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NEW base defense - Ryuu the Water Dragon

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  • NEW base defense - Ryuu the Water Dragon

    So once you reach a certain level, defending(especially to get ryuu) becomes pointless. I remember a looooong time ago I couldn't wait to be able to defend the get this mythical creature.

    My suggestion is a bit...wilder than previous ideas to make ryuu once again a god from the sea, but I'm gonna give it a try.

    1) At level 100(or whatever level is decided on) the water dragon shrine has the ability for a 1 time upgrade. 1 time because for it to be active, you have to acquire "Ryuu's essence".

    2) Ryuu's essence is "only" acquired as a drop from shooting down a dragon on defense and "only" drops for the base owner defending their own base. This also is a very rare drop that can only be dropped by taking down dragons using full boosts and have a minimum AP of 25% of the base defense(when fully boosted with dragon boosts). This prevents players having others use dragons on their base to just die for these drops as the attacker would have to use boosts as well for these drops to have a chance.

    3) Ryuu's essence is used at the water shrine, where Ryuu's now rests peacefully as his fierce breathe pierces the sky.

    4) When the water shrine is activated(by base owner tapping shrine then activating it-as long as they have some Ryuu's essences) then it stays active until they either run out of ryuu essence or deactivate it.

    5) The water shrine uses 1 Ryuu essence each time your base is attacked(again these are rare to get and only are obtainable through defending your own base).

    6) players can save these to activate their shrine right before wars or just use them when trying to protect their resources.

    Now, what happens when the shrine is activated?

    1) During an attack on your base, with the shrine activated, Ryuu will call to the skies and summon deadly acid rain.

    2) This rain stays only over the island where Ryuu's shrine is and only poors until the shrine is destroyed.

    3) This acid rain that Ryuu calls upon is a great danger to any dragon it touches. Any dragon that gets rained upon is injured so severely that they are no longer able to use any spell(red, blue, or white) the rest of their attack. This DOES NOT affect next dragon used. **Remember this shrine is close to end of attack so their is only the 1 small and 1 Long Island left**

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    Won't this disproportionately affect sorcerer dragons, who need help, not to be beat down more?


    • YellowMonkey
      YellowMonkey commented
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      Maybe make a rune for only sorcerers that protect them from this?

    • Marvin Lamb
      Marvin Lamb commented
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      Maybe the tower should reflect half of all hunter shots, lmao

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    cool so send little drags at it and waste all their essence during war


    • YellowMonkey
      YellowMonkey commented
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      Yeah...and get defense points against you lol.

    • Munt415
      Munt415 commented
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      They'll get them anyway because there's no way you're beating a defended base without any spells

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    Wow, I'd like a hit of whatever you are smoking please.


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      I like this.

      Then, if and only IF, Ryus shrine is defeated, the mighty ThunderKong and his best friend DeathKong appear on the last island, lasereye beam blasting all dragons to smitherines, followed by a big on screen explosion, the game closing and uninstalling itself, forever barring your ID from downloading it again!

      That would surely add a great element of surprise and nerve wrecking decisionmaking to it as you never know if ryu essence is there or not!

      Good stuff


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        Just scale Ryuu to be useful at higher player levels


        • YellowMonkey
          YellowMonkey commented
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          Yeah but unless the skills change no higher level player will even use Ryuu then.

          I want to make it where players want to defend.

          Like I said this would be a very rare drop and only when the criteria is met. Like maybe a 5-10% chance for Ryuu essence drop per dragon killed by defense(again with certain criteria met)

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        They said many times that there are no plans to change Ryuu.

        Aparat from that, I have to mention that I absolutely hate defending. It's a mobile game that you're supposed to play whenever you have time throughout the day in my interpretation.
        I hate that we are expected to watch the damn screen for hours during war to get defense points because the base AI is too stupid to defend you.
        The game is too little about flying and building skills and too much about clicking defense banners or waiting in front of your screen. I personally don't need more "motivation" for defense unless they would finally give me enough time to load the game and defend my own base when I get a notification about being under attack.
        But that's just my opinion...
        MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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          Totally agree with you MareZ. Defending is only funny if I defend my own base and somebody tries to attack with totally useless drags.

          Btw. I hate Ryuu. I would like an opt-out button. He is totally useless for me. Every time he is in my roster I try to get rid of him straight away.


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            I only like Ryuu because he lets me join any battle invite while all dragons are healing

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            I enjoy throwing into the graveyard of the XP bases i frequent

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          Instead it would be great to be able to turn Ryuu summoning off. The little shit is crowding my lineup 😩


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            I think it would be better to make the shrine into a regular building you can upgrade but with increasing quantities of rubies and each time you upgrade the dragon you get from defending gets better.
            So on the first build you get ryuu in red tier and you can upgrade it at the same rate as your incubator. BUT, every time you upgrade the defense dragon changes (recolor of ryuu to match the tier) and gets new spells relevant to that tier.
            This keeps you defending to get a maxed out dragon for your tier. PG gets another item on which players spend rubies.


            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              Seriously? Upgrade a building for rubies? Please stop giving PG more blatant moneygrab ideas. Just stop.

          • #11
            Honestly I'd rather Ryuu give me a buff that I can use on a second dragon so it doesn't split the XP multiplier, allowing me to run myself once for XP per Ryuu summon. Doesn't seem like that would be too overpowered, would give it value allowing me to get full XP while still using two dragons instead of splitting the XP with the second dragon. I know for sure I'd use something like that, and I assume most others would enjoy that as well, and it doesn't have a direct impact on dragons power, it simply boosts leveling so no additional balancing required, and should be fairly simple to implement.


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              Just out of curiousity, those that replied, what is the reason to not like this?

              Loss of spell use for 1 short and 1 Long Island ONLY for the dragon hit by the rain?

              As it is there are dragons with:

              1) ice shock(the white freeze) - stops mage supershots
              2) white death gaze - insta kill mages for second dragon to lose no rage
              3) Zamrok's white version of windfall that's suppose to deflect all mage supershots and projectiles for 4.5 secs!

              My point is, there are dragons starting to come out that can in no way be affected by mage towers anymore.

              So what's wrong with having a defense(again only acquirable and usable with certain defend conditions met) that stops a dragon's abilities?

              Would white mage towers be better so all these white spells can start getting zapped/blocked?

              Would my idea be better if it only prevented use of white spells on the dragon it hit?


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                It sounds complicated will take a lot of coding and will probably break the whole game worse than it is already. They can't even get points to register in an event that has been running for months upon months without causing people to lose inner fires and energy. There is a whole host of issues in the game right now and the dev team team has their head stuck up the posterior of a thing we affectionately know as F&$kLng boats. The last time they messed with Ryuu peoples entire roster was filled with unusable ryuu and you got egg missions which you couldn't complete because you couldn't use the 10 ryuu in your roster.

                Im good the way it is. Actually, I'd vote for complete elimination personally.
                Last edited by Rakic; 07-10-2017, 07:29 AM.


                • Spooky
                  Spooky commented
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                  Yeah, I'd be happier if Ryuu were just eliminated instead of what looks like a lot of coding sure to break a lot of other stuff. Would much rather PG add defensive boosts to the war win package or something like that as a reward for defending.

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                It's a cool idea, Monkey. I agree w Rakic though. I have zero faith that it could be done without causing a lot more problems with the game, unfortunately.