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    My Advice...

    - First Mage Tower should be Blue (this helps counter Sage's Thunderstorm).
    - Second Mage Tower should be Red.
    - Third Mage Tower should be Blue. There isn't much threat of a big nuke in the middle of the base, and the second tower (red) should protect your back towers from any chaining effects like lightning. At this point you want to prevent them from shielding/healing while your towers do damage.
    - If you have the shards I strongly recommend getting a Flak Cannon. They do insane amounts of damage, if you do use a flak cannon put it at the front of the long island due to its short range.
    - Your lightning towers should be at the back of your long island due to their increased range.
    - For extra defense, I suggest moving your Ice Turret to the middle of the front (long island). You can mix up the other damage types.
    - If possible, I suggest putting a Storm Tower on the back of the first group of towers to shield 4/5 of the towers (if you have a Flak you'll still have plenty of damage).
    - You need a defensive structure next to your farms. (Ice, Storm, Flak). If you have the shards then a second Flak here is great as it does massive damage, while the farms continue to heal it. If you don't have shards for a Flak then either Ice or Storm will work just fine.

    Otherwise, pretty good start to your base. Keep it as short as possible for as long as possible.


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      For your comments
      - It is blue lol. Perhaps you are looking at a previous itteration of my base, try viewing post #29 for the latest and greatest
      - It is
      - I only have 3 and i chose to go red over blue for right now. Might be changing this in the future
      - I have a level 35 flak (35 is my highest level at level 129) and it is placed at the very front of the long island beside the blue mage
      - Lightning towers are on the second half of the long, one in front one in back so they link. Higher level first, they hit at the same time as the flak tower and archer

      Okay yeah i'm going to stop commenting because it is very clear that you are looking at a previous iteration lol.

      See this for my current layout:

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    Okay everything is going exactly according to the plan on the previous page. Currently only waiting on the last archer upgrade and then that is all complete. I wanted to ask an opinion type question, feel free to give me your feedback here. This probably won't happen this weekend because i don't want to level quickly. However i may be convinced to do one of the two if i can level my dragons to base cap again really quickly; they all have a ton of saved XP.

    Is it worth me leveling my seagazer perch (perch 1 by lighthouse) from 30 -> 34....

    - It will gain me 3 additional player levels (133 -> 136) which is a downside and won't improve my actual long island defense
    - It will increase health from 429k to 637k
    - It will increase attack/damage from 219k to something higher (don't know yet)
    - It will increase my farm health from +20.73% to +24.39% which will help in wars/daily farming life


    .....should i keep focused on my DPS and mage towers by keeping increasing them?

    - Blue mage 34 ->36
    - Ice turret 31 -> 36
    - Lightning 34 -> 36


    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      I would focus on the long island. It will give you a better chance to stop dragons than four more perch levels in my opinion.
      (I stopped upgrading my own perch aswell)

    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Thanks that's the type of feedback that i'm looking here. With F&*@( frostbiter/nightshade and their crumble ability my farms get decimated anyways so having a higher level perch really isn't helping in most scenario's these days. The only time it would help is if I was being actively defended (war) and the second dragon was a warrior type.

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    Also for anybody who is wondering, i went back through my old screenshots and posted my defensive power numbers for each stage/level i was at. I've also compiled a graph to extrapolate numbers from in case anybody is curious to see.

    As a side note, defensive numbers mean VERY LITTLE on their own without knowing the layout of a base. The base's actual defensive ability is far more a function of its ability to work at a system of towers rather than the specs of single towers added together. I just wanted to show/prove that even with a small amount of towers you are still able to achieve a high defensive power for your base to look intimidating to others!! Still only getting 1-2 raids a week :P

    All defensive power numbers are with both attack and defense boosts on the long island only. They have been boosted for the past 7-8 months non-stop simply because i have the tower boosts for it, so if you want to compare make sure yours is mostly (or fully) boosted or do the calculations of <Your DP#> x 1.69 to get the overall defensive number while boosted.


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      Mechengg what do you do against Hauheset with your base setup?

      My alt has followed a setup very similar to yours, from reading your discussions here and my own experiences (mistakes) with my main.


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        To be honest I'm not to that level yet.

        What should I prepare to face soon? I took down an expert Hauheset when a friend attacked me but he ended up beating me the second time so I'm not sure that I really have a set strategy. Is it his timeshift spell that I'll need another blue for?

