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  • None spenders

    Lol so many posts all basically about the same thing in this game. Being ripped off and being manipulated by PG to spend wake up everyone

    it's the same for everything whether it be rubies mega coins energy packs inner fires or any of the packs. What it all comes down to is greed and a manipulation through frustration not being able to make any head way in the events. If you don't spend to buy packs or rubies to open gold chests to get the resources needed you struggle. Let's have a look you can do 4 attacks then wait 4 hours to do the next 4 as that's the time scale for energy refill back to full right!

    So, basically you can play the event for 4 minutes 4 hours that's if battles last that long! I am being generous with the time there as it is probably more like 30 to 40 seconds per battle. Therefore, it is going to be less, and more like 2-2 and a half minutes in 4 hours, making the time that you can actively play the event to gain points from 8 hours of game time 4 minutes to just 5 minutes, how is this fair and balanced?.

    This is if you don't spend ridiculous amounts in order to get energy packs. Well done PG, keep going...let's see how many more ways you can alienate your player base (note I said player base not payer base 😂😂).

    Making the only way to get on in the events is to spend they don't give a stuff about players playing the game. The only ones they want are the spenders and it's becoming more and more blatant to see with every events they make changes to It's that simple!.

    The rest of us can go whistle And we go no we're in the events and they don't care!

    The message I get is spend or loose out in game no doubt you will get the high levels coming in and hating on the posts. And trying to make up excuses and say you just don't know how to play. But there are so many that are fed up with this form of frustration manipulation tactics to sell packs now it's becoming boring. Same old story every event spend or loose out!!

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    As a non-spender myself I do feel that there are many non-spenders who believe they should be able to get the same value (with a little hard work) as spenders. Personally I don't think we should be able to reach the same level just through grinding. PG is a business, first and foremost we need to accept we are getting free entertainment.

    Did the loss of the bonus meter hurt, yes pointswise, but the reality is I no longer feel I need to log in every half hour to keep that damn thing active!
    Did my score drop in comparison of course it did. I used two packs and a few Inner Fires plus free energy when I felt like it and got to the 13th prize tier.
    That's half way through the original 25 tiers, Not bad for a free activity. That's not bad for minimal effort.
    Now they've added 3 more on for the really big spenders, which was a level I would never expect to reach anyway.

    PG seems to be having trouble balancing the prize tiers, but I think that's mostly because the playerbase is not accepting of the fact that we shouldn't all reach the final tier.

    Take the Event dragons, everyone wants as many as they can get, but why should a free player end up with the same number as someone who drops money.
    The scale should be, minimal free play effort maximum one dragon, pay to play - everything they're willing to pay for and everyone else somewhere in between depending on their time in game or money spent.

    If I wanted to bring strategy into it, I could hoard chests, and rubies through all seasons, then drop it all on one season to get all that is offered.

    Am I competitive, in my own way, yes, but I am not and will no longer use money to increase my standings. That doesn't stop me from enjoying the game for free.
    PG is only using a standard business tactic, because it is currently working. It's up to players to change.


    • YellowMonkey
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      Nice post SilentOne. I particularly fully agree with this statement:

      "PG seems to be having trouble balancing the prize tiers, but I think that's mostly because the playerbase is not accepting of the fact that we shouldn't all reach the final tier."

    • DirtBanga
      DirtBanga commented
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      Final tier? I think non spenders expect to get the 450sig with grinding (or preferably actual skill, good to have the occasional bit of skill in a strategy game). Never meet anyone that expects to grind to the final pay prize tiers

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    You can do an attack in 30 seconds?


    • Dakhunter
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      30-40 second is just only for platinum league and below where most towers are lv25 and you use your garnet dragons to fly 😂.

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    Yes 30 to 40 seconds depending on the base length and set up of it !

    Fact is that none spenders like f2p and members that pay for elite accounts only nothing else are in the same boat. 2-2 and a half minutes active event play in 4 hours in events that require energy packs is not acceptable. Unless you pay out its that simple!

    I play other games and have for a long time now yes some have what you call micro payments. We're you can pay for extra things to give you faster exp and gold to reach certain goals faster. It isn't forced on you as the only way to get anywhere in game events!

