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!Spoiler! : Spring Season Mythic Hunter Design

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  • !Spoiler! : Spring Season Mythic Hunter Design

    As the Spring Season started with two warriors and one sorcerer, many of us wonder how the Legendary and Mythic Hunter will look like and what skills they have.

    The Design of the upcoming Mythic Hunter has been leaked already, I just wanted to repost it with pictures for everyone who might have missed it.

    All credit goes to ITIL who paid attention to the streams and posted the finding in his thread Divines that change.

    Spring Divines.jpg


    Concept artist KP explains how this dragon will evolve from a caterpillar-like dragon (left picture) to a beautiful butterfly-like dragon (right picture).

    If it goes live the way it was explained in the stream, we will have a very unique and new design feature of evolving and transforming dragons that we can all look forward to!

    Personally I can't wait to see his spell set, thanks again for the great and exciting find ITIL .
    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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    That is the best thing I've seen so far in this game. I'm really looking forward to it


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      those 2 antennas remind me of hauheset :O


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Just Butterfly Design... or Timeshift confirmed?! :O
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      Event is till June or in other words: 13 Event Weekends.
      In order to get Monarch (I bet that´ll be the Name of the butterfly-hunter :-) ) you Need roughly 76k sigils.
      That means 5.8k per Event....

      That Dragon better has the best spells EVER for those costs ...


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        She is a beauty.
        Really hope they'll give her some badass spells to go with that pretty face

        In all seriousness, I really like the idea of evolving divines that change physically in a major way. And the design of this one is really great, very tempting. Will do my best to get it despite the insane cost. We'll see. Lol

        Please don't mess it up PG.


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          Lol I thought I was the only one that noticed the design was shown


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            I'll be updating the Spring Season Dragons Thread when the remaining dragons are released


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              Can you tell us please when the hunter will be available ?
              Or is it possible to just show informations about on hunters spells?

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            For sure the PG art team is super talented


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              designers are crushing it.


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                Not interested.


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                  That mystic hunter is so great made... i think if the right spells are choosen... it will be a lot of fun.
                  Sadly i wont get him,... so i hope... as the other dragons had great spellcombination.. that the sping-legendary hunter will have them too..
                  Could be very fun... or it will be maybe Fae aswell...

                  Anyway... compliment to the workers, very cool styles... not as winterstyle... they are a different level at all!

                  Btw... Pixxel ... looks like you hair color and the color of the mystic dragon are somehow related... ...maybe you got fascinated aswell lol hehe :P
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                    Pixxel honestly it's great that PG has a twitch account with regular streams but I really can't believe how uninformed you are. How come that we know we are getting a mythic hunter for a week now and you as an actual employee make a live stream, have no clue about it's class and let people guess if it's a hunter or a sorcerer?
                    It's even in the Season Event discription so reading might actually help here. Another stream that was a waste of time and provided no new insights at all.

                    It feels so wrong to be ahead of a marketing employee as a customer in terms of your companies new releases. It's just exactly like the Support Team.
                    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

                    Important Threads to find everything you need


                    • NinAK
                      NinAK commented
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                      I remember last season she said you could claim the mythic after getting all the sapphire stones...

                      But who was garnet??

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                    Apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but when will the Legendary and Mythic hunters (i.e., names, spells) be revealed?


                    • ITIL
                      ITIL commented
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                      There aren't any details so far ; it was also asked on the twitch stream. Last season, they had a release date, then delayed it, so I guess that they might be trying to avoid that this season.

                    • Robert M.
                      Robert M. commented
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                      We usually see it here the day before the dragons are unlocked, which is April 5th

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                    Robert M. I bet it will be April 5th since that will be a breeding event week perfect time to introduce new dragons and unlock emerald tier
                    Last edited by NukSooAL; 03-20-2017, 12:08 PM.


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                      Originally posted by NukSooAL View Post
                      Robert M. I bet it will be April 12th since that will be a breeding event week perfect time to introduce new dragons and unlock emerald tier
                      that will never happen.

                      for income reasons, the pattern is thus:

                      new tower levels released first, and often right after a build event so that players have already burned through wood packs and timers. this results in the whales immediately spending to get as many lvl 50 towers as they can to give them a week or so of borderline unbeatable bases for war

                      usually the following week (often right after or a week or two before a breed event but never a few days before) the new tier of dragon is released (including only one of three mythics thereby giving themselves another cash rush opportunity later when they release the final two mythics, plus it results in players spending tokens blindly not knowing what all the mythic pairs will be) once the new tier is released again the whales immediately spend to breed the top emerald dragon they can, and spend to level it asap so that now they can defeat the new lvl 50 tower bases.

                      it's been this way for at least garnet and sapphire. and I don't expect it to change.


                      • Warlord
                        Warlord commented
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                        Word đŸ‘†

                      • NukSooAL
                        NukSooAL commented
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                        Sounds good Clay was only a guess really though didn't claim to have insider information or anything like that lol.but I thought they released garnet at the start of winter season then a few more when they released snowball and algor but TBH idk could easily have been mistaken I was so far away from It at the time That I wasn't really concerned by it.