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  • Fairyknight1 Base

    I was asked by several Players to become a chestbase and thought long about my layout. Yes, even I do that sometime. I want to explain the idea behind my base, since I get a lot of mails to change it.
    So here is my reasoning:
    I lost a lot of my defence so that killing the totem and the farms gives 73%( a win). So with ember at level 1 with lot of rage -either researched, with runes or ember as a second attacker- anybody can get a win against my base and destroy all monuments up to the waterdragon shrine island. Ember heals fast if she has taken no damage, so if you swap out you get a win and can attack again.

    So what is your opinion either choose an answer or comment.

    Voting closes on the 16th of October and the results will be applied to my base. ;-)
    All island full with towers is best - just no mages (XP)
    Islands after watershrine full with highlevel towers no easy win but more XP(?) and chests
    Leave the layout as it is: chests, easy wins and max XP for really lowlevels

    The poll is expired.

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    Mages should be last thing to kill

    when I eventually have my main as xp. It'll be long base.

    Ill have a farm at beginning of each island. This way, 70% should be a breeze

    however, if pocket grinch are updating beta with new content to use, everyone should get beta. And xp bases will be rendered useless
    Commend my persistence ^.^


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      I have mixed feelings about all of these options haha. Here are my main thoughts:

      1) Lots of players enjoyed your base as strictly XP. I don't know how many players were actually losing to you for you to gather medals but i'd like to assume >25% of the population would lose 1x per day at least. That being said, there are a few XP bases for around that player level range so there may not be any harm in you trying something different with your base.

      2) Having a chest base that is defeatable with ember is ideal since we have lost all of our >lvl84 chest bases. this allows us to keep farming chests while still being able to complete "defeat X bases" missions which i like to do, it saves some time. However....

      3) Not a lot of players have been introduced to chest style bases with easy defeat %'s so they may not be fully aware of their benefits or what to do and may just think it sucks to take so long to get through your base and it's not worth flying anymore. So for that reason it makes me lean towards not having a chest farm ahead of your main towers.

      Either i'm ok no matter what you do with your base. I'm past the level requirement for your base to give me max XP so i'm not going to give you the best answer here.


      • Fairyknight
        Fairyknight commented
        Editing a comment
        That is why I made a poll to get a feeling what the players want and to explain how the layout was supposed to work. Sofar nobody seems to like it 😅

      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        One advantage to your base's layout is the ability to do "cast x spell" without having to worry about dodging towers or mages.
        Last edited by War fan; 08-30-2017, 01:06 PM.