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Obsidian Tier Dragon Discussion

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  • Obsidian Tier Dragon Discussion

    Feel free to use this thread to discuss the Obsidian Tier Dragons! Which one look the most menacing? Who's got the best spell set? What do you feel inspired each one? Let us know!
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    What's the tower-spell list for the new higher tier steal essence on the mythic?


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    Still struggling through Sapphire! Have no care whatsoever about Obscene (No that's not a typo!) Tier Dragons!
    What inspired each one? I agree with Dravoz! Greed!


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      I'll tell you in a year when I get there.


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        O sorry is feedback of yet again to soon considered? Cause if it is then it's yet again ignored. On the bright side, due to PGs blatant greed I've not considered once this season going for all the dragons as I did in the past two seasons. So I guess thanks pg you have saved this moderate spender quite a bit of money this summer and I'll probably spend less in future seasons as well!

        but that doesn't matter cause I'm not a whale, and only whales matter.


        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          Yes, the 5000 sigil requirement for Emerald stones had that effect on me too. No point aiming for the season mythic, so saving me some money too.

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        I agree with the release of Obsidian dragons coming way to soon. I'm so busy breeding dragons, that I don't get a chance to enjoy them. Once upon a time, when new dragons would come out, people would be excited. Now the players aren't excited anymore. There really is no reason to sink any more money into this sinking ship.


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          EggToken Seriously? How many players (or, more tellingly, what percentage of your player base) do you think are even ready to start thinking about this new tier yet? When Sapphire was released, I was almost through Platinum and ready for some new dragons. But with the rapid release of the next THREE teirs, I'm nowhere near the top now. I'm still MONTHS away from getting my first Emerald.

          Granted, the release of these new dragons hasn't HURT me any - I'm no worse off than I was yesterday - but I can't really get excited about them either. They're just more items that's the wealthy can buy, and I, for now, can only dream of one day earning.

          Like Rakic, I'll get back to you in a year or so...


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            Like many others I am still grinding Sapphire I dont think I will be seeing any Obsidian dragons for at least a year probably longer.

            Effectively 3 tiers behind in content lol.


            • itsjustjoe
              itsjustjoe commented
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              Me too.

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            Saw a video of a lvl 9 Obsidian soloing a maxed out full 50 lvl 425 base.....

            Since I barely got into emerald tier (getting my 3rd emerald this event I hope), I can't give feedback on FLYING them, however:

            General feedback

            1. The 75% odd power increase between mythic emerald and legendary obsidian is way way too much. I'd have thought they would be Legendary Obsidian = same power as Mythic Emerald

            2. The obsidian release is the final nail in Morphos coffin. Very sad since he was a pretty awesome dragon, will be missed. Didn't last long. (And yes I know morphos is great for great flyers, not so much now that his free heal (vamp touch), is no longer there)

            3. Wraith and Mariannas look like breeders only.

            4. Why would I bother with emerald past breeding now, since obsidian blows them out of the water? Very sad - you had some pretty decent emerald designs, I would have loved to have flown them for 3-6 months before they obsolete.


            Look I understand PG needs income, and basically there was nothing for whales to drop money on (they all have maxed 50 bases, and all dragons). Surely, you could have used your rotating seasonal branches to better effect there? Added some dragons there for them to dump money into? EMERALD dragons, so that everyone else didn't feel shafted?

            I spend moderate-heavy in this game ($10k/8 months), make of that what you will, and even I'm feeling like this is just too much too soon. I'm in Diamond 1, and I feel that when the majority of my diamond teammates can't keep up, there is a problem.

            I feel very sorry for my low lvl friends at around lvl 100, since they just about to give up with the game, which is very sad.


            • Dravoz
              Dravoz commented
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              Nicely put. Your 4th point is particularly noteworthy. It's exactly this that PG promised to address after garnet was released too soon (by their own admission). If their business isn't sustainable unless the whales are dumping truckloads of money all the time then their model is flawed, probably fatally so.