        (Zero experience with Hauheset here both in attacking and defending)

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      So i followed MareZ's advice and ditched the plan to level up my perch in order to more solidify my long island.
      Lightning 34->36
      Blue mage 34->35

      That is all for this event and now. Until next time


      • MareZ
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        MareZ approves this

      • hostage67
        hostage67 commented
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        It was good advice, the perches don't really add much to the defense of your base. I use mine primarily to level up benched dragons. They can contribute a little bit of DPS, and are often ignored. But even with a good dragon on the perch it just isn't doing anything comparable to a regular DPS tower. So I don't really suggest putting much focus on them for anything other than leveling previously benched dragons.

      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        High level perches can put out some solid damage, especially when they are being fed. The passive bonuses are also great, but all of this doesn't count much if you don't have strong towers in combination with the perch.

        I currently use my platinum perch to give my farms/mills more HP so they are harder to kill and focus all my upgrades on my middle long island:

        But I also played around with the thought of putting my 5 strongest towers on the small island and try to max the perch there, not sure how that would turn out. Could look like this:

        What do you think would perform better?

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      Woo-hoo! I can finally post! Thanks MareZ !

      Mechengg thank you for this post. I completely threw my old base design out the window and redesigned it, modeling your base. Fortunately at level 46 when I swapped it out and level 56 now, it's not too late where I'm held back too much. My base even at this level is rarely hit and when it does get hit, I win over half the battles. Probably 80% of the ones defended. So thanks.

      I have a few questions about your changes if you wouldn't mind answering them.

      1. You had an ice tower guarding the front but have since removed it. Why? Does your front island even fire supershots when they are all so small, it seems those towers would be taken out in a split second and never have a chance to fire.

      2. You followed the design previously of having 2 blues and 1 red on that long island but have since changed it to 2 and 2. Why? I understand the concept of why you would want that design, but I'm wondering why the 2 and 1 didn't work. Is it more relative to the level you're at? *edit* - crap, that was a link of MareZ's base I was looking at. You still have the 2 + 1 on your base.

      3. I waited 3 weeks to ask you this last question, how effective are the 2 lightning towers and would you trade them out for anything else, but then the building event came and I didn't get a chance to ask, I built them. With that said, how effective is having 1 of those towers almost 15 levels behind? Do you only need to focus on 1 tower and let the other fall behind?

      4. My last island on the long island has a level 18 cannon, which is there in case my blue mage fails. I'm thinking of building another fire turret to replace it. What do you think?

      Here is my base as it is now. The reason for the archer and cannon on the back island is because people were hitting 70% before getting to the end of my long island. If they're gonna defeat my island, they better get through ALL of the long island to do so.
      Last edited by DonovanZ; 07-28-2017, 10:52 AM.


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Hi DonovanZ,

        I'm glad that your base is doing well at your player level and is keeping your RSS safe!

        1) I found that a lot of players during wars were killing the mage towers, then soaking the damage with their dragons and leaving it alive for the next dragon to gather rage as well. This sucked for war so i removed it and replaced it with another tower (mage) that they couldn't leave for a follower without me having the ability to get another rage drain shot off

        2) I am actually at 2red and 1blue. In the order Blue-Red-Red. I 100% feel that i am going to need another high level blue mage in the near future on the rear half of the island so i'm probably going to be switching out my rear fire turret for it when Kinnarus and Hauheset start flying through me more often. This should be around the level 150 mark i think.

        3) I love my rear lightnings exactly as they are. The front lightning i keep at max level, and the rear one is less of my concerns for leveling. I use it to give my max level lightning tower a +30% boost with supershots, that is the only purpose of really having it there. If they get past my first half of the long and take down my lightning and ice, i'm dead in the water anyways so that rear lightning really doesn't do much my itself anyways. I'd rather keep my level down for right now and focus on maxing other towers.

