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    Warlord LOL i know, i'm lv197 and play WD from 2 years... this was example... problem is: now without money you can take only one dragon with obsidian tier, and no 2... 3 and 4 is out of range in free mode.

    But if you have 3 different prizes yes, first dragon like discount dragon, second dragon normal and third double... total is the same, but 2 dragons for event is better than one and maybe players are more interested.


    • EmrahT
      EmrahT commented
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      Thats not true, you can get if you are good active and play smart 2 dragons at max! And last season a line was 3k sigils more.

    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
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      If you can get a free obsidian dragon without spending i don't see that as a problem. Why should you get more than one if you are not spending?

      Also EmrahT is correct, if on a decent team you can do more than just 1. I Finished one, got all the other legendary runes, one of the other mythic runes and the egg token boost last season without spending.

      The bigger issue is how little we get when we do spend. I bought 7 large packs last weekend and opened HUNDREDS of gold chests and i only got Nec (who was 1/2 price) and the egg token bonus. For that amount of money i should have gotten a lot more than that IMO.

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    Yes , rt now this game is set up as a cash cow, and it's no longer working out for the hard workers . Effort should equal payout . I really hope that they stop adding new features. They haven't gotten the current features to work correctly yet , so why add more ?


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      I've not really got too much of an opinion on this . except to say that I think PG are doing themselves a disservice by their greedy focus on grubbing more and more money from us .. I think that they NEED the non payers to put enough players in the game to make it interesting for everyone. Non players should be able to play the game, but they should not get ahead like the payers do .. leveling will be lower, less rewards in events, less likelihood of divine dragons, bottom of the leader board for events etc.

      But if every non payer left right now what would the payers do ? They'd be playing the same teams over and over again. Bo-RING. No new players, no new teams etc.

      Effort SHOULD be rewarded .. IMO the non payers should be able to get to the same level of the game as the payers just not in the same time and not with the same additional things like divine dragons etc.

      Remember PG .. the more players you have, the more variety of teams for those who do pay .. so the more they will pay. What's the use of having a collection of payers if they get bored and leave the game ?

      and yes, I used to be able to get to the 450 sigil level in events without sinking my pay packet .. I think PG and even some of the players forget we are not all gifted with large amounts of free money to throw into games ever week. There are people who boast about sinking more into this game in an event than I earn in a fortnight .. good for them if they have the money, but I can't compete with that .. so while PG stops harming my ability to play I just plug along, do my xp and war runs, and do what I can in events .. I'm really opposed to this -points in events, I think that sucks as it actually hurts the non payers rather than simply doesn't offer them the advantages that the payers get. So rather than rewarding the payers they are now punishing the non payers. That's harsh and not good customer service.

      I have a family to support, I can't drop $1200 a weekend on a game. I don't even earn that much.


      • MikeGoN2GetU
        MikeGoN2GetU commented
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        It's not just the non payers they are hurting. They are hurting everyone.

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      I was a moderate spender, I felt the pinch of the changes each time th PG decided to make things a bit more expensive, like the mystical chest. Dropping 500.00 a every couple months came to a stop when I realized how the whales were spending thousands to get the higher dragons. There was no way ok could get one. Then I realized if I spent 50.00 on a cd game I could actually win, in this game I can not even get to the really good dragons. Sure I see the point of it being a free game and having to pay for the higher dragons but they are not reachable even at what I was spending. Frankly for how many glitches that are in game I would not even think of spending any more money than I have. I spend a lot more in WOrld of Warcraft , because there is really no glitches. And I can win, great, events with great goals that keep my interest. This game could be like that with the right programmers but they have not reached that level yet. They look at money and not quality of the game. I will now be content in grinding my dragons and just flying with out spending. As the end result of their blunders. I hope they listen, if they do not , who cares we can not change them so why try, just play, realize they are in it for the money and nothing more. Find a good coder and programmer, and make a game that's similar, only better.then call it something new and better and make it so people can have more fun and make less money. Then make it free soft ware by donation and wam, there you go. Problem solved. 😂😂😂😂


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        Here is the thing that you simply don't wanna believe.
        You do not have to play, nobody is forcing you to play, nobody is forcing you to spend, or do anything else.
        PG offers a product, take it or leave it. It's really not that difficult.
        If you play a game for Free, your right to complain about stuff is well...ZERO.
        Sorry, that is life and it will not change, it shouldn't change.


        • defpolak
          defpolak commented
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          I think it's just a little hard to take for most as even without spending, or minimal spending, you used to be able to still progress or play at a decent level. That's not the case anymore and the trend is only getting worse.

          For new players it's not that hard to accept and enjoy the game for what it is. For players that have been around for awhile and know how it used to be, it's a hard pill to swallow.