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Sapphire mythics- who's your fave?

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  • Sapphire mythics- who's your fave?

    I'm trying to gather some opinions on which of the sapphire mythics people like better and why? I'm just working toward them and would like to figure out which way I should go. Advice please?

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    Hau. Hands down hau. The godly ability to singlehandedly pick apart, cripple, and decimate a base while hardly getting touched is such an invaluable thing to have in your roster. Red did a great demo on him and I'm sure many can attest that defending against a good hau borders on futility.


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    There really is no contest. Hau by a landslide.


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      lol well then.. I've heard apophet is dope but I kinda want the hunter because I've found a new love for hunters ever since I got borgian so want to find other to love as well πŸ’œ What levels are you both?


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        Haus is definitely the best all rounder. Great for leading a base attack.


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          I'm on the hauheset path and it really sucks getting there, but once you hit Hauheset, you start getting a slough of excellent dragons all in a row!


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            Literally one option: Hauheset


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              I JUST got Hau today, he is badass, and from what everyone who is of a very high level that I have asked this same question, the answer is always Hau, 100% of the time.


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                The dragon with possibly the best skillset ever released in this game.
                The only dragon that stayed relevant for the next 2-3 tiers.
                MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

                Important Threads to find everything you need


                • Indi123
                  Indi123 commented
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                  This. Hauh is a godly creature, nothing else has ever come close to its awesomeness.

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                Haha I have a thread of hau fans. That's awesome. I almost have scorchil (as my first sapphire) hehe I'm crawling up there finally..


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                  I'll go against everyone's opinion here and say Apophet is better. Hauheset is good, but not on all bases. I am on Apophet camp, his capacity to transform two (red and blue) spells in white spells is awesome ! And the "mini me" Apophet is great and if you know how to fly Apophet, you'll have a great dragon in your roster and for a loong time !
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                  • A1R
                    A1R commented
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                    I would not like to have you as a lead in war lol

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                  Lol you ruined the trend!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks for the inputπŸ˜‰


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                    xXCandyXx - well, I didn't intend to. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But why Scorchil ? He's a bad dragon to have, Sekhem is the best legendary in the roster. Worth to expert both - Sekhem and Apophet - while you work your way up to the first garnet.


                    • xXCandyXx
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                      Yes MareZ that too lol

                    • OldtimerX
                      OldtimerX commented
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                      Jul and Renard gives you Hauheset as a backbreeder. 28.5k tokens
                      So for 228.5k tokens you get two great mythics.

                    • MareZ
                      MareZ commented
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                      OldtimerX that entirely depends on the breeding path you're taking. Many players prefer paths that give Hauheset as the first sapphire mythic due to him being one of the best dragons in the game.
                      If players decide to take a path that breeds Apophet first (e.g.), then they can eventually backbreed Hau later on.

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                    Hau easy.

                    Apophet gets benched not too long down the road.. mehaten is for a perch instantly

                    Hau, you will always have in your roster.. learn how to fly him and you will never find an unbeatable base


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                      Hau is the most useful on big bases, flying along with dragon that are a tier or two higher and just as important. There is nor was a dragon in game that could do that. He's used most of the time on any bases 300 and above as lead dragon; IN WARS.

                      Frankly, this dragon is in a league of its own. One of the best ever released as far as skill set goes.

                      Apophet, now that her spells are not broken (took PG 6-7 months to fix) is the far second choice. She is only great for XP backup and for most undefended bases up to maybe level 240ish, depending on layout. Her spells are pretty cool though.

                      Mehaten has interesting spells but is unfortunately a shitty dragon. If he would be a tier or two up, maybe he'd be useful. Unfortunately he is nothing more than a whore for breeding.

                      As far as breeding goes, I would recommend going for Hauheset bar non; and then breeding Frostbite.
                      Apophet breeds Jul who is literally one of the worst dragons in game relative to its tier.

                      Hope this helps
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                      • Danmc1xx
                        Danmc1xx commented
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                        Jul is great for following teammates xp runs. But that's literally all he's good for. Southern cross allows u to take an xp base with just button pushes. I used him for that til he was expert. Then stored him in a dungeon. Lol