevancy in war, because Hau is the go to starter if you don't have emerald or obsidian tier, which is pretty much everyone that doesn't just buy everything outright.

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      I was lumping that in with number 1, but yes... that is definitely a problem that needs addressing.

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    I stopped spending much, a few value packs now and then, every 3 months maybe. What's the point? THe last time I spent really big was before platinum. I spent 5 figures for my family in the two years before that. And now with Sapphire, and I have four including a mythic, and will probably breed garnets in a couple of months, I don't care about progressing. My family member was in a Diamond team in the 50s when I started a couple of years ago. I've been in Diamond and Sapphire, but we eventually made our own team, full, very active, and hanging in high gold and staying there. The situation described by the OP has actually decreased the motivation to spend money and progress, because the game in a period of months, since Sapphire and the rush for the rest, has made it impossible for really good players who don't want to spend a lot of money to progress. My family member is by far the best player I have seen in the game. She's a low 200 and her base killed a mythic emerald today. She takes out bases 100 levels above her level. So I am totally unimpressed by the whales. Spending money doesn't make you a good player. I Am an ok player and only play to be with family. We train a lot of players. We kick a lot too. My point is, the nature of the game has reduced my spending by hundreds per month. There are a lot of us out there who don't want to move up because money buys the shiny toys. When it was skill it was much better. I never bought grades in school. THe admins don't want to admit that the top players aren't the best players, they just spend. And their philosophy is probably costing them money and customers. I don't tell my team not to spend, and they are fair spenders, but it kills me when I see them wasting money.


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      I've heard a report that Dread has issued a directive telling all members to only use Obsidian dragons to take out low 200s bases due to the legendary lethality of Skittles base, Indi123 can you confirm?

    • Indi123
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      You are correct Spooky. In fact, we avoid that base at all costs as it might as well be a full base of supershotted dark flaks such is its power.

    • Spooky
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      I've heard reports that Skittles base is the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. Your dragons may simply disappear and never be heard from again. There is a disturbing rumor going around that some of the accounts presumed banned by the recent enforcement actions were actually lost forever attacking this fearsome base. You may wish to raise the alarm to all concerned parties Indi123

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    There's a lot of great stuff on this thread and hopefully it doesn't fall on deaf ears. After playing this game for a year, being level 250 and about to breed an emerald, here are my thoughts:

    Since Sapphire tier, the game pace is at a crawl. There are many reasons behind that and intentional decisions made by PG that make little sense.

    1) Prior to Sapphire, you had regular, rare, epic and legendary dragons. A legendary like Amarok was normally better than an epic a tier higher. It wasn't uncommon to see people with dragons spread across multiple tiers that were usable. That is no longer the case since they are all "legendary." With divines, especially at lower level, the game has now become a "get the next tier" so you can uncap your divines. So why did PG go away from the model that worked earlier and had us all hooked? It used to be breed a few weak dragons, then save up and get a stud once you found their parents. Which brings me to:

    2) Nothing you tell me will convince me that Anapa is a "legendary" dragon. He sucks. Jul too. Why are they 125K and 143.5K tokens? For those dragons, that cost is absolutely ridiculous. They are breeders and serve no other purpose. If any dragons should be "rare" dragons, it is those two and you should be able to breed multiple at once. It would feel like we were making headway, even if it took the same time to get the "stud" dragons in each tier.

    3) 125K Sapphire Legendary. 143.5K Garnet Legendary. 143.5K Emerald Legendary. 143.5K Obsidian legendary. Look at those numbers. Why are they all the same or similar? The fact that Jul costs the same as Noctua is a joke. And it isn't that Noctua should be higher. Once new tiers are introduced, the prior should become cheaper.

    4) Why is the attack power more than doubling every tier? As soon as people uncap their divines, the entire prior tier (with the exception of Hau) becomes completely irrelevant. Not related to divines, but Level 19 Noctua and Expert Mythic Xenot have the same power. Doubling the attack power brings me to:

    5) Tower strength. To combat the new super dragons, towers are adjusted accordingly. Emeralds will bounce off level 55 towers when they come out. Finally:

    6) Building requirements. I used to spend on this game and speedups aren't difficult to come by that way. But once nonspenders reach the end of Sapphire and Garnet, the amount of time, rss, and speedups they will need to use on the storage hut is insane.

    I'm not asking for a base full of level 50 towers and an armada of obsidians for free. But Platinum isn't the highest tier anymore. Nor is Sapphire. Nor are towers capped at level 35 and 40. The requirements to get these should be reduced. How long would it take a new player who spent 100-200 a month on the game get a sapphire dragon and level 150? A while. I want bases to attack and newer players making their way up the ranks. As the game stands now, if you start today, you better invest a car payment each week into the game or there is no shot you will ever come close to being higher than a gold tier player without a method of catching up.