            • FangTheWise
              FangTheWise commented
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              pg has 3 other app games, (gambling games) that help generate revenue,

              pg reported over 82m in revenue albeit in 2014, now i know "bigs" are spending some serious cash but im also pretty sure they arent spending that serious cash.

              all the more reason to chill.... on pg's end.


              sidenote: not 100% wd was avail in 2014....

            • SilentOne
              SilentOne commented
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              I'm one of the minority who gets all dragons and experts them all.
              With Divines needing dragons above my current tier in order to continue levelling, and yet another tier beyond my reach I am feeling that I can't play the game I want to because I will just fall further behind if I don't start skipping through the tiers just getting the minimal number required to get to the next tier.

              It's not an enjoyable way to approach the game.
              I fly only to level, I don't fly for fun anymore.

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            I'll start off with the Pros:

            - The designs are amazing, especially Wrath looks evil!
            - Noctua has the most promising spell set in my opinion, it might bring back some of the fun and strategic elements that we know from Hauheset or atleast I hope so.


            - The tier feels to be released too soon.
            - For balancing reasons and to slow the pace I would have preferred the step by step release of legendaries first and mythics later like Emerald Tier. I think more people were happy with this kind of release scheme compared to Garnet/Sapphire before. This would create a little less of a gap between huge whales that have the mythics on day 1 and medium spenders that get the dragons one by one. This would also bring smaller jumps of tower levels that fit better to the currently released dragon tiers.
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            • gaza8143
              gaza8143 commented
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              Well said MareZ very fair analysis.

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            I was really surprised that the Obsidians where already released. I was expecting them at the next breeding event for the Season closing. I did my second Emerald Mythic and could breed an Obsidian already - considering the increase in the power levels it also seems a wise thing to do, however the sorcerers look like breeders to me as well.

            Not that I want to discuss the spending requirements to get there. But it is really a shame that the Emeralds are already obsolete. I don't think the speed is right. Either you don't get to the point where you can enjoy a nice Dragon for some time or you can't compete. Both options are not good. If you continue like this, it will make a lot of people think about if spending money at this game is an enjoyable experience...


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              When i got my first gold legendary... saphire was released....
              When i got my first platin legendary.... then garnet tier came after it....

              Now i got last time my first garnet tier dragon... and obsidian is relased...
              And i would say i play very effective about breeding stuff, and breeding pathes,... and still i am too much behind...

              If people look what going over gold tier would cost... what going over platin would cost.... They say that saphir is a huge step, and garnet is a huge step aswell.

              Obsidian is as any other new tier... Looks different, looks cool,... new spells... interesting because they can destroy all remaining things... always similar ...

              Beside Obsidian tier and new nice spells ... you PG should change research drasticly... its like a VIP for a minority really... not as we started that game where you had chances to complete some... now its a waste of time... EggToken

              I agree with others that to have one of these dragons... or i say even worse... to have a emerald for now,... it will be next year!!!
              While increasing all cost, decreasing all gain... you really cant expect me to say something "nice" , dont you ?


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                SO I typed two paragraphs to explain my thoughts on these dragons but then somehow ended up clearing the entire box. SO here it is, plain and simple. Obsidian dragons came out too soon. Another moderate spender here, probably on the heavier side of moderate, but even though I was able to breed an obsidian I chose to finish my last two emeralds this breeding event as I had planned before the ridiculous announcement of the new dragon tier release within 5 months of the last. Rule of thumb, if you havent ran two full season since the last tier dropped, you should probably wait. ALso, why the hell does it take nier or deci to breed 4/5 dragons and why did you release only one hunter and warrior? Feels like a rushed release that.

                It will hurt just as bad to lose your moderate spenders who make up the 80-98 percentile as it will your whales who make up the top 1%. You may want to pat more attention to them as well.


