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Petition to keep Defense Alive for the sake of our Children's Children!

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  • Petition to keep Defense Alive for the sake of our Children's Children!

    The game has changed the way units are built between level 29-40.
    We had a forum!

    It was closed!

    Players use to get 27,000 experience per upgrade between level 29-40.
    The game has increased this amount!

    The result is players are now leveling up at a faster rate which causes:
    • Level Inflation

    You are weaker than you should be!

    Like the Petition my friends!
    Keep your Defensive Hopes Alive!

    The game has so many new dragons which are designed to beat you.
    We have to hold on to any amount of defense we can get!
    Don't let your defense be taken away!

    Whether you lose 100 or 1mil, You are losing Defense which is designed to keep your safe.

    Don't like the petition for me.
    Don't like the petition for you.
    Like the petition for your children's children, who will be safe by your actions here today.

    There was a time when Dragons couldn't solo bases so easy!
    There was a time when Teams had to formulate an attacking plan to beat a Defense!
    There was a time when Defenses were revered!

    You can make Defense Great again!
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    First I have been playing for nearly two years and there never was a time when defense was revered in fact I remember at least on thread where it was stated that this games perfers offense over defense(you get 10 rubies for destroying a monument but only 1 sometimes for shooting down a dragon in defense).
    Second your thread (they are not called forum- Forum means the collected threads) is very difficult to read because of your choice of formatting and trying to make sense of your sentences. Try KISS for heavens sake (and I don't mean the band)
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    • PlayerJ
      PlayerJ commented
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      The game does prefer offensive over defense.
      This is why they come out with tons of different dragons.

      However, It doesn't mean you should be forced into loving what the game loves?
      Who says you have to prefer offense over defense?

      I prefer oranges over apples.
      Does this mean you are automatically forced into favoring oranges because I favor them?

      You have every right to choice what you favor.
      It shouldn't be forced upon you.
      You can love defense more than offense.

      This is why I am here.
      I am sticking up for defense!

      Your statement about getting 10 rubies for a monument vs only 1 for defense is another example.
      The game doesn't care about defense.

      Why should the game care about defense?
      They are not the ones getting attacked.
      It isn't their problem if you get attacked.
      They will not help you.
      It is your problem!

      You as well as everyone else is the ones who should care about defense.
      Some people spend a lot of time trying to come up with a defensive design.
      Some people invest real life money on their defense.

      All of this effort for what? 1 ruby
      Do you consider it fair?

      I think both things need to change.

    • Fairyknight
      Fairyknight commented
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      You claimed defense war revered.
      You just pointed out it wasn't.
      So what about your statement.
      It is untrue.
      So why should I care.
      Why should I care about a petition.
      Why care about a petition for my childrens children.
      If you say the untruth.
      I didn't revere Defense, the game never revered denfense.
      Why should they change it?
      Because you want it?
      I wanted you to try KISS (still not the band).
      You didn't.
      Do you care what I want?
      You didn't.
      I see a pattern here.
      Do you?

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    The game has always been weighted in favor of offense. Always.

    Make this a poll so people can vote if they agree or disagree. I for one don't care if they change this. They aren't taking defense away from me, they are letting me level up faster.
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      This thread is just embarrassing.

      nuff said


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        Ill take a slightly weaker defense for a much greater offense capability anyday. Thier is no defense event where you only score achievements by defending your base but every major event relies solely on offense. Stronger offense is a bigger return on your ruby invesyments in events, more personal achievement is more ruby, more items and more player levels. Better, stronger, FASTER.

        tbh I feel like most of the people crying about this have to be on the other side of the fence, like they already have their garnets hatching and are just scared more people will be smashing thier bases that they invested 2+ years of thier lives into.


        • Oldmandragon
          Oldmandragon commented
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          I'm a little scared

        • NukSooAL
          NukSooAL commented
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          PlayerJ I always do very well in fortification events and it has nothing to do with defending.

        • Mechengg
          Mechengg commented
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          Building towers for points has nothing to do with defending a base for points PlayerJ

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        War dragons. Not war bases.

        As long as ive played no defense has ever stood the test with out defenders present.

        As much as i I may have enjoyed the imaginative approach to this post, for new players that may not know better, maybe you should label or hashtag or something, "fantasy post" just so some won't take it seriously.

        Besides, with level 45 towers and growing, it's likely our children's children will still be building on the same tower we started building on.


        • PlayerJ
          PlayerJ commented
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          With out defensive bases, You wouldn't have the "WAR" Oldmandragon.
          All you would have is DRAGONS.
          You need the bases in order to have War Dragons.

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        didnt we debate this thoroughly enough the first time?

        increased xp for towers is actually beneficial for new players. they get to level slightly faster with the same amount of speedups as older players thus allowing them to unlock den levels and increase their dragon strength, etc faster.

        the very minor difference in "perfect build" defense strength is minimal at the same level old vs new, and doesn't make enough of a difference at ANY level due to the strength of the dragons available at every level.

        sorry I didn't include fancy font colors, I have a family and a job and real life stuff to do.


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          The difference isn't minimal.
          We are talking about the difference of an addition upgrade on an existing building.

          The difference will be a full base with level 40 units vs full base with level 41 units.
          This is a huge difference!
          Even if the player isn't building a Long Base with the above lay out.

          The difference in terms of a Short Base lay out will still be huge.
          Players will have the ability to max current units than expand into 2 more units.

