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Rune/Glyph question: Additive or Multiplicative?

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  • Rune/Glyph question: Additive or Multiplicative?

    Just wondering if I put on two archer frenzy runes does the increase in speed add or multiply?
    So, base speed + 1.5% of base + 1.5% of base for two rare archer frenzies? Or (base speed + 1.5% of base) + 1.5% of previous add ?

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    I think it's additive.


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      All rune/glyph values are added, not multiplied.

      The % that a rune/glyph uses for calculation is your base value, and each runes/glyph adds its % to that (not to each other).


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        2 of the same runes will not stack. You can use different level Runes. Common/Rare/epic/legendary/mystic