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Suggestion: Free Base Rune Removal

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  • Suggestion: Free Base Rune Removal


    Just an idea to put forward that might be a good way to encourage base layout changes. Each time we have a Fort Event can we have the rune removal from towers ruby cost removed as part of the event?

    This would encourage new base layouts to be tried during the event, especially after many will have newly levelled towers. I think this would make base layouts a lot better as we would see more different designs tried knowing they can be removed and reallocated. It would also make wars more interesting knowing that bases are different and not had the design memorised.

    This could also work during a Breed event to allow rune removal and reuse to help gear your dragons correctly following those new breeds.


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    2nd this idea!!


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      I actually agree this might be something good.


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        I'd just be happy if new base layouts actually got updated. I'm watching replays of attacks, and changes I made over 12 hours ago STILL aren't reflected in my base.
        PGJared ,@ EggToken any idea on how to get these changes we make actually get implemented? I even did the old "delete and reinstall" and it didn't make a difference.


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          I just laughed out loud. You have a promising career in comedy 👍


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            Is a good idea but I just hope PG won't exploit and put more damages to elsewhere. I'll be laughing as well if they can do it.

            How often ? we see or listen to commendable feedback, very limited.
            They must forge better relationship from customer to gain back the trust.