                • Wayyyyy
                  Wayyyyy commented
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                  For moderate spenders, Den levels will kill the game anyways in 2-3 months. Most players probably haven't connected the dots yet but with the increased den levels, there is no point in even going past emeralds unless you want to max out your credit card

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                There you have it. Obsidian = bad idea. I love that you created this threat looking for feedback but if you actually listened to feedback you would have known all this already. I don't even know why i'm writing here since you will continue to ignore the feedback you asked for. But on the off chance you do here it is: You need help narrow the gap between the whales and the rest, not make it wider. There are ways to do that, some of which i even suggested yesterday. If PG doesn't actively work to narrow the gap this game is doomed.


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                  I am going to address this whole release and change in breeding as a whole. Personally, I am still in Emeralds so I cannot speak to flying Obsidians:

                  • I was disappointed to see no backbreeds added in for Sapphire Legendaries, especially Scorchil and Iteru as they are true bottleneck points in breeding.
                  • I was very pleased by the Renard backbreed (formerly a Zaru backbreed, of which we had too many).
                  • Happy to see a Jul backbreed return.
                  • The Avalanche backbreed and new breed excited me at first, but when I realized they were pretty much useless, I was pretty bummed out.
                  • I am extremely disappointed that no new Mythic backbreeds have been introduced. On paper, it looks like there are plenty of backbreeds for the Mythics, but if you choose to go down a A&A or Gloom path, you will have to pay full cost for another mythic. However, if you go down the Icicle path, you will not. Here are my two suggestions to help with overhall stagnancy in breeding for a definite quality of life improvement:
                    • Kerbos + Deci currently gives us Renard (backbreed), Frostbiter, A&A, Icicle, and Deci. I think changing this breed so it gave us Renard at around 25k (currently 23,300) and Icicle around 50k (currently 220k), this would help with the stagnancy. There is no reason to put Frost, A&A, or Deci in that set at the same cost as Icicle.
                    • Kyrule + Kerbos currently gives us Ursa (backbreed), Gloom, Kerbos, and Kyrule. I think changing this breed so it gave us more of a shot at Gloomclaw would be much appreciated. I am 90% certain no one uses that Ursa backbreed, and I know many players would benefit and feel so much happier if they had this backbreed.
                  Emerald & Obsidian:
                  • I feel that missing 2 Legendaries Obsidians has made breeding paths laughable.
                  • No logical Emerald Mythic Backbreeds
                  • No logical back breeds at all added.
                  • Players are shoehorned into breeding a certain way and I strongly dislike this, and it is caused by the incomplete Legendary Release. To show, the useless breeds are in bold red:
                  Archimera Nier Pyrochis 143,500
                  Archimera (Ferga) Marianas Wraith 140,000
                  Archimera (Xenot) Rhyo Noctua 140,000
                  Archimera Rhyo Marianas 15,555
                  Noctua (Kyrule) Archimera Wraith 140,000
                  Noctua Deci Stormheim 143,500
                  Marianas (Marianas*) Rhyo Wraith 140,000
                  Marianas (Pyrochis) Nier Kerbos 143,500
                  Marianas (Xenot) Archimera Noctua 143,500
                  Wraith Rhyo Archimera 15,555
                  Wraith (Gloomclaw) Xenot Ferga 143,500
                  Rhyo (Xenot, Marianas) Archimera Noctua 225,550
                  • These four breeds are useless because...
                    • You need Archimera for Rhyo, so you cannot use Rhyo to breed Archimera (two instances of this)
                    • You get Marianas when you breed Rhyo, so why would you then need to use Rhyo to breed Marianas
                    • The last one is of course the sidebreed to Rhyo, so it's not needed as a Marianas breed. I have it in my table to show things is all.
                  • I cannot even make logical suggestions to how we can improve these useless pairs because I cannot see at least the rest of the Legendaries.
                  • I feel that I cannot, and we cannot, release paths in confidence because we are missing Legendaries. For instance, some people may want Wraith original, but now are feeling bad because Wraith paths are difficult and seem like a waste of tokens.

                  Please release the rest of the Legendaries, or at least give us the breeding table for them. I feel very uncomfortable sharing breeding paths like this. PGJared Echo EggToken
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