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Lethal Barrier - Tarand - Sage

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  • Lethal Barrier - Tarand - Sage

    Hello community, hello PG Team. EggToken PGJared CampusLifer Echo

    How you know after the new update the explosive shield spell from Tarand and Sage got changed into "Lethal Barrier" .

    Now we people who got this 2 dragon, had in there lines the mythic runes for double exlosion an explosive shield.
    Both this runes, which many player put into this dragons, are worthless... Many player had them at expert state, and probably there wont be a strong warrior with blue explosive shield, after seeing the emerald versions like at Stormheim. Beside that other versions of explosive shield runes, as legend or epic used too.

    As we had this issue with iceshock and invert , now we would like to get the runes for this spells back aswell.
    Because this ones was the mythic runes in the pathes of both divine dragon if i am not wrong.

    Waiting for information about this, please tell us how it will go sooner or later. Thank you

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    This is the same thing they did to the other dragons. You might get partial (not full) compensation for the rune itself, but don't expect them to compensate (or even acknowledge the fact at all) that someone could have possibly equipped other runes on the dragon, which were also broken.


    • EmrahT
      EmrahT commented
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      When it was about reserve projectiles -> invert . We got mythic rune + legend gylph. If you ask me that would be a good exchange.

    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      Numerous people have already confirmed that if they had expert runes/glyphs, they received expert runes/glyphs back - not partial.

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    I getting sick of PG changing dragon spells and performance everytime a new season starts or a new tier is to be released.
    I just feel sorry for the fools that spent money purchasing chest to get sigils to get dragons expecting great things from it only to have it changed to something useless without prior warning.
    Its like Cinderella at the ball. Fancy coach and ball gown before midnight and pumpkin and potato sack dress after.
    PG stop acting like a fairy godmother and selling us stuff for a limited time only to change and ruin it later.


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      This is BS!! You give us runes to improve our best dragons, then when they are equipped and maxed, you void them!?! So we loose the rune and dust!


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        EggToken PGJared CampusLifer Echo

        Any updates on when we might get compensated for these runes? Lost a lot of defense/offense on Tarand and Sage with the changes and a PvP event is coming up soon....


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          I'm just being patient on this one, for sure they are working on it, because there will be out rage if they dont, we had them fix it before. If after another week i don't see some new runes in my collection, im contacting support...


          • Opios
            Opios commented
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            Been contacting support again and again & the answer is that they are working on it, all I can say is it must be a really gruesome task because it's been months since the spells stopped working on Sage & Tarand & it took them that long to come clean with the players and admit that they wasn't working and have supposedly been trying to fix and resolve this issue

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          I just came to the forums to find out about this. I am livid since I have both mythic and legendary explosive shield runes on him, now he is completely useless. Can we also quit changing spells once a dragon comes out? This is just insane, you have people to test this stuff before it goes live. Figure it out before you actually incorporate it into the game.


          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Yes, because what made the dragon useless is the two runes that you have on him that no longer offer the buff? They haven't worked for 3 months now....but you are just right this minute telling us he is useless?

            I'm not arguing about the changing of spells, agree with you there.

          • DracolichKing
            DracolichKing commented
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            Am I the only one who haven't put any runes on Sage?
            Now I see my teammates' Sage with a bunch of mythic, legendary, and epic runes perform almost as same as my naked version even though their powers are 50% higher than mine. (While at least the rage part is still working and they can get rage a little bit faster~)

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          Am very irate about the new changes to the White version of explosive shield new name White Barrier and the fact that the runes for explosive shield now does not effect it. I have Tarand with EXPERT LEGENDARY EXPLOSIVE SHIELD RUNE & Sage with EXPERT MYTHIC DOUBLE BLAST EXPLOSIVE SHIELD & EXPERT MYTHIC EXPLOSIVE SHIELD. I HAVE SPENT $1400.00 on this game to obtain the sigils needed to obtain these dragons and the runes to make them stronger and now these runes are useless. POCKET GAMES HAVE RIPPED US ALL OFF & I FOR ONE AM ANGRY & REALLY FRUSTRATED . TAKES MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF RUNE DUST TO ACHIEVE EXPERT LEVEL FOR LEGENDARY & MYTHICAL RUNES. NOW WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT IS PG going to do to right this wrong that they have done,...... This is my post that is in general discussion and PG still hasn't done anything about it and I first posted this a little over a week ago, but the spells for explosive shield on these dragons havent been working on them for some time even before they made it known but a lot of players hadn't even realized the fact that they weren't working.
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            Here EggToken and PGJared informed us about that runes will be changed and given out again.


            I guess we should wait, i believe as with invert or ice shock here we get for our mystic runes new ones aswell !


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              I was actually wondering the same thing. I have maxed legendary and mythic double blast runes on Terrand and Sage.
              Should I leave them equipped in hopes that they fix them?
              i couldn't get the link to open that EmrahT posted, so I don't know if this has already been addressed by anyone.


              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                There the admins said :

                "We are in the process of developing a new rune for Sage / Tarand's white spell. Once this new rune is complete we will give it to everyone who has Sage or Tarand. "

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              The sad part is that the explosive shield cannot be recovered but must be destroyed. So now it looks like I'm out a mythic explosive shield and an epic explosive shield on Sage as well as an epic explosive shield on Tarand.

              In another account I have a useless maxed out legendary double blast and a level 5 mythic explosive shield on Sage and only a rare explosive shield glyph and rune (maxed out).

              This does not make up for that.

              The runes and glyphs should clearly say if they are or are not compatible with a dragon and provide a warning if they will not work.
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              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                You are not well informed. You have never been able to remove runes and glyphs from dragons, only towers

            • #12
              It can be unequipped, don't dust them yet!!

              Message them after the whole fiasco settles down and be nice about it and they will one time remove the runes for you.


              • WeiLing
                WeiLing commented
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                Nope, I just did, a number of messages and the support co to its to tell me the same thing - we are giving the lethal barrier rune and dusts and continue refusing to removed the runes for me.

              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                Maybe i should reitterate.

                AFTER THE WHOLE FIASCO SETTLES DOWN support MAY (i repeat may) be more willing to remove individual runes if you are super duper nice to them

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              I was mistaken there. I'm still quite pissed that I lost a lot more than just one explosive shield glyph from this.


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                COME ON PG. REALLY.

                i have 4 various runes and glyphs on Tarand that ****YOU**** broke. You replaced ONE of them correctly. Do i need you individually contact support to get 4 correct, identical runes and glyphs to fix my Tarand's(s). I can not even get lethal barrier versions of some of these from chests (that i am aware of), and i should not have to hunt for them. MAKE ME WHOLE DAMN IT!!

                i have
                Mythic Double Blast Rune - correctly replaced.
                Legendary Double Blast Rune - not replaced
                Epic Explosive Shield Glyph - not replaced
                Rare Explosive Shield Glyph - not replaced
                Rare Rage Glyph - not an issue but wondering if it even works

                I did get a Mythic Lethal Barrier Glyph, which sort of works to replace the epic and rare explosive shield, but what about the Legendary Double Blast. That is the key one not replaced.


                • #15
                  I got a legendary double blast but no lethal barrier. Pretty weird since I have sage but don't have tarand