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    EggToken Echo It looks like the replacement runes/glyphs weren't properly assigned to the right dragons.

    Legendary Lethal Barrier Glyph: says that it replaces the rune from Tarand, but both of Tarand's were double blast, I thought? Maybe this was Sage's? This went to one of two accounts with Sage.

    Mythic Lethal Barrier Double Blast: This is properly assigned to Tarand but only went to one of two accounts with Tarand. The one that got one is also the account that didn't get replacements for having Sage.

    Edit: The Legendary Lethal Barrier Double Blast Rune is still missing on both accounts, and only the account that didn't get the Legendary Glyph got the Mythic Lethal Barrier Glyph.
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      Same. I got my Mythic Explosive Shield Glyph for Sage and 500K dust (which doesn't cover even half the dust I spent upgrading the explosive shield variant) and zero runes for Tarand. Additionally, I contacted support and they just gave me a blanket statement that they sent out to everyone. Furthermore, I asked support if they could remove my explosive shield runes for Tarand and Sage and I got the same blanket statement I got before.


      • Mechengg
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        500k or 5M? Might want to double check your screenshot on that one

      • Fairyknight
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        I didn't quite check the zeros but now have 15Millions Dust more, it might have been a typo in the message

      • Mechengg
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        Yes agreed, 5M was sent out with each rune and it takes just under 4.5M to expert a mythic and 500K to expert a legendary. I think everyone has more dust than they started with no matter the circumstance so this isn't something you should be worried about what so ever.

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      I'm right now in a "who will flinch first" duel with support. They send me generic replies, I reply back with the same questions. Round 6 coming up.....


      • WeiLing
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        I'm doing the same.

      • ITIL
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        I just take screenshots of previous tickets and replies, if applicable, along with a ticket count number - good luck :x

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      PG continues refusing to respond on the forum or do something about it. This is just so unacceptable. What can we, as consumers who just got scammed do??


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        EggToken PGJared CampusLifer Echo

        ​​​​​​​I just received the reply from support re tarand and sage explosive shield runes and glyphs. It's a pin pong back and forth, I asked them to remove explosive shield runes on tarand and sage. And this is their reply...

        Dragon Lord!
        Thank you so very much for contacting us today and I'm sorry to hear some of you are currently receiving Spring Destiny Sigil as apposed to Summer Destiny Sigil when opening chests. Please know that we are aware of this issue and our developer team are looking into the cause so as to offer a speedier resolution. While we will be unable to offer an immediate solution at this time, rest assured that we will do our utmost to have the issue with receiving Spring Sigil during Summer season events fixed and resolved as soon as possible.

        As for players still receiving Energy packs and Inner Fire as apposed to Wood resources and Speedup boosts, this is also being looked into by the dev-team. While we currently cannot compensate for this issue, we are looking into the current contents of Bronze and Gold chests so as to insure they are appropriate for the Fortification event.

        If your issue was not addressed here, please open a new support ticket so that we may properly assist you.

        Once again, thank you so very much for your understanding while we work on resolving these issues!


        completely nothing to do with my ticket. This is how PG's support team work! Such a bull.