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Name your 'boss dragons'

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  • Name your 'boss dragons'

    Hi guys I am making a visual breeding guide and one of the features I want to have is to highlight the dragons which actually have some use and are more than just breeders.

    These are the dragons which helped carry your breeders - the all star quarterback who does stuff the other guys in the same tier can only dream about.

    I dont have any Garnet or Emerald dragons so I need help in that space. Also please review my earlier selections for accuracy.

    Red - Kinnara

    Purple - Arborius

    Blue - No superstars ( Kelsis and Drude honorable mention)

    Orange - Amarok

    Green - Ettin (Honorable mention Urd and Hugin)

    Gold - Consurgens and Whalenawer

    Platinum - Rizar , ( Kelvin honorable mention )

    Sapphire - Hauhset , (Sekham honorable mention )

    Garnet - Frostbiter and Aquileas

    Emerald - Deci and Ferga
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    Blue drude. Numen if you spend the rubies, but probably not worth it these days
    Green was ettin the whole way. Given the same den caps, ettin is a better first attacker in wars, amarok better at cleanup


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      Agree Numen wasnt too bad. I never was a fan of Drude but later on I relealised I missed the 20% healing mark research - did you have the research and found him to be a 'boss' ?


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        Platinum: I vote Kelvin after Rizar~

        (PlayerJ will add the whole Dodo family I suppose~
        And btw, where is PlayerJ? Haven't seen his posts for a long time?)


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          Red - Kinnara
          Purple - Arborius
          Blue - Etzel
          Orange - Amarok
          Green - Urd
          Gold - Consurgens/Whalenawer/Khrysos not sure who is best yet, love all 3 for now


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            Garnet - Frostbiter and Aquileas
            Emerald - Deci and Ferga


            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              No monkey love? (Zaru)

            • Indi123
              Indi123 commented
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              MareZ I really hate Zaru 🙈 I know he has his fans but I just never liked him.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              Understandable, he's pretty damn ugly lmao.
              And Fire Turret resist... Frost can easily dodge them with Cloak or Crystalline Shield...

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            Great list. I just have two points to make:

            1. Green tier had 3 really strong dragons useful way beyond breed level - Hugin (monster of a warrior), Ettin, and Urd.
            Ettin and Urd were both lethal hunters, with Ettin having more survivability and Urd more firepower. Those two hunters very close in potency,

            2. I would add Kelvin in the platinum tier. Your list is sorely lacking for Sorcerors (not without reason), but Kelvin was unbelievably good.
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            • gaza8143
              gaza8143 commented
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              Thanks Gary, ill add them.

              I never actually liked Hugin - I think after having Amarok I was expecting Amarok V2 but Hugin was really a warrior with elemental resist (weak on projectiles ) where as Amarok had projectiles covered but was squishy on lightning.

              Hugin always felt a bit more situational rather than a go to.

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            Not sure how high the tier is for inclusion in the list but Sekhem is really strong in Sapphire tier. Granted nowhere the level of Hau but that is a very high bar. Just putting Sek to breeder while in that tier would be an error unless you are on the verge of Garnets or something. Sand + SE is such a great combo so he's useful for quite some time.


            • gaza8143
              gaza8143 commented
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              Sekham added

            • Spooky
              Spooky commented
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              Honorable mention sounds about right. Welcome back btw!

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            Kelvin is the farm king 👑. Always earned his feed backing on some tough xp bases


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              For Sapphire and Garnet, I think you're better off listing who is just a breeder rather than just super stars. Many have a lot of uses and some are shit. Knowing ahead of time who is kind of a waste is awesome. Additionally, level makes an AMAZING difference. If you slow level, platinum epics actually turn out to do pretty well, etc. If you've over leveled, Kelsis will be shit. If you're level 90 relying on Amarok, you're going to have a bad time. It is really about perspective.

              However back to my point about Sapphires and Garnets. From my understanding based on my conversations when I was making gameplay ratings for my Sapphire-Emerald paths...

              Sapphire Legendaries worth leveling for those under 150:
              1. Sekhem
              2. Scorchil
              3. Gorgonus
              4. Chompa
              Sapphire Legendaries to level to breeding and bench:
              1. Anapa
              2. Iteru
              Hauhest is the best Sapphire Mythic, Mehaten is Meh at best, and Apophet is mediocre. However, if your path has you getting Apo at 126, it's worth leveling him until you can replace him with a strong model. That's how it works for Mehaten too. Mehaten and Apo are decent at low player levels, but will not carry you for long, while Hauheset has the ability to in the hands of a strong strategical flier.

