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Parents of Garnet Mythic Warrior and Hunter

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  • Parents of Garnet Mythic Warrior and Hunter

    PG - rumor is that Breeding event is next. If so, will you please reveal (in-game) the parents of the mythic warrior and hunter in advance of the event? It's been acknowledged that Garnet came too soon, at much higher token costs, and with limited back-breeding options. So seems fair and reasonable that the players know who the parents are, so they can choose where to spend their egg tokens appropriately.

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    I'd second that.


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      Could always count on amoeba for timely info on this stuff. Pg said they would work on getting us this info since amo quit. Lets see if they do. 👀👀👀👀👀👀

      Edit. - Amo posted info after the release, so I wouldnt expect pg to give that info before the release of the drags, though it would be most welcome.
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        I asked for this info ahead of the last breed event it was never given out


        • Rfdblue
          Rfdblue commented
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          I'm requesting that they add the dragons to the breeding castle in advance of the event.

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        According to my estimations, the Mythic hunter will be bred using Avalanche + Jul, and the Warrior with Renard + Ursa. No guarantees though.


        • Robert M.
          Robert M. commented
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          What are you basing these estimations upon? For example, we assume each combo will be warrior + sorcerer, but how are we so confident? We have hunter + hunter = myth sorcerer, so why wouldn't sorc + sorc = warrior and warr + warr = hunter? Or why are you sure it is the pairs you say, and not the opposite sorc with each warrior?

        • aHatzegopteryx
          aHatzegopteryx commented
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          My estimations are based on two facts:
          1. PG wants us to spend as much money as possible (business common sense).
          2. Both these combinations (and only this combination of combinations) require you to get all 6 Sapphire Legendaries.
          Also, breeding Aquileas and Austeros (sorcerer) does not require you to breed Apophet (sorcerer). Therefore, I'm assuming that breeding the hunter will not need Hauheset, and breeding the warrior will not need Mehaten.

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        I'm hearing that the other myhthics may be a while off yet. So do I waste time going for Ava and jul I'm hope it's the mythic with no decent drag to play with in the mean time or go for zaru?


        • NinAK
          NinAK commented
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          i sidetracked myself to get hauheset when he was released and now he's essentially just a breeder since I'm on to garnets before I could expert hauheset and make him useful. I'm just going to stick to my plan and if they release the mythic hunter and he's revolutionary I'll deal with that then.

          Had I not sidetracked myself I could have probly been breeding zaru tomorrow instead of frostbiter.

        • TheBulldog
          TheBulldog commented
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          Yah I had just got haus parents when the garnet got released so i reavaluated and moved onto getting meh instead. Either need him for zaru or the parents for jul/ava-> mythic hunter if it falls that way. I'm behind where I should be but end game you'll need 8/9 saphs to get the mythic hunter so they'll be useful eventually

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        Originally posted by TheBulldog View Post
        I'm hearing that the other myhthics may be a while off yet. So do I waste time going for Ava and jul I'm hope it's the mythic with no decent drag to play with in the mean time or go for zaru?
        TheBulldog my friend, this is my point - we shouldn't have to guess! Imagine breeding Ursa and Avalanche and finding out a week later the mythic you wanted requires Jul and Renard. Given the exorbitant token costs, if that happens to me, I'm going to be frustrated beyond belief.
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          Agree entirely. Even if you don't have a release date or spells we all know there's a mythic hunter and warrior coming for this tier. It would be incredibly helpful to know the parent combinations even if we don't know anything else about the dragon so we have some idea of which dragons to work towards. Especially considering the extreme cost to breed each dragon


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            I'll take not knowing if it means their release is far off, and hopefully the next tier will be far off too!


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              PGJared , Echo , CampusLifer

              Can you guys help us with this? You guys said garnet tier came too fast, we moved on but make it a bit fair for us too and give something in return, we would appreciate to know in advance the parents of next 2 regular Mythics. Anyway we will need a vast amount of tokens to get them, show us a bit of light here
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                The breeding parents of any non-seasonal mythic dragon should be the respective legendary dragons in that category.


                • Dr4kE
                  Dr4kE commented
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                  If I understand correctly what you're saying means for Mythic Hunter we need Legendary Garnet Hunters but these 2 fellows breed Aquileas and Austeros(Mythic Sorcerer), or I didn't understand right what you said?

                • RavB
                  RavB commented
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                  Except that the mythic sorc requires the two legendary hunters.

                • Owlrager
                  Owlrager commented
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                  That is not the case for even one existing mythic.

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                Hey folks,

                I'd like to sincerely apologize for giving out wrong information here. This was the information in our documentation, but it turns out that documentation was old and we should have done a better job vetting it.

                I checked back in with the dev team and we took a deeper look, and this is the information for the garnet tier mythic breeds:

                Garnet tier Dragon Crossbreeding
                Hunter Earth Zaru Mehaten, Anapa
                Hunter Ice Frostbiter Hauheset, Sekhem
                Sorcerer Dark Renard Apophet, Chompa
                Sorcerer Fire Jul Apophet, Iteru
                Warrior Dark Avalanche Mehaten, Scorchil
                Warrior Ice Ursa Hauheset, Gorgonus
                Sorcerer Earth Aquileas and Austeros Frostbiter, Zaru


                • Dusk
                  Dusk commented
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                  We know this already. The question is what will be the other two breeding pairs, one for the garnet mythic warrior and one for the garnet mythic hunter, unless you're skipping these two in favor of forcing emerald tier dragons far far too quickly into the game

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                PGJared I don't think you understand us, we would like to know the parents for next 2 Mythic Dragons from Garnet Tier(for Hunter and Warrior because we already have the info for Sorcerer)


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                  PGJared thanks for replying. as you can see, this is an important topic to a segment of the community. is there guidance you can give on who the parents of the forthcoming garnet mythic warrior and hunter are? the community understands who the parents of the mythic sorcerer are.


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                    My guess is:
                    Ursa+Avalanche = Mythic Hunter
                    Renard + Jul = Mythic Warrior


                    • aHatzegopteryx
                      aHatzegopteryx commented
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                      As I've previously stated above, there is logically no reason that these two combinations will be the two combinations for the Mythics, the main reason being that neither of the two combinations you've stated requires you to get all 6 Sapphire Legendary dragons (each only requires 4). Aquileas and Austeros do, however.

                      Aquileas and Austeros = Frostbiter + Zaru
                      Frostbiter = Sekhem + Hauheset
                      Hauheset = Scorchil + Iteru
                      Zaru = Anapa + Mehaten
                      Mehaten = Chompa + Gorgonus

                      If you look at this, Sekhem, Scorchil, Iteru, Anapa, Chompa and Gorgonus are all present. However, this is what Ursa + Avalanche looks like:

                      Ursa = Gorgonus + Hauheset
                      Hauheset = Scorchil + Iteru
                      Avalanche = Scorchil + Mehaten
                      Mehaten = Chompa + Gorgonus

                      Can you see either Sekhem or Anapa? Not sure about you, but I can't. This combination would cost you 250K tokens less than A&A, something that PG is basically never going to add.

                      Finally, the Renard + Jul combination.

                      Renard = Chompa + Apophet
                      Jul = Iteru + Apophet
                      Apophet = Sekhem + Anapa

                      Now Scorchil and Gorgonus have mysteriously gone missing. So these two combinations are not likely to make it into the game, for two reasons:
                      1. PG is now losing lots of potential profit from that 250K save.
                      2. There is now no reason to justify getting A&A over the other two, considering A&A will cost 250K more and that A&A can't handle dual mages.