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To store or not to store - pros and cons of storing 5 towers to shorten my base

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  • To store or not to store - pros and cons of storing 5 towers to shorten my base

    I am at level 122, and here's my current base layout:

    I don't get attacked often, but when I do: When my base is undefended - the first dragon or two get dropped on my long island, but the final dragon cruises through the rest of the base without much trouble. I have NEVER had my towers right before the farms drop a dragon.

    My question is, is there any benefit to storing my 5 weakest towers and moving my farms forward VS leaving the weak towers out?

    Also, I am open to suggestions on tower placement as well as suggestions for selection of my next tower(s) to focus on leveling up.

    Thanks guys and gals!

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    The only advantage I can see would be that it would reduce your XP such that you would be less attractive to attackers who are looking for max XP. Depends on how much it actually reduces your XP to see if it is worth it, though. Not sure how you would check that without getting someone from a different team to do it.


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      Here is an interesting thought, maybe move all your weak towers to the 5 tower island and the stronger towers back to your second long island. Then stagger the farms in the 1/2 & 6/7 spot on the last long island and mix in the stronger towers so that players have a tougher time killing your high level farms while getting pummeled? Yes it gives their dragons a small break, and possibly up to full rage again. However with mages and such high level towers on your last island they may still have a really tough time getting through it.

      Have you given any thought to grouping one more lightning onto your long middle island instead of that second fire turret? Fire turret would be killer behind a few high level farms, especially if they are trying to get through your base with their 2nd or 3rd dragon and are scared of losing the attack.

      Additionally, i may go for switching one or two of your blue mage towers for a red at some point. You have no red mage after your main long island and that opens up attackers to equip chain lightning or fireball or death gaze spells for their last dragons to use.

      See here for a few different rendition using your current towers. Think of other ways to include a red mage on the last island at the very least.


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Cool well i hope that you get raided lots this event so you can watch a lot of replays and see if your base is doing better or worse with the new setup. It was all just suggestions off the top of my head without too much change to your base, so if it completely fails definitely switch it back or try another setup that someone else suggests

      • itsjustjoe
        itsjustjoe commented
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        I'll take that in the spirit in which it was intended lmbo!

        I'm not gonna start emailing you if it comes back to bite me in the butt I appreciate the suggestions - especially since I know you have put a lot of thought into the subject matter, given your base tweaking thread from a little while ago.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Haha good good.

        No worries, i figured others put a lot of effort into helping me out that i should start paying it forward a bit whenever i can

        Good luck!

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      itsjustjoe may I ask, how do you lvl your towers? That can be a big thing about your original question. Instead of removing towers, only lvl the ones on your middle island from now on. Don't stop lvling them till they are maxed and you will find your base will become a lot stronger, a lot faster if you are only lvling 10 towers instead of 20.


      • itsjustjoe
        itsjustjoe commented
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        Same here - except until recently, my storage was blocked by my base level - had to hit 112 to upgrade it. I jumped 11 levels this fort event, so I should be good for a while . Builder's hut was blocked until last breeding event - needed 4 extra platinum eggs.

      • Goober
        Goober commented
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        Once you really get going on just lvling those 10 towers, you won't run into lvl cap problems anymore.

      • Goober
        Goober commented
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        A couple of things I can say about you middle island is that it lacks diversity. The more diverse your layout is, the harder it is to resist for it. Also, you have only one lightning tower on your middle island. Need to have at least 2 together. You can mail me in game if you like and I can run you through a couple different ideas. IGN x7DeadlyGoobsx

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      I spent 15 minutes trying to recompose myself after seeing the horror you have done to the poor defensive city.
      If Ash only knew how bad things were in your city, She would stop visiting you every time you level up!

      I spent 45 minutes trying to make sense of the chaos.
      I successfully reconstructed a new defensive metropolis!
      Lurking very deep with in those poorly clustered units lies a well oiled machine of destruction.
      I can assure you it is there!

      However, I can't show you.
      It would be unfair to you.
      You would miss out on the thrill of finding it yourself.

      You are probably so close to discovering it.
      Than I would do a spoiler & ruin it for you.

      Thus, I shall not say anything.
      What I can do is point you in the right direction by answering your title question.
      The answer I have for you is yes.
      You should store 4 of your units.

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      • PlayerJ
        PlayerJ commented
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        I did tell him my findings.
        I said he has an awesome metropolis lurking with in.

        If he is going to remove towers, I feel he should only remove 4 towers.
        I don't think he should remove 5 like he said in his intro.

