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Is it already fix or not? All about airplane mode

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  • Is it already fix or not? All about airplane mode

    I am tired and waiting with no hope .
    Many of my friends are leave the game because of airplane mode .
    why PG fix other issues but not airplane mode?
    why lock the post that talk about airplane mode?

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    Simple as that. They can’t. They tried and failed. So they gave up. I’m with you it’s horrible.

    Btw currently many players can’t play the game and get 10 seconds before they are synced errored out of game and can’t play at all this has a higher priority than anything else now.


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      No, it's still not fixed. We made an attempt, and it caused other bugs so we had to turn out attempted fix off.

      As warlord hinted, we've put working on it on hold until we deal with some other stuff first. e.g., if people can't open the game at all, we need to deal with that first.


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        If you fix the issues about poor network connectivity (ie, stop it being so data heavy) the majority of these 'cheats' will go away as many of us struggling with poor internet connections are being ACCUSED of using the cheat when we simply have NFI what it is, or how it works.


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          I think it’s time airplane mode is explained to everyone in simple terms. What it is. How it works. How to make it work. That way everyone has the ability to use it and everyone will be on equal footing. As PG have already stated it’s not cheating if everyone can use it. So let’s make it fair once and for all.


          • MikeGoN2GetU
            MikeGoN2GetU commented
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            To use it (intentionally) it requires manipulating your device outside of game which is considered a cheat. So PG cannot endorse it or show how it works, as it should be.

          • SuavGlav
            SuavGlav commented
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            Players should at least be informed to able to recognize it so they can document it and pass it along to support.

            I do believe they can ban fliers for using it with sufficient evidence, but I don't even know what to look for or what needs to be documented.

          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            Where did we say that if everyone had access to a cheat it's not cheating?