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Mega Coin is the WORST thing to happen to Team Gauntlet (etc)

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  • Mega Coin is the WORST thing to happen to Team Gauntlet (etc)

    PGJared CampusLifer PGDave

    Since none of you, by self admission, are high or even medium players, allow me to explain how the mega coin has royally fucked highly competitive teams over in the simplest way possible and in the most "neutral" way possible.

    Events that are not reliant on timers would be fine to have the Mega Attacks IF, and only if, there is still a way for free players to compete at a lower scale. Example would be Conquer the World with Mega and 25% bonus. King of the Hill is so so, from my understanding, about Mega Coins. I think it wouldn't be GREAT, but it would be "okay" to have a Mega Attack and a 25% bonus.

    However, events like Tug of War and Team Gauntlet are so reliant on timing that a Mega Attack makes them pointless. For instance in ToW, using a Mega Attack in the last 3m completely sways the flag over the line in most cases. No strategy can prevent that in a competitive field. The team suffers. For Team Gauntlet (PVP island only), time is KEY to taking down the other teams island before they get you. A team with 20 online doing super attacks with triple inner fires will always lose to a handful of Mega Attacks. There needs to be an advantage to having an incredibly organized and coordinated team left in events like that. Basically, I feel Mega Attacks are fine in non-time sensitive events as long as there is a small bonus meter too.

    PULL THE MEGA COIN NOW, I beg you. By now you should know I try to see the middle of the road, but this mega coin for the PvP island is absolutely absurd.

  • Mechengg
    commented on 's reply
    Honestly, you guys should have 100% focused on the PvE islands and not even took a second look at PvP.

    I did some quick calcs at the beginning of the event and gave my report to our leader and we never hit PvP until the very last day with pretty decent success for the amount of energy our entire team spent as a whole. If stuff changes like island HP, points awarded, etc it is your duty as leaders/officers to assess the changes appropriately and react.

  • Grumpybigbird
    commented on 's reply
    Almost exactly the same situation with my P3 team. We never ever not hit the last island and this time, with a last minute push we just managed to hit the 4th last island. What a joke this event has been! Activity wise we went from 80s to 50s in this event alone. No one wants to grind super hard for no rewards.

  • Devarl
    Dear PG,

    Having played for almost a year & regularly put more than 4 hrs a day / night into this game I finally hit a wall!!

    Even when I was well below L100 I could routinely get the 450 sigil prize through hard grind & a little spend every month. Now as a high L100 (maybe L200 post Fortify) I could barely get the 350 sigil prize, despite spending well over 100 energy packs & a similar amount of inner fire. Foolishly I instructed my team to focus on the PvP bases as they've always provided good VP, but their increased health meant so much more energy was required that we had little left to take the normal bases. Last Gauntlet we hit the top island in a day; this event we still had 4 islands to go!! More worryingly my normally very active team participation drop hugely due to their despondence with the event; yes we might only be P4 (we have no interest in going higher yet as the team is still growing & the prizes are the same), but up till now their enthusiasm has been amazing. This event killed that ...

    So please please please listen to your player base. Each poster here has a team of people behind them who they represent & look after as family. Having read all the posts to date I feel we all speak with one voice to say:

    - Drop Mega Coins.
    - Bring back Timer Bonus.
    - Rebalance prize tiers so that new players can actually participate & grow (... just because we're late joining the game should not be held against us; after all new blood brings new money).
    - Keep energy prices as they were.
    - Lower island heath back to what it used to be.
    - Indicate how many points you get for attacking a base.
    - Use your time wisely to fix all the glitches that you've known about for months that really annoy us (... like resource production boost protection!!) rather than change stuff that works well.
    - and keep listening to & taking on board your customers' feedback!!

    (... Ok a few of these are mine own team's views, but I hope other elements of the player base might agree).

    PS. I actually had an early night last night & watched TV for a few hours instead of playing for the 1st time in months ... that's how disappointed I felt with a challenge that I normally really enjoy.

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  • MikeGoN2GetU

    What a load of BS. PG increased the HP of an island in PVP "to compensate for mega attacks". Great who the hell cares. Essentially all PG did was make it so instead of the PVP being over with 1-2 super attacks you now need to use 1-2 MEGA attacks. So for the top diamond teams in order to actually win a PVP everyone must always be using Mega attacks.

    All mega attacks did was force the top 2-5 teams use mega attacks instead of Super attacks, costing us WAY more IF and energy and therefore forcing us to spend more to stay competitive. They did it to make more money, plain and simple. It didn't add anything meaningful to these events at all. Dont try to give of this "adding a gameplay option" BS. Way to make an already grueling event even worse PG.


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  • Azure
    Red's concern, I believe everyone can relate or at least understand it far too well. Long time ago, we talked about what makes a good team mate and back then it was entirely achievable with careful planning, hard work and time alone.

    Now it is just as she and many others have said. 'Now I have turned into a player that can barely make the tiniest of impact for my team' sums it up pretty well. (Stuff in grey can be skipped)

    Personally, I found a lower diamond level tier team more than a year ago and was able achieve beyond minimum event requirements set by leadership with free chests alone. Rubies went for speedup packs, then sapphire wall hit and egg token grinding became priority.

    Over the last few energy events I got into a situation unthinkable months ago. A couple times. At the mercy of reduced energy drops, I spent rubies dearly needed for breeding on gold chests in hope to pick up enough energy so I can barely make minimum requirement.


