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  • # of islands by level

    If you had your time again at what level would you expand your base out at?

    For me I think I would of stayed on first island till 100, then add a new island every 50 or so levels.

    one of the strongest bases I fought at L118 was all on one island - that thing healed like it was on roids and cooked my dragons like they were flys.

    I havent seen another base like it since.

    L200 bases on every island are cake walk yet L200 bases on only the first 3 islands I find much harder.

    Curious to see what everyone else thinks!

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    That has been everyone's experience.

    Part of the problem is that PG thinks that fully extended bases are hard, and short bases are cakewalks, so gives xp based on that theory.

    As you've found out, it's actually the opposite.

    And yeah, I've blown through some lvl 120s easier than some lvl 70s.


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      I have towers only on the middle stretch on my alt, with farms on the island after (second small). And nothing on the homestretch except a totem at the very end. This is more or less as compact as a base can be and I will not expand until those 10 towers are maxed (which will be never). The account is lvl 60 and dragons drop like gnats on it.


      • Sabin76
        Sabin76 commented
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        Right.. I guess I phrased my question oddly and over emphasized followups that were not relevant. I assume from your answer that you never built more than 10 towers. If that's true (and I get the rationale, I was just making sure that was the case), then the next two questions were moot .

        But now I have a new followup: Would you suggest removing those towers if you DID have them? Like every new player, I built more than I should have at first. I've filled out to the end of the long middle island and am concentrating on leveling what I have (with several towers in storage, but at least two of those are for filling in gaps in defense as I upgrade). My thinking is if they are already built, you might as well put them down... but then I go back to the XP formula and wonder if it might be better just to drop them to make my base less attractive.
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      • Owlrager
        Owlrager commented
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        Yeah youve got it. If you already have them, the only thing it will hurt if you put them out (assuming your mid has your best towers and the rest is afterwards) is the xp you give.

      • MareZ
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        I also started like you Sabin76 . So far my homestretch still has 22 towers while my middle island has towers around 25-31. I guess once I brought the whole middle island close to 30s all the other towers will be obsolete and will be put into storage.
        I also think with three islands you already give lower than max XP and many players won't think it's worth it compared to the strength of your base. It's also cheap to keep your base boosted all the time as you only need to boost the two monuments of the middle island.
        I only get attacked when my farms are full of food, other than that it's pretty quiet.

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      Its almost like the experience formula doesn't recognize that the difficulty of a tower scales nonlinearly based on its hp/dps.
      2 level 40 towers are going to shoot down a lot more dragons than 40 level 25 towers. (And take less time and money to build).