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The problem with Fire Flak and Embers

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  • The problem with Fire Flak and Embers

    At the moment in terms of raw damage output Dark Flak cannons are the weapon of choice and we can have one per island.

    Embers are very rare and are used by many buildings, totems, dark and now fire flak all use them.

    Towers are soon moving to L60 ( 10 more levels from the current max ) so this means 5 more levels per tower needing Embers.

    The fire flak tower while it has better damage than cannons and archers with similar range it is still not ever going to be selected to be built in place of a dark flak simply due to how scarce and rare embers are, all players need the biggest bang per dollar spent.

    Players wil continue to build dark flak towers or upgrade existing towers to maintain maximum damage.

    In a perfect world of unlimited embers we would build 1 of each tower on each island but this isnt a perfect world we dont have enough embers to even build the dark flak towers we need.

    Fire Flak and Ice Flak should of used fire and ice shards since only one tower uses fire and ice shards and both resources are in ample supply.

    Unless you are a blue whale these towers are a waste of time for the other 99% of the WD community.

    I suggest PG refunds everyone all wood, timers and embers spent on these towers and changes them over to fire and ice shards.

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    I'd be happier if they just refunded my embers and took fire shards instead. They shouldn't have to remove them, refund everything then have us rebuild them again.
    On top of that, we've already received points in the event. Would we lose those points then have to rebuild? That doesn't seem like a practical solution.


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      I'd be happy to just swap my crappy fire flak tower for a dark flak of the same level, at this stage.


      • gaza8143
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        That works for me as well!

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      If they able to Programme an option for us to exchange bet each other, shards or elemental frag that will be great.
      Alternatively, since building them all three having same points why not have common item for these, ice, fire or elemental. That will not create any imbalance.