      • Goober
        Goober commented
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        PlayerJ No you actually said nothing but to remove 4 unknown towers. You have no advise at all. Will you just stop posting just to add to your post count. 🙄

      • PlayerJ
        PlayerJ commented
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        If you wanted to know which 4 towers to remove, All you had to do is ask for a hint buddy!
        I stored the following:
        2- level 18 cannon's
        1- level 17 storm
        1- level 25 lighting tower
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      or if you want to keep your lightning on your farm/mill island for healing striker runes . . .


      • defpolak
        defpolak commented
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        Concentrate first on your mages on your long middle island. A lower level can still apply a mage super shot but level 23s will be taken out in 1/2 second by anyone willing to go against your 33 turrets. These need to stay up longer to keep them from using spells if they do have any rage left. Then move onto your short island. And then back to your back defense close to your base.

        And there is no better time than now for upgrading your farms/mills. ONLY upgrade these during event as they give you the best points for the boosts required to finish. If you can possibly upgrade them now to 35 you can earn 182k event points for only 15 days of boosts. If you need a builders hut upgrade to do this, DO IT. Even considering the time to boost the builders hut you will still earn about 5 event points per minute which is going to be far better than anything else you can build. If you can go further than 35, the 36+ upgrades offer phenomenal points points per minute, better than what it was to get to 35.

        Also - keeping your high level farms/mills up front will help make it difficult for a single dragon (unless they are really strong) to take down all four on a single run. With high level farms you will see many attackers take 2 or 3 dragon to possibly take a couple out. The mage and storm help draw an influx from Skarr away from your farms until your back actual defenses come into range of the influx and continue to draw it away from your farms. And even though your defenses behind the farms/mills are weaker - they will draw attacker fire to them as they try and take them out instead of taking the little damage from them to concentrate on your farms. If you watch your replies you can tell who knows how to fly and who has actually looked at your defense levels with this set up.You will find that attackers need to take out 2 farms, or 1 with heavy damage to a second, before they get above 70%.
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      I think your base should not outgrow your dragons. Then after that your base should not be extended beyond the top most island until you get the towers on other islands capped. I think expanding too soon can weaken your base.


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        Thanks for the replies guys!

        I used to access the forum from my work computer but the website is now blocked as a 'game'... So doing it from an iPhone is a pita lol.

        All my farms and Mills are now 35. I am currently building my builder hut and storage hut. Once the builder hut is done I will upgrade the farms and Mills to 39.

        I agree there's not a lot of diversity on my middle island. I agree next towers to focus on should be mages.


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          1 more thing which I would like to add.
          I think you should consider moving your units.

          Starting at the middle section is the worse possible thing you can do.
          You should never have the attack start any where except on the perch locations.

          You are level 122.
          You should have 15-16 defense units + 4 farms + 1 Totem.
          You should operate under the "S" formation.

          You are currently operating under the "U" formation.
          Absolutely the worse possible formation in existence.

          Players level 1-45 should operate under the "L" formation.
          Once you reach around level 45, You are forced to expand in order to keep leveling.
          This results in a configuration change.

          Players level 46-65 should operate under the "r" formation
          Once you reach around level 65, You are forced to expand in order to keep leveling.
          Your position will stay the same.
          You will merely build out more on it which results in a new formation

          Players level 66-150 should operate under the "S" formation.
          The highest level I have seen was a level 150 player with the "S" formation.
          However, you should go as far as you can under this formation until you are forced to expand.

          At which point, You will be faced with a decision.
          You have 2 options:

          "L-r" Formation
          "n" Formation

          Most people do the "Lr" formation.
          I think it is very effective.
          However, I will say the "n" formation can be deadly if you are able to unlock the 3rd perch + level it to a decent level.

          When I mean decent, I don't mean having a red tier dragon on it.
          The perch has to be with a dragon which is equal to the same tier you are breeding in or 1 tier below.
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          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            The only problem with building a base in an "I" formation from 1-45 is the difficulty in collecting wood for Fortification.
            Many of the upgrades require max lumber bars which is pretty much impossible during Fortification unless you can do some serious bouncing from team mates or get help.

            I decided to use an "L" formation.
            I put my 5 highest units near the perch.
            Than I built 2 extra mages on back section in order to use up lumber for Fortification while making a building which will be useful.

            You on the other hand might only need 1 extra mage.
            You like to use 3 mages in your center.
            Thus, you would only need 1 extra which will later move to the center.
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          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Well the highest tower you can build at level 42 costs 130k lumber. If you can't manage that on a team (even gold league) during fort event then build them outside of the event. Simple enough to do when wood bars are typically full outside of fort event, or work better together as a team during the event itself.

