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Let's discuss : Treasure Hunt Phase

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  • Let's discuss : Treasure Hunt Phase

    In my opinion I dont believe the treasure hunt phase adds any value in the current format. I propose either (A) it is scrapped or (B) revised.

    When treasure hut was first implemented it offered value many players would invest 4 or 5 hours a day to farm chests and they would use that loot for the event. ( energy and inner fire )

    Really two things have occured to make treasure hunting poor value.

    1. Player base length has reduced from 6 islands down to 3 islands or even 2 or 1 island. ( for players under L300 ) this has reduced the chests earned per run. It is well known that each monument has a 15.2% chance to drop a chest. Long bases meant on average 1.2 per run. With shorter bases this drops down to 0.76 or less per run.

    2. Back in the day you could sub out your roster for red dragons and hit monument bases. These dragons instantly healed and meant farm time was reduced by 50%. Some changes to the monument drop mechanics made it based on your level so this is much less viable.

    Both of these basically mean around a 75% nerf to chest drops and the primary reason why treasure hunt phase is not rewarding and why most players no longer invest time into it.

    Honestly I feel like I earn more chests in the event proper when compared to the treasure hunt phase.


    Scrap it. Make the event proper run an extra day. Keep tiers the same. Essentially gives players an extra day to earn rewards.

    Pros : opportunity to better manage time
    Cons : player burn out from more grinding


    Buff chest drop rate on monuments from 15.2% to 45.6% to compensate point 1 and 2 above for only the treasure hunt phase. Cap max drops per run at 3 so people cant abuse the change. ( i.e focus on only large bases )

    Pros : Makes treasure hunt phase feel more rewarding like how it used to be.

    Cons : Forces non spenders to participate and more burn out / player fatigue.

    Cheers, all comments welcome.

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    I agree Treasure hunt phase is pointless, I disagree with making events longer, most of them are 24-48 hours too long as it is.
    We regularly see activity drop in the last two days of an event simply because people have had enough of the attempted grind.
    What we do is figure we've made it as far as we can points wise and don't bother participating any further.

    As much as we are in teams, events are all about individual points and many teams don't care where they end up in the leagues rankings because it's not worth the efforts to try to compete.


    • gaza8143
      gaza8143 commented
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      Good points. What about buffing treasure hunt phase or simply removing it completely?

    • SuavGlav
      SuavGlav commented
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      Agree. The grind was tough before; now with -bonus meter and +mega coin there's really no point.

      As far as treasure hunting goes, I say just scrap it. There's no point in asking for increases in chest drops, because PG is just gonna nerf the contents even more.

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    I vote B. With the expection they stop dropping silver chests and increase gold from an extremely rare drop rate to rare.


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      Option B sounds better of the 2. Knowing PG if option A was chosen, they wouldn't leave the tiers the same.


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        I disagree with making the event run longer. It will just burn more players out

        What i would be on board with is since its now part of the event, you could automatically earn a bronze chest (or chance of one of the others) after every run you do during that 24hr period. It would be a guaranteed drop just like those that are given out on the "score cards" in the PvP events so people wouldn't be discouraged and say "ive only received 3 chests for 15 runs wtf"


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          You cant simply scrap it, or no one would have any energy or inner fire etc. Let alone the other stuff.
          No one wants longer events.

          Given PG do not like players working on the old farming methods and have rigged it to stop that, I cant see them raising the drop rates so you get something nearer the old farming returns.

          Short bases are not the problem, plenty of longer ones still.

          On the whole chest drop situation is not that bad.

          A simpler solution if PG are happy to be more rewarding with chests is simply to up the contents of those we do get. They too used to be better. Make bronze chests closer to old silver ones before runes ruined and made them a waste of time and disappointment to win.


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            Treasure hunt phase used to last 3 days.

            And chests used to contain good stuff at a decent amount (legendary egg token used to be 5000, now they're 3000).

            As in all things, PG has nerfed not only the treasure hunt phase, but also the drop rate, and the contents of those chests you do find.


            • gaza8143
              gaza8143 commented
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              I still have my 5k egg screenshots they were the days!

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            The treasure hunt should,go. And all,the events should be shortened.


            • #9
              i agree with (B)
              it was more rewarding and fun before
              am not farming for chests anymore cause its a waste