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Superman's Obsidian Breeding Plans

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  • Superman's Obsidian Breeding Plans

    Here you go! Working on a couple more but figured I would release these now since the breeding event is live

    Let me know if you find any errors! Enjoy!

    Shoutout to RIP for having all the dragons and helping me get these up fast
    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you for this


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      Thankyou ! Is the Jul backbreed missing from the third plan? I thought Jul was still needed in there


      • Superman
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        My pleasure

        Jul isn't needed in any of the plans except the one in the center

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      Good work on getting some paths up in such a short time.
      I personally prefer hunter paths so I'll be following a path that gives the best hunters (Hau, Deci, Ferga, Noctua) as the first dragons of their tier but that's just my personal preference.
      MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

      Important Threads to find everything you need


      • gaza8143
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        Congrats L200!

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      He's baaaack!


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        OMG! That made my day! Superman breeding paths! Thanks so much for doing this. Not that I'll ever get to Obsidian.


        • Superman
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          My pleasure Brigitte! Anything you need

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        We missed your glorious breeding paths, Superman 😻💞💞 💝💘


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          These breeding paths are fantastic! I have picked one, although all 3 are good. We may have two officers try those so we can see how we like then side by side. I am really surprised that all the people who used Superman's breeding paths to garnet aren't posting. Certainly his breeding path was the most used for s long time. Well, it's the one (to Garnet) we had posted for our team all along, and now we have added this to our Wiki.


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          Why can't we just do what you did Super and take someone else's account so we don't have to actually do any breeding ourselves?


          • CooolAid
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            What does that have to do about breeding, training and spells? Wrong section 👉

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          Nah, it's the right section.