            I had to max out my storage for a lot of builds this last fortification event, i made it happen like 3 or 4 times. Shouldn't be that difficult unless you are the highest player on your team or are down in an irrelevant league

            Your way you are giving your dragons a break after 5 towers, never a good idea at a low level. Rage is a very precious commodity especially down low when you only start with 1 or 2 bars, so giving them a free bar is not a very wise idea. Just keep that in mind

          • PlayerJ
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            I built an alt account before.
            Than I abandoned it because I didn't feel like dealing with 2 accounts.

            I think you misunderstood what I was saying.
            I didn't give my opponents rage.

            From level 1-35 or so you will operate with only a few units.
            I would say around 1-5.
            Some people place them on the home base section.
            I preferred to place them on the perch section mixed in with farms.

            Than when I added a new unit.
            I slowly dropped the farms back.

            Once you get to about level 40, I believe that is the level were you are forced to expand into a 6th unit.
            I never give my opponents free rage.

            I can't remember the exact numbers which forces you to expand into another units.
            I didn't write down the information.
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          Trying out the 's'. Haven't moved runes, so defense points lowered quite a bit. Still have useful runes/glyphs for all islands except the island with farms and Mills. If this seems more difficult for attackers while undefended, I will invest in rearranging runes and glyphs. I'll try to think about getting on the forums from my home computer and post the new layout. Mechengg - I saw you attacked me once already - come see what you think in game and send me a message - IGN Itsjustjoe.


          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Ooops did i hit you intentionally to test your base or was it for a quick RSS run? I typically get in the zone and don't end up looking very hard at who i'm attacking

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          So far the new 's' layout is very effective - only gets taken 100% when a much higher level hits. It's a little out of sorts as I'm constantly building farms and Mills, but they'll all be at 39 in a few days 😁

          Good tips and discussion guys 👍


          • MareZ
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            Another hint: Never stall your progression. It won't benefit you later on, you will just be left behind and miss out on tons of event rewards that include rubies and tokens that would push your dragon progression forward.
            The whole "don't let your base grow out your dragons" mentality seems to scare many off but it really shouldn't unless you're a 200 with only plat dragons (if that's even possible). Don't forget that higher base levels also bring more XP and transfer limits. You also need higher base levels to uncap your dragons.
            It's not a shame if your baby dragon can't take an XP base alone as long as you don't have to beg for your breedable dragons to get carried.

          • Mechengg
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            Meh i kinda enjoy feeling like a tiny badass with a low level base and a sapphire dragon already lol.

            It is a stalling of my progress, but my overall time frame isn't going to be much longer than someone who constantly levels. I'm saving all my speedups to instantly hatch dragons (hatched 3 yesterday immediately instead of other teammates who have to wait for them to hatch) and i still have 100+ days left over. I'm saving the tokens for when i need to clock up when i get my sapphires breedable. It may take me more runs to get these guys the XP they require to hit breedable, but it is still 100% doable at my level to get 12 levels on a sapphire in a 4 week period between breeding events. There is no harm in me staying at a plateau with a sudden jump up right before i need to rather than leveling at a constant rate.

            Right now on red's dragon check in i should already be level 126+ going for level 132 next fort event but i'm staying behind so i can run my dragons through XP bases solo instead of requesting help. It takes a few more runs and takes up more of my time, but I feel more accomplished as an individual and less of a burden on my team.


            Also, i've never missed out on event rewards due to my level. Proper planning goes a LONG way, right now i open chests at the start of an event, then save up chests for the next event so I have a larger source of usable items at the beginning if i need. I plan my timing and attacks to make the most efficient use of my packs and inner fire, and i plan to always save many for the next PVP event so i'm never dead in the water. I nearly always hit the 450 sigil mark (unless it's fort where I can't get the points because i'm not leveling) so my strategy isn't holding me back AT ALL.

          • Mechengg
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            Fck you may have a point MareZ.

            Divine dragons are all base capped (Skarr, Tarand, Abraxxus, Snowdrop, Aster)
            Leg Plats are both capped @16 (kelvin, quetz)
            Epic plats are both capped @16 (kulan, cryzan)
            Nearly everyone else is expert.
            The only guys i have to level now are my brand new dragons; chompa is level 5 already and caps at 8, then i just have kaiju (level4/16cap)

            It looks like i may want to hop up to 120 in a few events so i can keep growing them instead of banking XP on them all for forever.