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Greetings Dragon Lords! Over the last few months we've done lots of work behind the scenes redesigning the forum and will be migrating over to our new forum software in the coming weeks. During this migration, the forums will be set to "read-only" and posting will be disabled. We expect the actual migration to take between 24-48 hours. Please watch for additional Announcements soon with more details!
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Let's talk about.... Warriors

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    Yea they fall off so hard! Tarrand was good when i first got him now he cant clear the first part of my training base, perma Den he went...
    Make a warrior w seathing spark flak ice and fire resist!
    also NERF HAMMERS!


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      Nice post I personally haven't flyed with warriors much since Amarok and Necros. Those times probably were golden for warriors.
      i think that the fact that warrior requires least skill(its easiest mode for attack)is the reason for them not having the best skill set in the game, and I think it should be so.
      However, I think it is little unfair that warriors don't have skills to evade or prevent mage towers, and that's actually the reason why I don't use them. Make wind wall deflect at least the red mage might be a first step. I was wondering why could reverse projectiles invert blue mage and wind wall couldn't...