              Garnet Legendaries worth leveling:
              1. Frostbiter
              2. Zaru
              3. Avalanche
              4. Renard (debatable)
              Garnet Legendaries to backbreed if possible and replace with a better dragon ASAP
              1. Ursa
              2. Jul
              With Garnets especially, they will simply have more power than Sapphires. It's hard to say "get breedable and dump" definitely because it really depends what other Garnets are had, what level the player is, etc. People aren't getting multiple dragons fast in Sapphire and above, so it really comes down to knowing what your breeding path is, not over leveling, and working hard. For my 127 account, Scorchil and Sekhem both rip bases apart because they are capped for my level and freakish, and Iteru will likely be the same due to his power alone compared to my Platinums. Will I level Iteru up even though he's not a particularly strong dragon? Yes, because he is better than Vulcan and I like a diverse roster. I can't speak for Garnet mythics as I only have A&A myself.
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              • MikeGoN2GetU
                MikeGoN2GetU commented
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                Avalanche is not worth leveling.

                Renard is fun for exp bases but compared to the season dragons (Fae and Phasmos) he is not very good.

                I would even go as far to say that all Garnet Legendaries are breeders only except maybe Frost. Divines are better than the main line dragons at garnet level unfortunately. A good Hau flyer doesn't need any main line Legendary Garnets IMO.
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              • TheRedDelilah
                TheRedDelilah commented
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                MikeGoN2GetU - I think it is dependent on the player. I think Garnets are all dependent on the player.

                For me each season I go Hunter, Sorcerer, and get the Warrior if I have the sigils and can make it. On my 240, I have Phasmos, Algor, Aster, and Fae on my roster from the seasons. Since I have Phasmos and Fae (and A&A), Renard is a waste even at expert. However, since I only have Al, I keep my expert Avalanche on my roster instead of leveling Tarrand. I also dislike warriors in general.

                For someone who got Tarrand and Sage, I think they certainly need to level Zaru and Frost. For someone without Phasmos or Fae, they should level Renard likely. And for someone who mistakenly got Mehaten as their first Sapphire and thus Avalanche as their first Garnet - they should level Avalanche.

                I just think Sapphire+ Really depends on the player and account. There is no "only level dragons x, y, and z" because we all have a different style, level, breeding path, set of divines, amount we spend or do not, etc.

                I should also say that I'm someone who believes everyone should have a powerful roster, not just top 3. Not saying you are or are not too, just wanted to clarify.

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              Blue - No superstars ( Kelsis and Drude honorable mention)?

              Dodo Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing.



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                I've started into Platinum tier, but I still leave Enki on the roster pretty often to finish off high level farms/mills XD
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                • Mechengg
                  Mechengg commented
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                  I would definitely agree with this.

                  Having one dragon on the roster with a KO spell:
                  - Death Gaze/Umbral Spike
                  - Crumble/Enfeeble
                  - Spell Flux

                  Or dragons with increase attack power spells:
                  - Havoc/Chaos
                  - Galvanic Overlord

                • DracolichKing
                  DracolichKing commented
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                  Double agreed!
                  Enki is in my roster on nearly every energy event.
                  Sneak and dg the farm can made me to 70% on lots of high lvl bases.

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                The Penetrator is the name of my best dragon.


                • gaza8143
                  gaza8143 commented
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                  Hahaha what was his original name?

                • xxCLAYxx
                  xxCLAYxx commented
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                • Shenanigans
                  Shenanigans commented
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                  ThePenetrator was its original name, but after I attacked xxCLAYxx 's base its name was autochanged to Valtrex

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                By far, Icicle is the best Garnet Mythic. Not sure why anyone would say A/A is a boss. Both A/A and Gloom are at best, stronger than sapphires.

                I cant speak for Emerald Sorcerers, but both Hunters and Warriors are awesome in their own way. Kyrule has seemed to be one of the most useful that I have seen thus far, but Pyro also has some nice pros.


                • TheRedDelilah
                  TheRedDelilah commented
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                  A&A is a beast! Great for cleanups, especially now that Souther Cross is fixed