    Its clear to me that this is a blatant manipulation through frustration by PG to make money in this way. If other players are happy with this then let them get on with it that's fine! I for one am not..! I am putting what I am finding in game down in writing on these forums for others to see and make there own minds up.

    But I know for a fact you can't change time! So the if your happy with only being able to actively play the event for 5 minutes or so in 8 hours unless you pay out then be my guest

    Here come the hatters bring it on the players don't have to adapt to a company's greed the company has to adapt to players and what they want or run the risk of loosing it all..!! With out players there will be no game again simple fact! If players can't get anywhere without spending out week after week for events they get board and leave another fact!
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    • Mechengg
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      You get energy packs as prizes in some of the tiers. That gives you another 4 attacks. You also get energy packs in bronze chests sometimes when doing regular non-event runs for daily multipliers or chest base runs. Those give you additional event attacks as well.

      If you want to keep attacking in a row, save up some packs and spend them all at the same time on 100 energy and then you have a good chunk of time you can attack inside the event.

      Again, all of this can be accomplished for FREE through being an active or above player lol.

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    Can you just stop making posts that say "I'm a free player and don't get what I want" please?

    Yes there are things that I feel are wrong and things I feel can be improved, but your posts are just negative, impossible to read, bitching without any actual suggestions or substance.
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      Just play the game whenever you have time. Don't waste too much time on mobile games as smartphones are not made to be used for a long period of time due to memory leaks which is common to any games and any devices. They just happen at different times and based on the usage of the device or length of play time on a game.

      If you are having fun, you can purchase a value pack to support the game. If not, then don't spend anything. No one is forcing you to spend inside the game. Another thing would be that purchasing a pack means supporting the game and not investing. If you want to invest in this game, then become a stockholder of PG.

      There are many instances where you can stop yourself from spending so think carefully when spending. Once you have spent something, you really can't be angry about it since the purchase is about your enjoyment from your past play time.


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        It's not up to me to do PG's job red that's there responsibility as a game company not mine!!!

        I have the right to post what I'm finding and feel is unfair to players that don't spend if you don't like it dont read it!!!

        Can you tell me I'm wrong about the time you can actively play events with out spending? then didn't think so!!! 😂😂 do you think it's fair and balanced to only be able to play event for roughly 6 mins max in 8 hours then if you don't spend?

        If you can please feel free to post here if you can do more then 4 attacks with the 16 energy provided!! With out spending to gain enough energy packs to make a difrence!!!!

        I just done last event and could only attack 4 times then had to wait 4 hours for energy to refill didn't you?

        or can I not count now either? As you seem to like attacking me and insulting me about things like punctuation. I might make spelling mistakes or leave out punctuation but it's readable and you can get what I am talking about.

        The answer to you is no I will NOT!! stop posting about things I find and feel are unfair and unbalanced. It is up to PG to read the forums and see what's upsetting the players and put it right

        Only being able to actively play the event for roughly 6 minutes in 8 hours to gain rewards with out spending!!! A blatant manipulation to frustrate players to make them spend and it think it's wrong so I will say so!!.. simple as that..

        This is what the forums are meant to be for airing your views!! About things you like and dislike that you find in game or do you think I am wrong about that to?..

        The plane and simple fact is players are being manipulated through frustration!! In to buying in game resources to compete for more than 3 minutes in 4 hours in these type of events how is that fair and balanced?...
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        • Sparky
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          I don't spend beyond my elite account and I manage to accumulate enough rubies and gold chests through the seasons to get enough energy to buy 100 energy each refill. Granted before the bonus timer was removed I could make the 450 sigil prize, now I made it to the tier over the 250 (33k points I think). I am stingy with rubies, only use timers during fort, don't speed incubation, etc... Been playing just about a year always get the token boost as soon as possible, do the 1/2 price dragon more for the other prizes than the dragon (though this one looks good).

          Have Sekham almost expert and hope to finish Apophet this week with my 115k tokens.

          You can make decent progress and likely can get at least one full dragon branch and a good chunk of the discount branch and the token boost.

          In the interest of full disclosure, I only sleep 5-6 hours a night, which is what got me into playing this game. Activity counts, token missions count, Elite account is worth it in my opinion.


