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Sapphire Dragons breeding with lower tiers

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  • Sapphire Dragons breeding with lower tiers

    I have being going through the tiers of breeding, am going to reach sapphire in the near future and noticed that sapphire dragons cannot breed with lower dragons (like plat and lower do). I understand there would be some push to make strong dragons hard to get but sapphire will be 4th highest tier soon.

    Question is: Newish to the game but did PG in the past added breeds to platinum dragons after a certain amount of time of there release?
    and Has there been any talk of adding sapphire breeds in?

    Edit: This is just a lvl 90's opinion around the plat-sapphire range
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    Platinum tier has always been able to breed with lower tiers. It's just sapphire+ that are severely restricted and don't have nearly the catch up mechanisms (backbreeding) that were in previous tiers. The only thing that kept the top tier really expensive was the lack of backbreeding, since it needs dragons above it for it to exist. The old way was free-moderate spenders could catch up and have 1-2 dragons in the top tier, with the whales having them all. Now, everyone except the whales gets further and further from the top, because backbreeding is so extremely limited, no matter how many tiers exist above it.

    Save your egg tokens, because they are by far the most limiting factor. Nothing else even comes close. It used to be speedups as well, but (at least in my case) I'll probably have a big enough base to expert an emerald before getting my first garnet. Don't expect to run into den caps after uncapping sapphire, unless PG lowers the price on breeding or gives out 2-3 times more egg tokens across the board. Judging by the nerfed divine tier prizes, that won't be the case.


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      Ah i see, i was half hoping Platinum tier breeds got added in, so they had a history of doing it. It seems like you have to be a pretty heavy spender to keep up or catch up with the pace of dragons release currently.

      Thanks for the info, going to keep plodding along with my breeds.