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Posion Tower Proposal

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  • Posion Tower Proposal

    While posion towers have the highest damage ince you take thr full duration into consideration the issue is that the damage can (a) easily be mitigated or (b) by the time the full effect takes place half your base has been totaled.

    Vs say a Flak cannon which does very similar damage but at an very fast rate.

    As a result it is very unlikely you will see very many poison towers on any half decent base.

    The Proposal:

    Nornal Shot - applires posion dot 'damage over time' onto the dragon. Multiple applications stack as they currently do but now also increase duration by 3 seconds for each new application on top of an existing application. Stack size reduced from unlimited to 3. ( to prevent poison towers taking over the map )

    Super Shot : Does one of the following :

    If a dragon has boosts the super shot removes one boost randomly. ( boost returned to the attacking players inventory if poison takes it within 30 seconds of game play. This is to prevent people exploiting the feature on XP bases that have posion tower at the end. I recognize boosts are exoensive and a poison tower stealing one at the start is a bit too over powered. )

    If no boosts on the dragon then the super shot reduces the dragon's damage by 25% for the duration of the poison.

    The super shot however only has an effect if poison is active on the dragon. If the dragon doesnt have any posion on him/her then the super shot does nothing.

    I think this would add some additional strategy and would also give people a reason to pull poison towers back out of storage and diversify their bases.

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    The major problem with poison, is the short duration. It can easily be countered by a heal or shield to prevent most if not all of the damage. Shortening the duration like they did was really counter productive to ballista's. I think the solution is to actually lengthen the poison duration, so that they can't counter the entire amount with a simple shield. If they stacked up enough poison, it should create a major problem for the player to deal with, but in its current 3 second form it just doesn't. One quick heal to counter the damage, or better yet a shield to prevent the damage to begin with and they are on their merry way.

    Think what would happen if instead poison stacked both potency and duration and lasting 30+ seconds. Long enough where the dragon can't just shield through it, it would require multiple shields at that point to try and mitigate most of the damage which would consume massive amounts of rage.


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      Would make the poison runes for defense actually worth it also.

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    Or the supershot could complete the remaining damage in one go 😊


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      I don't think you need to reinvent the wheel on poison towers. I do not miss them actually. But the developers clearly misplaced a decimal when calculating their damage over level 15.


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        I put my thoughts here:


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          The vast majority of bases are going short since only hackers and rich people or in some cases both at the same time can afford to keep up with a full base of relevant level towers. No one wants to drop poison towers on a short base given what we know about them. We have pleanty of towers to worry about, just let them rot in obsolescence where they belong, I say. They have been a failed tower since about level 20 in the game.


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            Drastically increase the range so it can hit from the back of a long island


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              Better to just scrap Ballistas altogether and forget they exist. People pulled them back out for a short while when they were adjusted last time, only to find out that they got worse. We don't need them at this stage and should all make sure we educate players not to use them.....unless we like to farm those certain individuals. It's an embarrassment to see them on the base of any player who has been around longer than two months.


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                I would blow a gasket if ANY defense tower took my boosts. That's a crud of an idea all over.

                That being said, I WOULD be concerned with reimplementing them into the game but even egg token missions don't acknowledge them so there is not point really.

                I agree with the census above, let them rot in storage.
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                  No just no


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                    Originally posted by gaza8143 View Post
                    While posion towers have the highest damage ince you take thr full duration into consideration (...)
                    Amoeba lists the attack of a lvl 50 Ballista at around 72k. Multiply this with 3 and it's still nothing.
                    The attack of a lvl50 Dark Flak is listed at 4,8mil. Million!
                    How do Ballistas have the highest damage in the game?

                    Originally posted by gaza8143 View Post
                    If a dragon has boosts the super shot removes one boost randomly. (...)
                    If no boosts on the dragon then the super shot reduces the dragon's damage by 25% for the duration of the poison. (...)
                    Why overcomplicate things and not just weaken the dragons attack by 25% during the poison effect? Removing a boost for the whole fight would be way too OP and everyone would bitch about it, no matter if they got it back into their inventory or not. Think about maxed bases that you try to 5-flame with one wing...

                    I appreciate your ideas, I also once cared about fixing that tower and bring its strategic element back into the game but they patched Ballistas twice and it's still shit. In the meantime they released runes for it which were totally runed by the second ballista patch. It's hopeless. PG will just release more new Flaks that cost shards or embers to make some money of the bigs, the Ballista is dead and a third patch likely won't bring it back. Sad but true.
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                      Very good points MareZ , I tend to agree maybe time to let the tower go once and for all.