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Evolving Nightshade

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  • Evolving Nightshade

    To evolve Nightshade from Orange to Green, you need the green evolution stone (obviously). However, it also says that I need to breed two Green epics. Does that include epic rarity and higher, or just epic? I've bred Karna and Munin, broken the den cap, have the evolution stone, but haven't hatched Karna and Munin yet. I still can't evolve Nightshade, so is it only epic rarity, or is it misleading and I have to have hatched them?

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    Yup u have to have two epics hatched , legendaries wont count


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      I had that issue before, I don't remember if it was nightshade or other dragon. It originally needed 2 epics with legendaries not counting, but they changed that because it was ridiculous. So they changed it to epic or higher. Look in the forum. There was a threat about that.


      • vin28
        vin28 commented
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        yup it is epic or higher.

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      You have to hatch the dragons. Merely having the eggs won't count.

      And the last time there was a problem, we all found out that divines don't count either (anymore).


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        Thanks! Guess it'll take me a long time to evolve Nightshade then.


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          What sucks even more is I have a saphire dragon (anapa) yet I'm not high enough level to use the saphire stone on nightshade. Whoever thought of the levels must not play the game or pulled some arbitrary numbers out of their ass.