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Pg ruined gauntlet

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  • Pg ruined gauntlet

    its impossible to take down opposing islands with even just super attacks... people have to use mega or stay on for hours picking away at the opponent.

    Pg please consider the following

    1. Lower the points it takes to earn awards and to capture islands (30k for island, os it’s actually fun to try to race to win.
    2. Bring back bonus meter, we need an incentive to sit here doing these tedious attacks
    3. If you don’t drop the points, then extend each round to six hours. We don’t even bother with pvp since it takes forever and you essentially need a whole crew to do them
    4. Shorten energy reset time or cap it at 20. You can’t screw everyone and only make it fun for those who can afford mega attacks.

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    I agree. Between the horrible UI and the event changes my team's pretty much a no show this week.


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      I started an identical thread in another forum, you are 100% correct. Our team has given up on taking PvP islands, For me, the fun of the gauntlet was the quick fast fights to see who could take out the PvP island first, now it’s just a slugfest with not enough time to actually defeat an island UNLESS you use mega coins. The fun is totally gone in this event.


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        I agree they butchered this event terribly. I don't even know how they could say they tested this. It's awful and who ever was in charge of these changes should be ashamed of themselves.


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          By the time you finish one pvp there is another starting in 10 mins, and that's assuming you can actually take a team down during pvp. Before it was way too little hp for pvp, now its way too much. Hopefully they try to find a balance there to where it doesn't end in 3 mins but doesn't take hours either.


          • SuavGlav
            SuavGlav commented
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            It's not too much hp, just give in and do what PG demands of you: spend all your money on mega coins.

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          I would say RAISE the amount of HP.
          I could have gotten alot more points in this event, but my team destroyed every PVE and PVP island so fast, I literally had nothing I could attack.


          • Marvin Lamb
            Marvin Lamb commented
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            Get a worse team 😉