          It is a huge problem.


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            Hey. Did you know that after level 300, each level up requires 400k XP? You didn't know that, did you? That's because you spend all day writing dissertations on areas of the game you haven't been to. Defense absolutely does not decrease, at all, ever. You just attain a higher level compared to your defensive number, which is only theoretical as well. You could make a base with 10 billion defense power, but if it is all cannons, a baby Nightshade dances right through it. Get over it. Defense didn't get worse. You see things in a weird way that matters to no one else. I feel like your caregiver should be monitoring your internet access better.


            • Indi123
              Indi123 commented
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              Can I just add 'Like x 1000' to every reply you do to PlayerJ? 😂

            • Robert M.
              Robert M. commented
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              Indi123 I'll just take this comment at face value. Done and done. LMAO.

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            Robert M.

            Actually, I do know how much XP a level 300 takes to level up.

            A great player by the name of Amoeba made a website.
            Amoeba is another theoretical data cruncher.

            Amoeba website has all the levels on it.
            It shows you all the XP you need in order to level to the next level for every level.

            You can even see how much Defensive Power you would have.
            You can't have 10 billion defense power silly Robert!

            You can only have 40 units maxed on your city.
            You can only have 3 perches maxed on your city.

            Defense got worse because you have to be higher level to obtain the same defense!


            • PlayerJ
              PlayerJ commented
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              You should check out the other forum.
              Frostbiter & Snow Drop are now fighting for number 1 spot.
              They crushed Zaru.

            • Owlrager
              Owlrager commented
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              Yeah two drags with crystal shield are definitely now better than monkey since he also has crystal shield. 🤔🤔🤔

            • castix
              castix commented
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              Please don't drag Amoeba into this...

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            I want a pizza.... 😋


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              Wtf is going on.

              Ow my head.


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                I'm still trying to figure out what the heck this rambling rampage is about. A full base of level 41's is the exact same as the same base of 41's. It doesn't matter a dang it if the player got 27k xp for certain upgrades while the other got 40k xp(for example). The amount of xp gotten from the upgrades at the end of the day account for jack crap other that player level and den caps.

                That base of 41's a player got a steady 27k xp by building is still the same strength as the same layout of 41's another player may be getting more xp for building. It's still gonna take the same dragons/skill to destroy the base.


                • Robert M.
                  Robert M. commented
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                  Please stop questioning PlayerJ's logic. He has it figured out. Just ask him.

                • Oldmandragon
                  Oldmandragon commented
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                  Pick a color

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                @Yellow Monkey wrote:

                .....That base of 41's a player got a steady 27k xp by building is still the same strength as the same layout of 41's another player may be getting more xp for building. It's still gonna take the same dragons/skill to destroy the base.

                Do you see why?

                Lets say I am level 150 with level 41 units.
                Lets say you are level 180 with level 41 units.

                I get attacked by a person around my level 150.
                They use a Garnet Hunter as high as level as it can possible go.
                Lets say they use Zaru
                What is the max level Zaru can go at level 150?
                Zaru can go to level 9.

                You get attacked by a person around your level 180.
                They use a Garnet Hunter as high as level as it can possible go.
                Lets say they use Zaru
                What is the max level Zaru can go at level 180?
                Zaru can go to level 30.

                Do you believe the person hitting you with the level 30 Zaru needs skill to beat you?
                Do you think he is going to break a sweat?

                They are both using the same dragon Zaru.
                However, there is a difference.

                The person who will need more skill would be the level 9 Zaru player.
                He has a higher chance of losing because the caps keep him restricted from unleashing his dragons full power on you.

                Your enemy is stronger by default your defense automatically became weaker.
                Your units should be higher in order to meet that dragon at its new level!
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                • Kittens
                  Kittens commented
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                  At the end of the day, given a choice between "can kill a base 10 levels higher" and "can defend against an attacker 10 levels higher", most people will choose the stronger dragons. Given that the player being defended against is still probably much lower. After all, it's generally 1 dragon balanced to 1 base at the same level (for a good base layout), and you get up to 3 dragons if you fail with the first.

                • Owlrager
                  Owlrager commented
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                  Nah, I have never upgraded my base in order to stop anyone from attacking and beating me. Thats not possible, youll be undefended more often than not outside of war no matter what team youre on. Lvl 400 people get farmed for rss everyday. I build my base so that it has a chance of stopping a 5 flame attack in war when its defended well. And maybe the defenses can help with the tiebreaker...thats it.

                  Earlier on in the game i built to unlock caps so I could have stronger drags. Now you can do that faster. Thats a good thing.
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                • YellowMonkey
                  YellowMonkey commented
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                  Um, I'm sorry but a full base of level 41's is gonna put you over 150. Hence your logic is monkey poo.

                  Try again? Maybe use something more actual so I can understand? Cause you just made even less sense out of it.

                  Btw...are you saying level 30 Zaru won't break a sweat on a full level 41 base? Mines not even full 41's and I bet I can take down an expert zaru with only me defending. Therefor, now I'm really even more confused what you are trying to prove?

              • #15
                All he's whining about that now more ppl can raid his ass.

                And FYI PlayerJ you can have a short base and be Lv 300 without the urge to max every tower to 45.

                You just have a base my lousy alt can solo with his Lv 15 NS. That's why you're a crybaby for weeks.

                Get the duck over it


                • Drexion
                  Drexion commented
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                  Lol someone isn't a fan of PlayerJ