        4) I think cannon is better there than a fire turret, it gives a bit more variety to the island overall and should make it tougher for most dragons to get through. I don't think it will ever be utilized as a shield break with 2 blue already and the fact that you should have already used up all your supershots by that point, but it might help on the rare occasion


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      Player Level 134->137

      Blue Mage 35->36
      Red Mage 28->30
      Archer 36->37
      Storage 45->46
      Den 26->27
      Totem 32->34

      Opinion Time

      I'm thinking of swapping out my storm for a red mage on the farm island to get rid of AOE attacks and one last rage steal before farms die. Better idea than a storm? Tell me your thoughts


      • Lutrus
        Lutrus commented
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        I think it'd be an excellent counter to crumple to dust hunters, and other area affect spells and dg/umbral. It takes 4 rage bars to kill farms so if a defender can get a mage shot off and heal, it prevents the 5 flame. I think it would be a good swap.

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      Hi mech, love you setup.
      why haven't you used your river perch?
      or did I miss it?


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Thanks! It is a decent AI base setup but there are definitely some BIG things i'm looking to change/build up in the future for when i convert over to a war base.

        As for the river perch a few notes:
        - I don't have the pearls for it
        - 1 high level perch is better than 2 low levels
        - Putting a dragon on that perch completely defeats the entire purpose of the all mage island. The first attacker can wipe mages and then simply not kill the perch to help regain the rage for himself as well as gain full rage for the second attacker. For that reason even if i did have a level 37 perch i would still leave it empty so it didn't show up.

        Hope that helps!

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      Helps a lot and was thinking it might have been the reason after I posted my question­čśŐ


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        It's been a little while, so I figured I'd throw it up and see what kind of suggestions I get for it. Thanks in advance.


        • Mechengg
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          Could you possibly update your other post? I can comment on there easier and it will keep this thread dedicated to my own progress and comments.


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        Okay all,

        Big prep and planning time, i'm almost where i want to be with dragons before i do a big clock up to take advantage of their power and abilities in the whole war scene. Currently still level 138 with Scorchil, Iteru, Chompa, Sekhem & Hauheset now so i basically want to clock up to 158 after i get Frostbiter next event. I figured this is the best time possible to make a big change to my base since i have the flexibility of doing big changes to a single tower (namely storm) and i think it's time to CHANGE OVER TO A WAR BASE!!

        Long story short here is that I want to surprise even more attackers who hit my base and kill more powerful dragons while defended. I'm getting to the stage where daily RSS is less of a commodity to me (i am up to 83 expert dragons and the rest are capped or only a few levels to expert) So i'm more willing to swap over and let RSS be easier to take while i'm offline. My team has been absolutely epic for me and if i'm hunting and need the defense watch i trust them to save my base/food while i'm hunting the rest of it's being delivered; so why not help them help me right?

        Here is one proposed layout i'm considering (looking for feedback as always) as well as my remaining towers in my storage that are of any reasonable level. I've just put them on the last island so they are all on one screen so people looking can visualize what towers i have overall to work with.

        Now that is just the rearranging part, the upgrading would go something like this:
        Storm 23 -> 40
        Dark Flak 37 -> 41
        Ice Turret 31 -> 35
        Blue Mage 36 -> 37

        Now of course there are a few different towers i could upgrade i'd like to hear your opinions on which towers you think are the most viable to upgrade at this stage in the game as well! If you think blue mage should be 40 instead of levelling the ice turret so much, or if you think i should put less into the storm and put it somewhere else. This is your guys' feedback that i'd really appreciate knowing how you fly your hunters and what would frustrate you if a tower took far more shots then you anticipated.

        Any and all feedback on my transition is appreciated
        I know there will be lots, primarily over my decision to move my dark flak backwards lol.



        • OldtimerX
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          @Mecheng - I'd go with this setup for your base-

        • Mechengg
          Mechengg commented
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          Thanks for the feedback oldtimer!

          That's very similar to what I posted at the very bottom, so thanks for confirming that it is along the right lines.

          Any reason as to the preference of flak on the right or left hand side of the base at all? Does one fire faster or protect better or is hidden longer while turning or some reason?

        • OldtimerX
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          @Mechenng - The blue mage on right side is to block as soon as possible Sage blue spell.

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        Ok a few questions if you don't mind, it will help to guide base building

        1. Which dragons do you want to shoot down?

        This is rather critical, since building a base for Noctua is quite different than say for Hauheset.

        I know eventually you will get to defending Noct as well, but practically it is not a major concern for now.

        2. Which level spectrum are you hoping to cover with this update?

        I know you said mid 150's , but essentially what you are building now is going to have a major impact on your early 200's mid up to almost 250. Every "new" tower you add, you are comitting 650 days worth of speedups, which is a lot of levels.

