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Help with Base

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  • Help with Base

    I just started playing again after a long absence. So I don't no the best (or at least a good ) Strategy to defend the base anymore. I Once build this base to start off right now:

    I hope it's not a total trash^^

    Which steps should I take now? Build any of the new towers I don't know or keep on improving the towers I already own?

    Would be glad for some advice.


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    eventually you will need an ice turrent and a dark Flak at the very least. But if you were away for a while i am guessing you dont have many ice frags or elemental embers... How long ago did you quit? (about a year and a half ago?)


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      I don't have a lot of ice frags (3455) and I don't even know what elemental embers are^^ I'm just lvl 44 yet, so I can't get a flak, but obviously soon. Do I need those Totems and where can I build them? Does the location even matter? Stopped playing about 4-5 month ago I think.


      • Lutrus
        Lutrus commented
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        Elemental embers are used to build totems and flaks. You don't want the totems bc EE are pretty scarce and should be used to build dark flaks. If you already built a totem, place it at the back of the base (farthest away from the dragon) because once it dies, the totem's effect disappears with it for that battle. You have plenty of ice frags for your level, so don't worry about that.

      • Ian
        Ian commented
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        What Lutrus said. If totems helped against hunters, sorcerers or warriors ONLY, they'll be worth it. Other than that, people have too 3 drags which are "go-to" drags.

        Totems are a waste for now.