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Red's Cheapest Breeding Paths (Orange - Emerald)

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  • Red's Cheapest Breeding Paths (Orange - Emerald)

    Hello War Dragons Community,

    Recently I have been working with a lot of people on making custom breeding paths, and it has become clear to me that there are many players who have the need for a hyper cheap and fast path. Thus, I've decided to publish three paths with this in mind. The purpose of these paths is to create the cheapest possible routes for alt accounts or heavy spenders to rush through. These are not designed for an active (non heavy paying) player, as any player who follows this will need significant help in most stages as they will be too weak to do much of anything on their own as they progress, Follow at your own risk. If you find any mistakes or a cheaper alternative, please let me know.

    • If you need help with a breeding path, need help transitioning to a breeding path, or just have questions - feel free to ask. My inbox has been getting bombard, so send me an in-game mail asking for my Line ID and that's going to be the best way to get things done.
    • My paths were meant to be done exactly as written. If you even have one dragon more or less than the path shows and you're trying to jump in mid path, shoot me a message and let's check if there isn't a better path for you.
    • If you see any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know.
    • Please do not send screenshots of my paths. I know this sounds silly, but try to give people the live link instead. This ensures that no one is ever using an out of date breeding path of mine. I'd hate for a player to waste tokens just because they were following an older version of the path without realizing.
    • This sheet is best viewed on a computer. However, if you are mobile please download the free Google Sheets app and view it there for optimal formatting and ease.

    Love Red,

    Leader of Rulith
    Lover of Spreadsheets

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    Thanks Red


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      Its handy to get amarok with baldr and viscus and lucius with bolt and amarok, saves a few tokens for volos which is then useless. (for the only reasonable whale cons route, didnt check the others) @TheRedDelilah


      • TheRedDelilah
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        Editing a comment
        Thank you! Completely missed the double blue parents when I was looking.