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My Base, looking for suggestions, thanks

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  • My Base, looking for suggestions, thanks


    I'd like some feedback please from players 160+ on what base changes could be useful and why.

    old base (before feedback):

    I've seen people move all their farms to island 6 (with the perch) and empty the base past that. What are the pros and cons of that?
    I've also seen some people say that at higher levels the fire turret becomes less useful, but haven't seen a reason why. If someone could elaborate on that, it'd be helpful.

    -The long island has a lvl 42 flak tower where the blank space is.
    -I've swapped the storm and ice turret back and forth. I currently have it where it is because it shields more towers that way, but am open to moving it.
    -Island 8's blank space is currently an earth totem because I was having problems with Sage.
    -The mage island seems to help a lot with thunderstorm on my long island now assuming I have defenders. I believe I saw this suggestion from TheRedDelilah
    -second half of long island has 5 lightning runes

    Current base (as of 06Sep):

    Planned changes:
    -upgrade blue mage, storm, and flak
    -incorporate blue mage in 2nd half of long island (longer term goal)

    Thank you!
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    I am not 160+ but I take base design very seriously and have helped my bigs on my team with their bases bc heck, I'm the one that's most likely going to defend them. I can't answer all your questions but I can answer a couple.

    over all a very good base layout. Something you could try is to move everything forward one Island (rage drain on island 2, flak ice storm and mages on island 3, etc.).
    The nice advantage of this is your storm and ice cover everything on the short island, so if red is in middle, it's extremely hard to get past that island, especially when the dragon has no rage. This is great for high level flaks such as yours.
    I have taken level 35 sages out with this setup and I only have a 31 flak and ice, 30 blue and storm, 21 red.
    Of course you would leave Island 5 as is and move something else into Island 4.
    If you don't want to do that, just be aware that having your flak where it is currently at, it takes a while for the dragon to be in range. If you swap it with blue, it will engage immediately.

    People like the farms on island 6 bc the enemy dragon has less amount of time to attack the farms and if you put a red in the middle and load it at the very beginning, it can take care of peoples crumble to dust, dg and umbrals and allow defenders to put heal the dragon's base damage.

    Unfortunately I can't see Island 6 or the bottom of island 5 bc my data is choked and it takes 5 mins fmy app to load if I exit out, but from what I can see it looks good.

    I would also like to hear why fire's are as good in higher levels. I would imagine bc dps means a lot, but that's just a guess.


    • Lutrus
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      Tagging Mechengg bc he likes base design too.

    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      Hey. Thanks for your input. Still processing your feedback. I'm not following this suggestion: "If you swap it with blue, it will engage immediately.
      " Are you saying the tower fires sooner just being in the left vs. right position on the front of that island?

      Re: moving stuff up to island 2. Would I have to worry about the rage towers being taken out then? I thought when island 2 is occupied even when island 1 isn't, the dragon still starts at island 1 (could be wrong, don't recall last time I saw a base like that), so they'd get the opportunity to snipe those towers before they got shots off.

    • Lutrus
      Lutrus commented
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      Are you saying the tower fires sooner just being in the left vs. right position on the front of that island?
      Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. As it is right now it will take longer for the dragon to get in its very short range, as opposed to when it's in blue's position.

      As to the moving stuff forward, the dragon starts over Island 1, vs starting before Island 1, so yes there is an opportunity to destroy the mages before they get a shot off (borgian is the worst to try to hit) but for warriors and kinn you can usually get off one.

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    So this is what I have now:


    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Not a bad layout, here are a few ideas:
      - Swap Storm and Ice so your Flak is protected by the shield. You don't want your strongest tower to go down too fast.
      - The rest looks okay, although it's a little Lightning-heavy. As your other towers grow, I'd think about swapping one of the Lightnings for another Blue Mage

    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      MareZ Thanks. Definitely been thinking about pulling one of the lightnings.

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    Anyone else please?


    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      Thanks Azure Couple clarifications:
      -For the red mage swapping to blue, you're talking about the one by the LTs right?
      -What do the minion towers refer to?
      -Can you explain the fire tower please? I've seen this before, but not seen anyone explain the reasoning. Thank you.
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    • Azure
      Azure commented
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      You had a few towers in the level 20-33 range close to your back. These are no threat at all and will only make you more attractive for XP and egg missions.

      Yes, the red behind the LT. Thing is, there is no right and wrong here. If you have someone on defence there should be no rage left. TS and rewind, however, cost no rage and in case there is one bar left it would also prevent cloak. Of course there will be those having chain lightning attached to warriors visiting. Can't have it all. You'll know best what to do as you can check your replays.

      To be honest, I don't know the context of why people tend to neglect it at higher levels. Personally, I noticed how easy it is to dodge its attack/kill/reverse before it finishes charging so I decided to lower its priority on my base. Maybe others can comment on this more accurately than I do... to me, the tower is just not as reliable if that makes sense.
      Last edited by Azure; 09-06-2017, 06:31 AM.

    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      That makes sense re: fire. I've definitely removed all the low level towers after the farms/mills.

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    So considering a few options based on feedback.
    For all three:
    -Treb replaced red mage on RSS island.
    -Can consider blue mage for back of long island, just don't have another one of high level yet.
    -trying to avoid having flak not covered by red which would allow it to easily be stopped.

    Option 1:
    This one has both mages protected by the storm and the blue protected by the red though flak isn't storm protected. Flak is in fastest firing position though.

    Option 2:
    This one the storm covers both mages and flak, but blue is not covered by red. Flak still in fastest firing position.

    Option 3:
    Storm covers flak and red. Blue is covered by red. Flak is slower firing position. Blue not covered by storm.
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    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Option 2 looks solid but you have to check replays how it works out.
      The Treb in the middle of your RSS buildings won't help much IMO, the red mage was a great idea, or a storm. Both could block attacks on the RSS buildings, the red mage even if you don't have any supershots left.

    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      Thanks for your feedback.