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What to do with my level 35 Fire Turret?

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  • What to do with my level 35 Fire Turret?

    I have about 1 day left of a level 35 fire turret (left over from fort event) and am not quite sure where I want to put it. I think I'll just replace my lowest level lightning tower (since it's crap), but I would also like some overall suggestions on where to place things. Runes/Glyphs are already completely out of whack since I've moved two islands into storage and shifted my base forward, and haven't had the guts to spend those rubies yet.

    Some general notes:
    - My Flak (first hog farm) is gated by embers right now, otherwise I would have maxed it.
    - I'm level 126 and would like to slow down leveling if at all possible since I've only gotten 3/4 of the way through Kelvin/Vulkan.
    - I have no high level Storm Towers at the moment (highest is level 15, I think).
    - My plan was to move my lightnings up to the GiveDefendersTimeToLoadIsland and fill out the back of the long middle with something else... but my highest towers in storage are level 22 (which is why I put them there in the first place).

    My Base Below.

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    It's a long range weapon so put it somewhere in the back where it has time to load. Mix with Ice Turret as dragons have resist only to one - and for the last year the emphasis was on ice. With Ice and Storm combo it can do well, so build that storm up.

    Though your attack towers are only as good as your Mage towers in front of them and storm protecting them. Storm is usually the first or second tower to be taken out - so again, build the storm and all other weapons evenly, including mages. You can't have a level 35 Fire and a level 15 or 22 everything else.

    I used to look what someone 100+ levels higher than me has. Checked ten top bases (most medals; highest level bases in my league) and noted what's similar amongst those bases.

    Lastly, unless you maxed your towers, make the base as short as possible so dragons can't build up rage.

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      Actually... I wouldn't do that. In the early stages of the game it wasn't well known that having a short base is stronger, so many of the people that have been playing the longest have extremely long bases and honestly are not very strong compared to their level.
      I'd look around bases 20 levels above you for guidelines, around there is a safe bet.

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    If your Mages suck two rage, have it back mid with ice, storm and flak. More lethal that Caitlin Jenna's fake mini moo discharge #Testosterone💪🏻
    Commend my persistence ^.^


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      Its a great idea to put the farms on the second short island, but with a spell attack its a easy target. I would put a strong red mage tower in the middle of the farms.


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        Thanks, all. Once the storm is up to snuff I'll put it down.

        Unfortunately, I switched from leveling red mages to leveling blue mages during the Amarok days and still haven't fully recovered as I max turrets first and they are always pushing me up. One more storage bump and they will be going up yet again...

        My tower leveling priorities:
        1. Fire/Ice/Flak Turrets
        2. Red/Blue Mage Towers
        3. Storm Tower
        4. Lightning Tower
        5. The rest (which is all in storage because I'm already perpetually upgrading all of the above...actually, really just 1 and 2 keep me occupied :/).