        3. Are you planning on actively using your perch at any time before mid 250's?

        This also directly impacts on if you are planning to become longer.

        The answers to those 3 questions will help a lot in formulating some thoughts for you to bounce off, so you can make up your mind.

        On a side note - you will regret pushing you flak back. It will probably not get any shots off against planned attacks, but more so, it is unlikely you want people to waste supershots on your ice turret.

        They really in general should be using SS on mages, storm and dark flak. The next tower due for a SS is probably Fire turret, and then maybe a lightning. Ice turrets should be quite low on the priority list.


        • Mechengg
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          Okay some good questions here. I'll see what i can come up with for responses

          1) I'm not entirely sure. I see a lot of lead Borgian/aster/snowdrops come through lately from level 180-220 players and they are typically level 35-40. They are typically followed by either a Kinnarus of very high level (45-50) or an expert frostbiter.

          2) Right now my base is OK in wars, definitely able to defeat some players up to the 220's but typically it only throws them off once, they go and get their biggest backup and they come back and defeat my base. I'd like something that can KILL a level 35-40 hunter and prevent their backup from getting that 100%. I don't necessarily need to kill the backup, just make sure that they don't 100% the base.

          As far as my base level, i'm 100% dead set on sticking to level 158 for a long time, until i hatch a mythic garnet which is like 6 months from now. So this setup will be in place for a long while and while leveling one tower alone will cause me to grow a bunch of levels, at least i'm planning for 20 levels so i can get my storm effectively up from COMPLETELY USELESS RIGHT NOW to a max level (for my player level) tower. If i level just the storm and flak they should become my big power combo for a while. After that i can work on progressively tacking on single levels to certain towers during events when it makes sense to do so but this time I'm looking for a pretty big upgrade.

          As far as speedups are concerned, I am ok for them right now. I have 500 days saved currently and with spending 0 this upcoming fort event i will have another 6 weeks to save for this big upgrade event. The upgrades i've listed above only run me like 440 days or something including all of my den and storage levels so i'm not too concerned about them. That is also why i don't want to start an absolutely brand new tower, i'm basically trading a level 30 fire turret (one of my two) for more levels on my partially leveled storm tower in the grand scheme of things.

          3) I currently have my Seagazer perch at level 30 with a legendary warrior on it for health boost. I have zero interest in leveling my riverwatch perch or the other one at this time since it's just on the rage drain island and will give me no benefits. There may/will be some time in the future where i want to upgrade my perch to sapphire tier (basically when i get mehaten) but until then I'm leaving a previous shitty legendary platinum on there to hold down the fort. But for the next 100 levels i don't see me doing a ton with it.

          Up for bouncing ideas now that i've hopefully given you a bit of a look into what my goals are.
          I know, a lot of people are telling me i'll regret it, but a lot of people and experience is telling me otherwise as well. I definitely want people to use a SS on my ice, it buffs the health of my flak and both mages by like 30% with that shield, that is quite big i think when it comes to hunters who have a fixed amount of shots in a period of time. It could mean the difference between destroying a tower by emptying the clip of shots and it firing back and taking out the hunter. I would disagree also that fire turret would get priority on SS because it is so far back. If the fire turret was where the ice turret was, absolutely i'd SS it every time to make my Flak twice as effective, but right now it's too far back to make such a significant difference. Lightnings, yes it does make sense and typically i will queue one of those up for extra damage currently.


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        I have received a comment privately that indicated i should consider not using a second mage on the rear half of the island and instead including my higher level fire turret there.

        Do people have any comments on whether i should keep both, a single red, or a single blue mage at the end? Keep in mind rage drain island out front, my level, as well as add on spells that people can equip.


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          With Necryx and elemental barrier being a decently big asset, i'm almost thinking that i should revise my plan slightly to keep my archer on the front half of the island just in case my rage drain island isn't as effective or is laggy when defending.

          I currently have my base setup like this @level 142:

          So i'm thinking i'll upgrade the blue/storm/flak all to 158 for my next fort event:
          Then the plan going forward would to stay around the low 160's (162 max) by upgrading archer to level 41, then wait until i have enough sapphire eggs to upgrade said buildings to level 42 and then onto 43.