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Short base strategy

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  • Short base strategy

    Hello This is my base and I'm lv79. I'm waiting for the fortification event to update the Fire Flak at lv27 and put it in place of the fire tower. I know the base can be susceptible to Necryx but with high enough towers (+ 🐲 legendary warrior) even Necryx will have no chance 😈 The magic towers at the beginning are about lv7-8. Also, does the bonus I receive from Perch depend on the lv of the latter or the lv / tier dragon? I'm looking for advice for courtesy, thank you.

    Ballista=Dark Flak
    Trebuch=Fire Flak
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    Nice looking base! I know you brought up necryx and you would be right. A well flown necryx will be able to cripple your base. I'm talking undefended here. Defended it's a whole other story. All in all a good layout!


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      The bonus the perch gives you depends on the dragon type and status (ie. sorc/legendary). The dragons level doesn't have any affect on that. However the damage the perched dragon does with its attack is based on it's attack. So obviously the higher level and tier it is, the more damage it does.


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        This blog post has a lot of good info on perches . HP is dependent upon building level, and attack is dependent upon the dragon's damage (fraction of the original). Feeding for the damage boost is dependent upon tier and level, I think.
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          waiiiiitaminnit... at lvl 79 can you even upgrade a tower to lvl 29?


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            He doesn't have level 29 towers. He can upgrade his elemental towers to 27 (which is what he is planning to do) at level 77


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              Originally posted by Igster View Post
              waiiiiitaminnit... at lvl 79 can you even upgrade a tower to lvl 29?
              I can upgrade until lv28/29, just need +1 on store.


              • Grumpybigbird
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                More like +2. U will get that at level 85. Good luck!

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              Game improvement: Can PG add an option that allows players to maintain 2-3 additional base layouts in a que? This would allow us to create multiple base layouts for various uses during the game. We could decide which layout would be active at any particular time. We should also be able to easily edit our base layout (remove all option, etc). This would be a wonderful addition to the game. First additional base layout could be at Level 50, second additional base layout at Level 100, and the third (and final) base layout available at Level 150. Gives players incentives to reach these levels as well.


              • laserlight
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                Umm, why did you hijack someone's thread like this? Go post your separate question on your own thread.

                EDIT: I'm going to assume you're nowhere near 150. Because to build efficiently in this game, in regards to base level, you wouldn't have many high-level towers to rotate. So, if you're encouraging players to build out long bases or lots of towers, you're just handicapping them.
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              • Mechengg
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                Why would you want to rotate your base? The only difference we typically do is to put a low level lead tower at the very very outmost position in order to increase PvP durations during PvP events.

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              Anyway guys, some advice for my base?


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                Romano, Rathan than an extra fire turret and two lightning in the back. I would have preferred a trebuchet, a cannon and maybe a second dark flak or a storm tower. Right now half of your towers are vulnerable to a dragon with fire resist and a lightning resist equipped. With short bases, you need variety to avoid damage nerfs. Your lightning towers don't get any adjacent bonuses either. I believe they have to be on the same island on spots next to each other. You could try moving all four farms up with the red mage tower and put the damage towers in the back with the blue mage tower. Alternative island layout