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Resurrection Spell

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  • Resurrection Spell

    How do you use the resurrection spell? I trigger it so i die while it is activated thinking if I die in this time period I will resurrect. I die everytime!

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    I haven't had any problems with it. You must completely lose all health while it's active. Even if you have a shred of health left after its timed out then it won't work.


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      Works fine for me.
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        Also haven't noticed anything wrong with it


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          No problems here either. Although the timing does take some getting used to.


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            It works, it is just a bit tricky to time it right. Takes practice. As others have said, you trigger it just before you die and when you are still taking enough fire to finish you while the spell is active.


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              I guess the only thing is, thats it is limited by 2 times where you can use it. Wasnt able to use it 3rd time, or its a bug idk !

              Aster is awesome!


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                Thanks guys. I'll keep practicing. Sure the pay offs will be awesome once I get it down.


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                  Is anyone on Line where I can share a replay and see what I am doing wrong?


                  • EggToken
                    EggToken commented
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                    Resurrection puts a 2.5 second buff on your dragon when you activate it. The dragon's health has to be taken down to 0 in that 2.5 second time frame for Resurrection to trigger. Hope this helps!

                  • Psa
                    Psa commented
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                    Yup what EggToken says. You must trigger the spell and then whist triggered you must die before the timer ends to be resurrected

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                  it doesn't work for me .. but in my instance it's my lack of timing ....


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                    Yeah, clearly my timing needs work. But boy once I get it down it is gonna be one mean machine.


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                      It's tough. With such a short duration, it can really screw you. It's happened to me on occasion. But there isn't anything wrong with it. Just have to make sure you are taking enough dmg to kill you off.


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                        Quick question for feedback:
                        Does the AoE damage of Resurrection get any better at higher levels?

                        My Aster is still quite weak and so is the damage from Resurrection. I have never been in the situation where spending 2 rage bars for Resurrection was worth it. If I did I usually died as soon as I was resurrected.
                        The skill feels completely worthless, atleast on a lvl20 Aster (gold tier cap) vs. lvl35 towers. I can solo the XP bases, mostly using Freeze from Trebs. If I'm ever in a tricky situation I rather use Cloak and then build up more rage to either use a skill or just use regular hits to kill the towers from above. Resurrection drains too much rage and leaves you very vulnerable in my opinion.

                        Also the fact that the duration is only 2,5sec makes the effect on replenishing ammo very minor (2-3 shots?).
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                        • odie1993
                          odie1993 commented
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                          i am capped at lvl28/29 (whichever it is) until i get the sapphire stone and my resurrection did appear to get stronger each level. It does some good damage at my current level.

                        • EggToken
                          EggToken commented
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                          The AoE damage is a constant percentage of dragon HP, so it does do more damage as the dragon levels and gains HP, but in a linear fashion.

                        • Goober
                          Goober commented
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                          Short answer: yes 😂

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                        EggToken I have noticed lately a bug with the spell. When i use it and it doesn't explode you get the timer count down before you can use it again. Sometimes when that timer ends, the spell is still greyed out and you cannot use it. Sometimes this lasts for a couple seconds, sometimes for an island and a couple times through the rest of the base.


                        • Dakhunter
                          Dakhunter commented
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                          It happened to me too. I accidentally used it in the beginning. And it greyed out until I reach the small island near the light house.

                        • odie1993
                          odie1993 commented
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                          EggToken the behavior was outside the 20 second cool down and not near any blue mage towers.

                        • MareZ
                          MareZ commented
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                          Experienced it aswell, it doesn't happen everytime (and I rarely use the skill anyway) but it did happen when I had an egg mission for it and wanted to use it several times. No blue towers, cooldown was over and it was still grey for one more island.
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