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Grach's Emerald Breeding Guide

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  • Grach's Emerald Breeding Guide

    **EDIT: TheRedDelilah has put together an amazingly comprehensive guide, putting the rest of us to shame! If you're looking for advice and guidance on breeding I thoroughly recommend checking out Red's guide - **

    Hi all

    Since no one else seems to have posted any breeding guides for Emerald yet, I've put together my thoughts following on from my Garnet breeding guide.

    This path is the same as Superman's 2.91m Garnet Breeding Guide up until Frostbiter and assumes you have Hauheset, Sekhem and Scorchil from sapphire.

    Of course Emerald breeding is subject to the release of the Emerald mythics and any backbreeds that are later released. But hopefully it's a helpful starting point for those looking for a route to Emerald!


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    Clearly breeding Apophet wasn't the best call then ..

    Thanks for this mate ...


    • Grachulus
      Grachulus commented
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      Check out The Red Delilah's recent emerald breeding guide - you'll see Apophet is currently the cheapest breeding route to Emerald. Hope you're feeling better now!
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    • IllyriaAus
      IllyriaAus commented
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      I have Reds guide but I still need 3x Sapphires before Garnet .... #sadface ...

      Oh well .. i'll just have to work harder.

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    It's depressing to know I just got my first Garnet, Frostbiter, and it'll be 8 months before I get my first Emerald...


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      FYI icicle is backbred by kerbos+deci for 15.5k


      • Grachulus
        Grachulus commented
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        Thanks for this comment, the breed is showing up as 220k on amoeba's site. If we can confirm this then this is a good saving and I will update my guide above.

      • eidolon_rm
        eidolon_rm commented
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        I'm just about to test, but it looks more like 220k. It still appears to be a better path as you can breed renard at the same time, which saves a step. Renard currently costs 143k, which you should get for free while using the backbreed which also gets you icicle for the same cost you have listed. Even if it cost more, it would be a net savings..

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      Well done - I came to the same conclusion on one of my A&A start paths. Great minds think alike!

      Two tiny things and a comment: this path also requires Iteru (as the first steps you're describing go Sek, Scorchil, Quetz, Iteru, Hauheset) and you get Chompa when you breed A&A. For my comment, it might be worth considering putting Kerbos at the very end, even thought you can breed him pretty fast. He's a pretty worthless dragon honestly.
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      • Grachulus
        Grachulus commented
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        TheRedDelilah Thanks for your comments Red. The main reason I put Kerbos early is so that those with divines can uncap as quickly as possible, although I agree Kerbos is pretty worthless. Whether he's needed for breeding Emerald mythics will have to remain to be seen though!

      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        Very good points!!