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Energy pack costs stealth price increase?

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  • Energy pack costs stealth price increase?

    When buying energy packs it used to be 10 and then 19 to buy 100 energy.

    It is now 10 then 20.

    While a price jump of 1 isnt a massive deal it does start to add up over a number of days and a number of energy events especially when you consider things like the loss of the bonus meter and tiers on some events with exactly the same costs.

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    My TimTam packet got smaller too. I now get one less TimTam for the same price. Subtle changes to make money. Well spotted.
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      The increase, as far as I can determine, started last energy event. And of course, even more energy will cost 30 packs. More soulless money grabbing by those vampires at PG.


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        Tim Tams... havent had those in years!


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          The second purchase of energy packs has increased by 200 gems = 1 extra pack. Previous cost was 4.6k gems for second purchase, it is now 4.8k gems. You can view an old screen shot on link I hope I attached correctly.

          Support as normal, as not answered the same question that has been asked here; Why have energy packs increased and what is the new costing? And why weren't players informed with a reason?

          Nothing new from PG for players to not be informed about changes, but when a company continues to say they are wanting to be transparent with their players a little effort or in this case a heads up about increase costing in energy packs would be greatly appreciated. Oh and how can a increase in costing still be 20% off as you advertise in nice bold letters ingame on the energy cost refill screen box? Just to add another question in that I feel wont be answered.
          It's supposed to be costing less to purchase energy in this event, but the numbers look the same to me.


          • Sandberg74
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            I think its fair to say that PG is the least transparent company in this field.

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          I've had pack costs jump in between runs. Buy 100 energy for 10 packs, next 100 energy was 20. Do a run or five, go to refill. Now cost is 22-23 packs per 100 energy instead of 20. Yeah, not subtle at all.


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            After hassling Support for most of the event this is what I've been told. I know first lot is 10 and then next is 20, but I never purchased the 20 so can't confirm if 30 was next and if it stayed at that. Maybe someone else can confirm or deny what Support has said. 🙂


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              Lol what else you can expect from PG


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                I've always wondered why it even skyrocketed from 10 to 19 before. A usual increase from my feeling would be something like 10 to 12 to 15 to 19...
                I have literally never spent 19 (or now 20) energy packs per round since I play this game. The RoI for energy packs used is simply too small after a certain point for free players/low spenders.
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