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        Energy and heals should be about free. People spend when they are playing. Spending to just be able to play the basic game is clowntown shit. Never, With boatloads of money spent on iOS games, have i seen basic game play gated by money so badly. People for sure dont spend those 4 hours they arent online, while energy recharges.


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          I think another part that is hard...longer term players have watched it get worse and worse. There was a time when if you put in the time/effort you could actually come out net gain on prizes. That is literally impossible now. Gold chests use to have lots of useful items and the drops were larger. Energy was not used in everything and towers have gotten more and more expensive and less and less relevant. 15 x 12 hours used to get you somewhere.

          In a lot of ways, a quick bullet to the head is preferable to a slow, painful, torture.


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            I am a spender but I do see all points raised by non-spenders. There was a time where you could max every event without spending. There was a time when you played for straight 6 hours you felt like you achieved something.

            This time is over and we all see this. There is no grounds to white wash the ugly truth. If I wouldn’t enjoy my team and the ppl there I would have thrown the towel long time ago. And I can afford to spend and do progression that way. But the game played on a serious level is just not enjoyable anymore for non-spenders. They need guys like me who have a defendable Base and the dragons to win wars and without us they would lose every war and make no to low progression with those absurd low event payouts.

            Those who don’t spend and say “all is flowers and rainbows” are the ones with heavy spenders in their team who LET THEM COMPETE. If they were gone they would see what this game turned out to be nowadays.


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              I see some of your points, well as far down your post as I managed to get anyway. However, if you don't spend, you can't be 'ripped off'. I echo what others have said, nobody should expect to max an event from grinding. Otherwise light to moderate spenders would drop to non-spenders.

              In other games I've played, it's been the frustration of not being able to do something I wanted to that opened the spending floodgates. E.g. I want more stuff but my bag is too small so I have to drop some items and you know, I kinda wanted to keep that potion. So I buy a small pack and get a bigger bag and I'm happy for a while until my bag is full again and I want an even bigger bag and suddenly I'm spending regularly. But I do actually get something for that. A more enjoyable game experience. My bigger bag is the mobile gaming equivalent of the Chanel 2.55 and will last me forever. Whereas with War Dragons right now, you can spend several hundred pounds in a single event and not only will you not even hit 70% of prize tiers, you'll have nothing left for the next event.


              • Spooky
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                Chanel 2.55? Someone has posh tastes 😀 To follow the comparison through, spending several hundred pounds in a WD event gets you a moldy sack riddled with holes that falls apart as soon as you get it home, so you have to trundle off to the shopkeeper the next weekend for a new moldy sack, rinse and repeat.

              • Indi123
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                I'm not saying I own a real life one Spooky! I wish!

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              Just for those who don't know. The last 3 posters are Lv 300+ players from Diamond teams with obsidian dragons and Lv 50+ towers and a game experience of over 2 years.

              And even we think there is not a little issue, events are a total mess and beyond the point of realistic and fun.


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                I could not agree more with the last posts.


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                  Is easy.... maybe is better 3 different dragons and 3 different price for each one. You can take in free mode only 1 maybe 2 dragons, but if yout want 4th dragon (mythic) you need complete all 3 and third dragon will have double prices from first.

                  ex: tot first dragons 10K sigils, second 15K, third 20K. Only spenders can take 45k sigils but all players can take first, and more players can take 2 complete dragons for each event.


                  • Warlord
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                    I don't know what game you're playing but a branch is 25k x 3 = 75k sigils plus 4k sigils for double tokens bonus and around 5k for the mythic. So 84k sigils and not 45k lol

                    They won't make a 45% discount lol

                  • EmrahT
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                    You are right with that a free player probably can max 1-2 dragon probably with his own interest.
                    But as Warlord said, the sigil need per line is much higher.... Even last year it was arround 17+k per line, actually 12+k for the discount dragon within first 2 weeks, and 25k for the ordinary ones.

                    And true, for the mythic final dragon you probably need to spend more, or safe over many many month to spend on specials, anyway it takes alot of rubins!

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                  Myleftnut Can i ask you what you ordinary get per event? I mean how much sigils or how far with prizes ?
                  I just want to compare if you could be better aswell or if you are on a high state.
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