    For Tug of War, we ultimately decided to go with implementing Mega Attacks since we believed the added gameplay option Mega Attacks provided players (e.g. ability for time constrained players to contribute meaningfully to their teams) outweighed the potential negatives of what might happen when players abuse Mega Attacks.
    There surely are spenders out there burning so much energy that maxing event is a given. To them, they simply reach global ranking in less time and are more likely to invest even more money due to reduced game fatigue.

    To everyone else, however, this makes a 180° turn. No bonus meter means no semi-effective way to grind points (thus a heck more grinding needed) and no real impact in PvP as super attacks with inner fire and full bonus meter used to mean something before the introduction of mega coins.
    In a certain sense, most of us don't perceive MA as an added option in gameplay but rather as the only (not viable) way to go with everything else taken away.

    - Pull MA out of PvP (keep them for islands,... )
    - Give back bonus meter, increase its stacking time (30min-90min) and reduce max bonus by 10%
    - Give back valor...
    - Revert to former PvP HP
    Last edited by Azure; 10-03-2017, 08:31 AM.

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  • TheRedDelilah
    commented on 's reply
    Bahaha - already do those things, minus the tree hugging. I've cut back from my former 6-8+ hours a day in game down to 1-3. It's heartbreaking because I've played this game for 2.5 years and watched it grow in so many ways. They can do better than this, I know it.

  • DerGeist
    I am quite fed up with how things are developing, so I can understand the frustration. But - no offense! - if an app game "breaks your heart" you should maybe give it up, go outside and hug your loved ones, a pet or even a tree. This is much more rewarding...

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  • DrWorm
    Originally posted by TheRedDelilah View Post

    Welcome to the forums, Voltolos , and thank you for replying.

    Honestly, I have to say that your data is going to be extremely skewed. Remember that for the first iteration of Tug of War that included Mega Attacks, we were given a free one as the feature was introduced. What is your definition of "being abused"? For my team, we honestly just gave up for most of the event and just used our free coins collectively to use the little strategy that was left. Darling, I WANT to be able to grind. I WANT to be able to do well if I invest hours of gameplay. I don't invest nearly as much as I use to because there is absolutely no point. It is frustrating, demoralizing, and heartbreaking. Do you know how it could possibly feel as a leader of a competitive, old, but hardly heavy spending team (by comparison) to know that the only way my team could compete was to pay? Could you possibly know how it feels as a leader to not be able to help my team even with hours of gameplay because I can't even make a dent? It is heartbreaking.

    I disagree with your "solution" to the PvP island entirely. Once, if I had 20 people online we had a shot of taking down the PvP island before them. We get 1-3 attacks in a person, and then the island is down. Now it will take way more people (impossible with our diverse team) or significantly more attacks to take the island down for my team, meanwhile any team that can afford mega attacks just whipes us away. You have only made it twice as hard for my team to compete, not balanced anything at all. If you want the Mega Attacks, fine. Just disable them for PVP islands and let people who have "limited time" use them on PvE islands instead. Stop punishing teams and let this event be a TEAM EVENT, not a single player who can afford the most mega points event.

    Honestly you've broken my heart. I have been playing War Dragons for two and a half years, I work my ass off to try and keep up, but I am a teacher and can hardly afford to spend much on this game at all. Mega Coins in events like this, where team strategy was once key, are showing me that my activity, time, and dedication are worthless. I'm one of those little players who would buy a pack on an event if my grinding was getting me somewhere, so I could keep grinding. Now I have turned into a player that can barely make the tiniest of impact for my team, and I feel like giving up entirely. What do you expect me to do?
    This is probably the most heartbreaking thing I have read on this forum, I completely understand how you feel though. TheRedDelilah I really hope you don't leave, I don't post but have been reading your posts for a long time and truly respect you and the love you have for your team and the game.

    Voltolos CampusLifer PGDave Please try to empathise with this post, it encapsulates exactly how frustrated and upset people are about the game at the moment.
    Last edited by DrWorm; 10-02-2017, 07:23 PM.

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  • MareZ
    commented on 's reply
    Fair point. Well said.
    Mega attacks and the higher HP for PvP islands in this current event basically inflated super attacks.
    The same inflation will happen to other events like Tug of War for "balance reasons".
    Last edited by MareZ; 10-01-2017, 06:48 AM.

  • PogTheWarrior
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah, that too. Too many bad changes to keep track of them all...

  • ITIL
    commented on 's reply
    You're forgetting proper prize scaling...

  • PogTheWarrior
    This has always been the most boring battle event in the stable. The only excitement came from trying to destroy the PVP island quickly. Now, due to the Mega Coin and the over-compensation in island hp for that little money grabber, even THAT little bit of excitement has gone.

    PGDave , if you are truly serious about making this event more enjoyable, rather than just more profitable, stop adding money-making schemes to it, and just return it to what it was.

    Get rid of the Mega Coin and the super attacks, restore the PvP island hp's to reasonable levels, and add back the bonus meter. Start focusing on making the game fun, not making a buck.

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  • VirNinja
    commented on 's reply
    I’m going on a spa vacation with two of my teammates with the money we are saving by not spending in war dragons

  • VirNinja
    I agree with red completely. I’m in a s2 team and we have completely abandoned trying to hit the pvps. It’s not worth it.

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