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Choosing what base to raid

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  • Choosing what base to raid

    Hello guys

    I have seen some talks in league chat and here on the forums with regards to bases that they think is hard and conclude that the game nerf the dragons that they are using.

    To be fair, PG hasn't made anything weak unless they officially announce it or there is a bug. To get started with what base you can attack would be visiting our community guide Amoeba.

    After that, check the matchmaking list and the dragon that you are going to use. Try to see what is the highest tower level the base has instead of using the defense power as a basis on attacking it unless you are after only XP which is going to give you a hard time except when you have assisting players.

    Let's say you are level 180 with 2 sapphire dragons already. This would make your Kinnarus level 40 at most.
    Its stats should be like this without any research:

    Damage: 685,595
    Health: 6,186,892

    Don't use the Attack Power as your basis. Always base it on the stats because if you just compare it on the attack power, you will always think that PG is nerfing that dragon, but the truth is, the base has a good placement that would prevent your Kinnarus from winning or other dragons from winning.

    With the stats above, you can at most raid any base that has at least level 43 defense towers or lower. Anything above level 45 would be suicidal unless you can time your stuff and destroy the mage tower before they use their charge attack.

    The only downside on this one would be if there are online defenders. The weakness of almost every dragon that is attacking a base that is a bit above than them would be online defenders spamming defense hammer and mage towers to deplete your rage and keep their defenses healthy. The only way to win in this situation would be to overpower them, but that won't happen since you are attacking at most a level 250 player using a level 40 Kinnarus that is at most available at lvl 180 if you are lucky to breed sapphire dragons.

    Another decision that you should make is the kit that every dragon has. Not every dragon is the same. A dragon that only has 500k damage and 5m health might be more powerful than a 800k damage and 9m health dragon because both kits has difference use. One might have invulnerability and anti projectile while the other only has an HP shield or red offensive spells. These can be the decider when attacking someone that is higher than you to get all the XP that is available for your level.

    Of course, there is nothing wrong with attacking another base that is closely related to your level like level 190 or 175 if your goal is a good amount of XP, missions and resources.

    This will get updated from time to time when I have the time or when I am not bored.

    Dont base it on Attack Power and Defense Power. Always base it on their damage and health because that is the deciding factor in winning and losing. Make the most out of every ability that you have on your roster. Never choose 1 dragon on a base that could potentially destroy you in a matter of seconds while it can destroy another different base that has a different setup than the other one.

    Someone can also use this and polish it since I base this on my experience in the game.

    If you guys have any question like your dragon and the base that you are attacking (screenshot it so we can analyze it all) then maybe we (community) can help.

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    I don't really catch up with your reasoning about this, but I give you props to try. Yes, the info about the base - def power - gives you a clue, but not the definitive one. The setup of the base, the tower levels spread are more important in an attack assessment. IMHO. And yes, using the appropriate dragon is the most important thing. The rest is .... riding the dragon to success.


    • kenshiki
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      it's not the definitive one yep, but it can help when you are choosing a base to level up your dragons. for new players, these are also important as there are power spike when a defense tower reach a certain level which i think is level 7 to 8 or 8 to 9. This can pretty much hinder a player who focused on building instead of balancing both.

      To be honest Kinnarus is pretty op this season since it can defeat a base that is at least higher than your level and as long as the defense tower level is within what your dragon can handle, you can pretty much do an XP run for yourself and your team mates. even at a 90k XP is pretty okay when you are around 180 or if you can find a base that has a higher xp, go for the 140k XP.

    • OldtimerX
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      I would not call Kinarus OP. It is just simpler to run. Somewhat like Apophet, but I like Apophet more. I think Kinarus is a great XP dragon. I find Zamrok and Borgian better suited for wars. But this is my opinion.

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    I'll contradict your TL;DR statement "Dont base it on Attack Power and Defense Power. Always base it on their damage and health"

    Never base your attack on strictly damage and health figures. Never go into a base attack trying to calculate the health of a random level tower and how many shots it will take you to take it down (unless it's max level and important).

    Do a quick assessment of the defense power vs length of the base, look for clusters of high level towers, and look for base weaknesses. Select a dragon that can exploit weaknesses and stands up to the tough areas. Never go by strict damage figures and health, supershots can change that in a split second. You will gain experience doing this, so try a variety of different bases.


    • kenshiki
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      yes you are correct on this one. but if you go for a just completion, you would need to base it on how many shot it takes for a critical tower to be defeated before you are able to forward. If you can't kill a blue mage tower quick enough, then you might need another base or another set of dragons that would do it for you like Merkt. You just need to take down key towers and everything else can be finished by your assisting team mate or 2nd and 3rd dragon.

      This will only get rough when you reach the level 50 towers. Especially if all spaces have been filled with level 50 towers (level 400+ i think) and that would depend entirely on the placement and the dragon you use.

      I guess i said what you just said before i notice. but I think I didn't point it out on my OP that yeah, you need to check the towers and placement. Since there are a lot of players in the game, you can find some who focuses on defense towers instead of mage towers. I attack one time where it is close to my level and the defending player just used 4 supershot from their mage tower and I'm pretty much dead because after destroying the mage towers, I can't use my abilities due to 1 bar rage or none.

      EDIT: forgot to mention about the defense power. I do still use it as a reference for the XP range. however, if the XP is good, I always proceed in checking what towers I can destroy easily. If it can't be destroyed or doesn't let me past at least halfway through, I go look for another base that is around that XP range.

      It kind of help during training event especially if you have some rubies leftover. get an expert dragon, get at least 1 million xp on that one then proceed with transferring XP. that is at least 142k points alone. If you are still new, it's still good to use rubies to transfer XP from expert to other dragons than purchasing XP directly using rubies.
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    • Mechengg
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      Wait, are you recommending to use rubies to transfer XP?

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    There are two rules for choosing bases to raid for XP:
    1. Don't reveal everything you know.


    • Isaiah264
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      #2) see rule #1