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I closed my Base

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  • I closed my Base

    everyone just an info for those, who might have noticed it in game: I have closed my XP-Base for the weekend: I am pissed because a guild from our league declared war on us and even though they claimed they would lose it, they didn't. Another team has done likewise, but this war is still runing, so they might yet lose it.
    Yes, I know it is our low activity and high fluctuation that makes us a prime target and I understand that people want back to Platinium and we would like that very much too, but I think we provide a valuable service to the comunity and being left alone isn't asking much in return. What pissed me most, is that I asked their leader in a Mail and he didn't reacted. So I got angry and threatened to close down my Base - hence closing my base for the weekend.
    And in my opinion the farmteam must take drastic measure, so we don't end up in silver or Bronze, some of us like me use their account and still want prizes and give the comunity something which shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
    So consider this weekend my Base be on strike and I will be back on Monday.. And that free time you have because I am not avaiable feel free to hit RussiaRF to show them, I don't do empty threats.
    Thank you Fairyknight
    Last edited by Fairyknight; 06-16-2017, 10:08 AM. Reason: Removed guild name because they excused themselves, but waiting for the outcome of another farm.

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    I'll join you to the strike. Closing base too. Same thing with the other italian team, we are loosing it too. Pisses me off quite a bit, we are already in gold and if we start dropping i have no reason to run xp base any longer..

    Based on the 5 attacks / minute pace on my base i thought we were providing something valuable to the community..

    Brgds, lv 162


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      I want to close my base too.


      • Fairyknight
        Fairyknight commented
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        We here I give you a banner and we can sing together The International
        Arise ye Farms from your slumbers
        Arise ye prisoners of want
        For reason in revolt now thunders
        And at last ends the age of cant.
        Away with all your superstitions
        Servile masses arise, arise
        We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
        And spurn the dust to win the prize.

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      Your team provides an invaluable service to a huge number of players (sadly not I any longer as I need a higher level) and it's a shame that the actions of just one or two selfish idiots has to spoil it, but I fully understand your desire to strike for the weekend.

      It really is high time that xp training bases were coded in as something accessed directly from your account and therefore with a constantly rising difficulty (and xp amount) to match the player level. Relying on the goodness and generosity of fellow players to provide such bases is not ideal really.


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        please post the name of the other team that declared war on the xpfarm team. Thank you.


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          well hopefully the other teams in your league will declare war on those that declared on you

          and/or the community here will be kind enough to pay your war opponents some visits to express their displeasure.


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            XpHitMe here,

            I will also be closing my base on the XPfarmsLooseX1 team until Monday. I hate to do it, cause I love helping everyone out as much as I can, but I hate seeing our team taking advantage of when it comes to wars


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              As member of above mentioned Russian team.

              We aren't going to declare vs them again - it was mistake.

              I repeat here what i send to XPFarms
              1)War was declared by mistake - it was 1AM for us and i was just sleepy - selected team with low activity not noticed the name before clicked. It happened because we were reshuffled again in leagues.
              2)Within 1h before start of the war - we notified all our players via mail do not participate in that war. I can show screenshots of mails.
              3)Ppl who flew in war - just don't read mail. That happened because mail now broken on some devices after last update.
              4)I offered XPFarms - here direct quote "If before war's end there will be small difference in flames - i will kick out couple inactive players so you can gain more points".

              Im currently under constant attacks so im also mostly offline till Monday thanks to this thread =)

              About this thread on forum:

              "What pissed me most, is that I asked their leader in a Mail and he didn't reacted."
              Our leader was offline during night and work time - ppl sleep at yours prime time.
              Wars starts at 3AM for us.

              PS. It seems we are now most notorious Russian team in that game. -.-
              Last edited by Aidhen; 06-16-2017, 12:56 PM.


              • Aidhen
                Aidhen commented
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                "You should be able to kick as many players as possible to lose the war, then send those teammates invitations back to the group. You can kick up to 49 other people if needed to give the other team points "
                We talked about it with other players in guild chat, there are some problems with that suggestion:
                1)No one from our team know for sure - what happens with event points if you kick player and than rejoin him back.
                2)We had only 2 really inactive players - with others - we needed at least 3 active players kicked and rejoined at 3 am.
                3)No one from our officers agreed to wait till 3 am in working day to discard and re-invite players Real life have priority for us. And with players from XPfarms leaving their guild - we really weren't sure how much players we needed to kick and re-invite; with addition of above mentioned in points 1&2 - it was too uncertain for us.

