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    I think it would benefit us all if we stick to the elemental properties of the "shards" that we use to upgrade it. Having 3 types of towers that use the same currency will only lead to an unnecessary shortage. The next flak tower is probably ice?! And it will also use ember shards? That's too much or are you trying to artificially limit the number of this type of towers that we can build?


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      Just another sales trick by pg. Elemental embers i dont even have enough for 1 flak alone, and i also spend around 200 euro a month for it and barely get any elementals from chests. At the pace pg is making new defendses upgrading lvls and putting new dragons ingame most players are just hopping behind the facts. Cant even enjoy my dragons cause i need to lvl 20 lvls in a month otherwise im walking more and more behind. Within 6 months we have got 2 new towers 5 more lvls and 2 new dragon tiers. Woot woot for the casual player or low spender like me.


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        Whelp, I tried....
        PG can see exactly how much of every rss is out there in the game, maybe the players that have commented here are unique in their lack of embers?
        Maybe there's a logic they have that hasn't been explained?
        Whatever the case, I'll look forward to having the tower next year sometime. I have 13k embers, enough to get the new tower to lvl 26 or so... but after next breeding event I'll have the eggs to upgrade my builder- so I'll use 8k embers bringing my original flak to its new lvl 45 max, which is obviously a better strategy than building a new lvl 26 tower..
        Then I will ponder my remaining few embers, wondering how long it will take to get enough to build the fire flak to any reasonable level at all whilst also continuing to upgrade the first flak... but then wait! What's that you say!? Yet another tower that uses only embers will be released in six months or so... smh.
        Echo EggToken PGDave PGJared
        Am I really unique in this regard?
        Is this the intended scenario?
        I'm not too proud to beg for a response if I must.


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          It's okay, I got 2x 'epic' embers in my last 10 pull. Maybe you'll get this lucky too. That's 250 Ember right there!


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            Overabundance of a certain currency (in this case, shards) does not automatically mean that a new "sink" for them is the solution. These different cannons have been released at different points in the game, and unlock at different levels as well. Some players still benefit from having the option to construct Fire and Ice Turrets early on to sustain their defenses until they unlock the ability to construct the more powerful Flaks. Also, keep in mind that adding abundance of a resource feels better than taking away. We're keeping an eye on Embers to monitor the amount that's obtainable vs. the amount used.


            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              I have to agree with Dravoz and GodofNoobz .
              By the way (I might sound like a broken record), another solution would have been to let us use the salvage shop to exchange the tons of fire/ice frags but we all know how that project turned out: The possibility to exchange gold chest drops was scrapped and it's still in closed beta since half a year ago. *slow clap*

            • Isaiah264
              Isaiah264 commented
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              What about those people that dont seem to get any in Gold chests? I am one of those that have healing potions, dragon and base boosts up the arse, but when it comes to shards, embers and black pearls, they are non-existent to me. Start reducing their payout and I am totally screwed.

              What PG needs to do, is implement a trading post so people can trade off those items that they dont need, but keep the drop rate at least the same. Also, make the prizes better in the gold chests, to those things that can't be forged. If it can be forged, put it in a bronze chest and be done with it.

            • Dakhunter
              Dakhunter commented
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              I rarely have any heals in gold chests anymore. Whenever I opened them, it was either tower boosts, fire/ice shards... To tell you the truth I have more than enough tower boosts to keep my base boosted for a whole year.
              So yeah, PG should put a cap for a certain items for different customers. Just put a simple line of code to cap the abundant amount of items for certain players

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            As you can see, 15k rubies for a miserable 1800 embers, as I've now run out, is well and truly taking the pee, PG, get it sorted and fast as I'm NOT paying that sort of stupid price. I also now can't upgrade dark flak when higher levels arrive, or even start to build your third flak when that does. Way to alienate players.


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              I agree with you , that is too expensive....
              While for highest level a legend lumber drop = 400k, and you can get for 2000 rubins 500++k if you pay for directly...
              A legendary ember drop is 1000, and for that you have to pay 8000 rubins if you want buy it directly....
              Looking to that there is a huge difference... Probably people say that there are mills ... but during events its hard to find, and at least embers are from eventline and goldchests safeable... where lumber depend on max storage + mills.

            • Flames0
              Flames0 commented
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              Yes, a massive difference, well, to get my flak up to level 45 if I had no embers left would cost 4400 embers at a price of 38k rubies, that's 135 dollars just for ONE level, not even the top level.

              Truly insane.