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Which Totem will you build?

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  • Which Totem will you build?

    With the new totems weakening certain dragons due to their elements, which totem are you going to build first?

    EDIT: This overview is particularly helpful for the newly introduced Dragon Rider gear, that needs to match your dragon's element.

    Note: I have only listed all MYTHIC and Legendary dragons including all divines released so far.

    EDIT: Updated for Obsidian dragons including the Fall 2017 Divines. Keep in mind that Totems now share the same currency with all Flak Cannons.
    Wind totem
    Earth totem
    Dark totem
    Fire totem
    Ice totem
    None [Rather have one more tower / Don't like totems / Saving fragments for higher lvls / Other]
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    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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    Thanks for taking the time to compile!


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      One of each. Put them in storage and use the one I want when, when I want, and if I want.

      But likely the earth totem. Rizar, you know

      Edited jagra. Meant rizar.
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        I don't expect i'll be able to build any of them. It's not like PG's going to give them away for free.


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          It's a no brainer. Rizar means earth totem there is no other choice in the current meta. Maybe a different one will come when they release the new tier of dragons.


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            If you are at the top levels where the only people that hit you are into platinum dragons, it seems obvious that you'll build the earth tower to slow down Rizar.

            If you're down in the 50-60's area, you'll want to stop Amarok with the ice tower, but you need to decide if you want to invest into that or save for when your higher and need to stop other powerhouses to come such as Ettin, Cons and Rizar. Because like Rod said, PG will not be giving frags away for cheap.

            Then there's the 70-100 range where you see a lot of people in many different stages of dragons based on what breeding path they took. This will generally leave you shit out of luck with whatever totem to pick during these levels.


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              I'm guessing, next they'll be coming out with a totem resist equip spell. Or an elemental change equip spell. :/


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                None because this will only benefit DeadNaught and you know it


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                  We can´t experience yet so we all have to wait.

                  If I read right the overall idea of the Totem is to have the game more strategical again.
                  The thought of it is nice! Therefore I think there is no "right" totem to use because only a fraction of all Players are in the platinum Levels already --> and at the very end I think it might really make a difference. For everyone in between, I doubt it´ll have a big impact.

                  So for a Long time in the Levels 30-50 Darja was THE dominating Dragon... I would probably build a wind totem there.
                  Levels 50-80 my perception is that Amarok is the powerhouse so I´d probably build the Ice totem...

                  Apart from the Level the next question is, what you want it for: being protected better from raids? Or having a slight Advantage in wars?

                  As much as I love the idea of having "more strategy" in the game, I come to the conclusion it is utterly useless. Everyone playing in higher Tiers will breed ALL Dragons at a certain time. And latest in the Green legendary Tier your Arsenal of Dragons has a huge variety with at least 2 warriors, 2 sorceres and 3 hunters - all with different elements.

                  So yes: it might prevent some Players with attacking only with their strongest Dragon over and over again... for the majority I think it will be basically irrelevant! Specially in wars: There are hunters of all elements... simply try to take out totem with Evasion/cloak and follow with the strongest Dragon OR simply have the follower Chose another element (Again: spoken for the majority, not the Diamond league).


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                    Thanks for all your comments!

                    We don't know yet how easily the totem fragments will be achievable and at which point a totem is useful enough to swap it out for a tower. I fear that for short and strong bases the totem has to be crazy high to make enough of a difference to make up for losing a strong tower that can damage all dragon types. Chances are that you weaken your base against most of the dragon types out there instead of actually making it stronger. It also seems to be more useful on a long base or a base with very varying tower levels to replace a low tower.

                    On top of that, the more dragons are available in a tier of your level range, the more the totem becomes close to useless.

                    If using a totem is being considered, I guess the choice for players in the platinum tier and players planning to enter this tier soon is clearly Earth while it seems that Ice covers the biggest part of the game's stronger dragons for mid level players to weaken dragons from all tiers as they progress through the game.

