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Fastest Way to Emerald? From Hau?

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  • Fastest Way to Emerald? From Hau?

    Im sure a lot of people are over leveled and should look into this. The standard dragons are mostly Irrelevant with the plentiful powerful Divines. By the time You get a Mythic you are almost to unlocking the next tier any how... I just want to Rank up asap, I don't want to collect, I want power!

    I'm lvl 177 and have tokens for and been following breeding path to Hauhest but could change if there is a faster way up this steep mountain...
    I'm assuming the guides are mostly focused on efficiency and just wondering if there is any way to switch to a faster path and if any potential back breed changes could improve the situation.

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    The fastest way is to just buy goldchest for tokens, when you get a drag, ruby all xp until breedable and continue. Should only take a few hours, maybe 5-6h


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      Yea... sigh I knew this was the actual answer haha. I guess Reds guides are as good as it gets once you are past back breading more Plats, just wish I had Anapa instead of Scorchill and its not cost effective to change now. So ill stick with A+A3 until something changes. Sorry for this post when all info was available, just feeling hopeless, three new tiers will be out by the time I hit emerald...


      • Rakic
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        Probably so...obsidian most likely out in September and sapphire is still tough to work through even with backbreeds in place now.

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      Visa or MasterCard.


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        I am trying by selling my body. After One year, Still not able to buy the smallest pack...


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          Look at red website she has a speed breed guide up


          • Chromat1
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            yea I saw it, they don't seem to be different once you are already in Sapphire drags, thanx

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          What were the Back breeds that were removed? I heard something about Jul? Like why is it almost the same price for Icicle even breeding from Deci and Kerbos?!?!? It looks like breeding is just all screwy at the moment...
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          • TheRedDelilah
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            You can see all changes to breeding options on my master spreadsheet.