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Am I correct in how many egg tokens I will need??

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  • Am I correct in how many egg tokens I will need??

    So I am looking at a bunch of breeding plans, all basically starting at Sekham/Scorchil and moving forward, and to get to the last available dragon (at the moment), it will take approximately 2.5 MILLION egg tokens?

    It seems that the average breeding plan takes about 3 million tokens, so I've only covered about 17% to this point? If my calculations are correct, the average dragon will now cost 139K in egg tokens, EACH, with some near or over 200K. How is someone supposed to get that many egg tokens and seriously not get bored of this game? It will take months just to collect eggs for one dragon, which will probably need an average level of 12 to breed, which will take forever just to find the food to level it up once it is bred, at a length of 22+ days in the incubator.

    It seems that the game has hit a wall for me where it will be, log on, do my multipliers and egg token missions, then log off. I am looking to the future of the game and I am not too sure what to make of it. I will not spend more than a nominal amount (my $5 per month for elite and an occasional pack) on any game, so it seems that to grow at any reasonable pace will either not happen, or spend more money, which will not happen either.

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    Basically your options are spend, or try to enjoy the game while knowing its going to be a very slow progression and that the gap between you and the end game is constantly increasing.


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      That's one of the biggest concerns for everyone who is in the Sapphire-Garnet Tier...

      You can level up dragons easier as you grow higher, you can speed up incubation times but those egg tokens... well yeah, get double token prizes from sigils, speed up missions during breeding events, grind your ass off, get them from event prizes... and you will still need 1-2 months for a new dragon and maybe years to finish the tiers that are released so far.

      Or you spend.
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        Your not suppose to be able to get them they are reserved for the select few willing to drop over 2k usd on the game per season


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          Not all guides start with Sekham/Scorchil!
          I know a guide which starts with Scorchil/Iteru.

          It is spicy!


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            Isaiah264 - if you're a free player or don't spend a mortgage each month on dragons, there is a path used by MANY high level players that costs 1.9m for Sapphire to Garnet and skips all the unneeded or kind of useless dragons. It works in practice, not just theory, and It gets:



            A lot of higher levels use this (I have a 114, 161, and 222 account myself, two of which are free accounts) and I've worked with a lot of players in the game to find good breeding paths. This path has been created by countless people and when we came together to share and realized we all made the same path, we knew we hit the right one. If you want details, let me know.
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              Originally posted by PlayerJ View Post
              Not all guides start with Sekham/Scorchil!
              I know a guide which starts with Scorchil/Iteru.

              It is spicy!
              ok, you seriously need to read ppl's post waaaaay more closely, he is in no place talking about what breeding path to take, he is stating the cost of the breeding. Sapphire legendaries cost 125k each, and mythics cost 200k and above each, look at TheRedDelilah's response, THAT is constrictive feedback.

              Isaiah264 follow Red's path or look up superman's paths, they have been well tested and provides many alternatives on where to spend your tokens and skip the not so useful drags including some of the not so useful legendaries in Sap tier.
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              • LordKaiS
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                MareZ I'm giving up talking to a wall, I think you should too, especially a narcissist wall, no matter whatever we say, he will always have something to say and think he's beyond everybody. I will just pass his post from now on, as much as a lot of forum posters dislike yellowmonkey, but at least his post can be constructive and actually useful

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                LordKaiS true... true.

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                Do NOT follow PlayerJ breeding path.. his path is the warriors path which is useless and does not take advantage of shortcuts avoiding unnecessary dragons. I suggest you message TheRedDelilah since everyone understands his beneficial message other than the wall PlayerJ ... on a serious note, I really hope that PlayerJ isn't breeding.

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              TheRedDelilah thank you very much for the input, I'll make sure to review this path.

              PlayerJ I understand that not all of them begin with Sekham/Scorchill, but the majority of the ones I saw, including some of Superman's breeding paths, begin with those 2 and move forward, but MareZ is correct, in that my point is the insane costs of most of the breeding paths.

              Knowing that the time and cost involved for these dragons is basically lowering my desire to spend the amount of time I have been spending, since there is almost nothing to show for the majority of the time spent; its just grinding out multipliers to get dragons to breeding levels and the accumulation of egg tokens. I look at the food my mills are making and realize that most of it is going to feed others, between teammates and raids. Then when I finally do get a dragon to a level increase, I have to scramble for food. It's just getting to be a grind now.