              • Fairyknight
                Fairyknight commented
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                When I sent him the fist mail, he was on, I checked and saw he was on, also their leader had had time to do his war attack when I came on, 8 hours later.

              • Aidhen
                Aidhen commented
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                Our leader not he. She.
                Not sure about hers online time - i know that she was at work.
                About attack in war - it seems that attacks that was done outside of war still counts in war -.-
                Yup.Just checked it with other war. If you fly from bookmark - its still counts in war.
                We didnt know it. So thats why we gained flames -.- Srry.

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              "2)Within 1h before start of the war - we notified all our players via mail do not participate in that war."


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                Note local time for war declaration. I really was sleepy.


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                  I am glad you guys out there have my back.


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                    Wow. To declare war on an xp team is really bad. I completely understand taking the weekend off, and if others do.


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                      I've seen a lot of threads about wars it seems in the last few days. I'd get used to being declared on if I were you. I know from what has been happening with my own little team that most players these days have little sense of decency or fairness if they can use you to get an easy bump up they are going to.

                      It happens in every league in the game. Go down 1 player in diamond 1 or 2 and you will have 10 wars declared on you before you can drink your coffee.
                      What, me worry?


                      • Fairyknight
                        Fairyknight commented
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                        CaptainC I didn't declare the strike because Aidhen declared war on us even nearly all other guilds of our League didn't, I didn't declare the strike simply because they had won. I declared the strike because their Leader ignored me and they promised in League Chat they would lose the war. Which they didn't. They only had to kick 5 Members but couldn't be bothered to do that.
                        I have been a farm since about Christmas I think and in this time only two or maybe one war has been declared by accident. So when Aidhen declare war 2h before start I though well a mistake, yes we are in a new League. I mailed the Leader ( I was on at declaration and checked she was on, too) asking why they had declared war. I waited for half an hour for answer then went to bed, I have to work, too. Next morning I got up and immediately checked the game (I know this says a lot about me ;-)) and found not only no answer from the Leader but she also had had time to do her war attack or xp-run. I find this disrepctful which I deal badly with.
                        I waited until 6 hour before the end of war when a bit miffed at that time, I wrote a mail sayind if you win the war, I will close my base and tell everybody why. This was my line in the sand.
                        I then checked League Chat, scrolled up a bit and found that a member of the farm team had posted along the lines (my word not the member ones) Why did two Idiot teams declare war on us and Aidhen (in words not his) said Oh, sorry mistake sleepy I will make sure we lose the war. At that moment I was a little bit sorry I had drawn the line (since I know from bringing up my children only draw lines you really want to defend) but thought well they will lose, so no harm done.
                        I went to bedd again, to wake up to a lost war and no mail nor an excuse in League chat. I don't like being lied to by anybody. So at that moment I was pissed, I found my line not only crossed but trampled, and my children can tell you what happens then. I made good on my threat. Fastforward, when I came home from work (Yes I have also a busy life but I answer my ingame mails) I found a mail from Aidhen saying: This is his mail:
                        Hi. Im sorry that we win in war - because of that i wish to clarify some points:
                        1) War was declared by ERROR - because it was 1AM for us - just we were sleepy and selected war vs guild with lowest availible activity in league, not noticing the name.
                        2) Within 1 h before start of the war - we are notified all players - do not attack Xpfarm in war. i can show you screenshots of letters if you wish.
                        3)Ppl who flew in war - just simply do not read mails - after last update mail is broken on some devices.
                        4)I was ready to dissmiss some low active players to even score with xpfarm, but in the end just to much players left Xpfarm team during the war - we just dont have so much inactive players.
                        5)We aren't going to declare on Xpfarm again.
                        This is a no excuse, but he might be to young to know that and be he would just have needed to kick 5 players and couldn't be bothered.

                      • CaptainC
                        CaptainC commented
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                        Fairyknight they are to small for my main. But for the rest of the weekend I will be running my little alts missions on their bigger bases.

                      • Rakic
                        Rakic commented
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                        Sadly there aren't even egg mission worthy. I checked.

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                      CaptainC Why thank you! It's been years since a man told me to stop being over sensitive. Dreamy. Even though you didn't say Please. Always say please.
                      Last edited by Brigitte25; 06-16-2017, 07:52 PM.


                      • Rakic
                        Rakic commented
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                        Now make him a sammitch, please.

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                      Fairyknight Maybe they don't speak much English?


                      • Fairyknight
                        Fairyknight commented
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                        They posted in English in League Chat they would lose this war, but then didn't. So I don't think it was the language barrier.