                    The fact that my short base with towers very equal in level would lose strength and most people in my level range have access to countless good dragons from all elements makes totems not useful for me at this time.
                    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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                      I'm curious to see if the totems work like a mage tower.
                      Will the boost just the island there on? Or will they boost the entire base untill destroyed?
                      If they only boost the island there on, the usefullness is a lot lower than everyone is especting.
                      Joseph, can you please answer this?


                      • Bondje
                        Bondje commented
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                        Thanks @MareZ,
                        I must have missed that post.
                        That would mean everyone will put the totems in the same space lol.
                        But seeing a lvl 1 is only 1%, I assume they won't be actually used untill people can at least get it to the 15-30% point.

                      • MareZ
                        MareZ commented
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                        No problem.
                        Yes I guess there won't be too many spots for the totem to make sense other than closest to the home base.
                        They also said that at their highest level they will give a maximum of about 19% cutting off up to 7 levels from an attacking dragon with the same element.

                      • Bondje
                        Bondje commented
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                        For a long base that might be awsome. A build complete 35 base, it will be great.
                        But a short/high base, the effect is minimal compared to lost dps

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                      I agree with with MareZ. Early to say, but not too excited so far. Replacing a DPS tower that hits all dragons, for a no damage totem that only weakens 1 out of 5 types doesn't sound like something I want to do. And if it does prove efftictive, then obviously (depending on the cost) you have to consider the end game and it's all about Rizar.
                      Which bring me back to this ancient point - when this game going to stop being just about Hunter Dragons.
                      I don't think this was the strategic diversity the game needed.


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                        So Totems are released since quiet a while and yet I can hardly find any bases having them.

                        I´m asking: Why?

                        a) Because ppl (like me) simply can´t decide which one to build. And as we have learned it is not smart building four weak ones but one strong one... so your choice got to be strategic
                        b) Because ppl find it unnecessary
                        c) Because ppl wait for next building event hoping that Special material to build those totems will bring extra Points


                        • Oldmandragon
                          Oldmandragon commented
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                          I think all three of those. You can either swap out totems and start building one of each low level totems, or make a decision and build just one for now( that's what I'm doing ).

                          And, there's a chance it may produce more points in a fortification event or at the very least, it's points in a fort event that won't require the use of lumber which can be raided. The flip side to that is it requires shards and lumber (alternating) so it may reach a point during a fort event that you'll still need lumber to keep using those shards so you could get stuck not being able to use some of those shards of you can't get the alternating lumber to do that side of the builds.

                          Personally, I'm building now just to get it done while lumber in plentiful. And because of my base level, it makes more sense to build a totem and get it finished as I likely won't be using but one of them and going back at some point and starting the others but just building those slowly, if I were a lower level player, I would likely be waiting because the totem I built may not be the one needed once I got to a higher level.

                          But, new dragons will eventually come out and even the choice I chose will likely be the wrong choice for the next tier of dragons' top dragon.

                          Can't really win for losing.

                        • YellowMonkey
                          YellowMonkey commented
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                          Reason I haven't is answer C

                        • MareZ
                          MareZ commented
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                          All three for me.
                          a) Yes, still not sure if Earth or Ice
                          b) Yes, atleast for me, reasons in the OP
                          c) Yes

                      • #14
                        Personally I voted on dark. A properly set u and defended base can take out riz. And I am seeing more and more the use of warriors to clear high levels in wars. Not to mention the new sorcerer divine which seems to easily crush a base if a hunter clears some mages.

                        IMO dark holds the best value as far as elemental totems go


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                          Earth and Ice seem like the best bets, depending on your current level (Ice for anything in range of Amarok, Earth for anything higher). But I still do wonder if a tower that does damage will do more against a dragon than a small percentage off the dragon's attack...

                          does anyone know if the effects of the totem go away when it is destroyed?


                          • Oldmandragon
                            Oldmandragon commented
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                            Yes. Destroy totem, destroy its effect. That's why you put it at the very back of your base.