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Big problem with the event

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  • Big problem with the event

    This game has 'millions' of players according to CampusLifer - the 1,000th ranked player is on 50k of 200k points i.e only a quarter of the way into the prizes! And these are the whales.

    One of my farms is ranked top 10,000 in the world has less than 10% of the prizes.

    ​​​​​​Is this really how the game is going? While we all agree that not everyone will get all prizes surely the top 1000 ( 0.05%) of the population should hit all prizes.

    ​​​​​when 99.95 % of the population are getting a pitiful reward for effort that is when players quit and move on.

    A few notes on this event :
    1. 50% Bonus meter removed. ~40% less pts for everyone
    2. Prize tiers not reduced in cost by 25-40% to compensate
    3. Mid tiers were slightly nerfed
    4. 2 new tiers with the mid tiers prize loot incorporated

    I can tell you as a mid spender I am losing the will to play when all you do is take. I have no idea how a free player can even enjoy this game.

    And a whale even those guys must be starting to think of buying a 7th red ferrari to match the other 6 as a better option than buying more packs.

    Many people are quitting- just look at Sapphire and Platinum teams are collapsing daily and teams are merging on a 6 to 8 weekly basis.

    In my view this current trajectory is not sustainable nor healthy for the majority of your players which means ultimately from a P&L perspective it will not be viable for PG.

    Honestly I dont know if this rot can be stopped or re stumped but I think you need to take a look at where the game is going for 99.95% of your player base.

    ​​​​The 0.05% of Whales will be bored if us peasants ( a.k.a plankton a.k.a alternative whale content ) all jump ship.

    PGJared this is where you come in with the " the points look a bit out , ill talk to the team on Tuesday" line only for us to never hear anything ever again and then in 6 months this event has even harder tiers and everyone forgets we had a bonus meter.

    Call me a cynic but I cant help feel new forums is an opportunity to bury all this data so you guys can make out how awesome it is to only pay 100k rubies for 10 bonze chests.
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    These are some good points. PG know what they are doing, they are using the Chinese browser game model (thanks Tencent you soulless money suckers) where they milk a tiny percentage of high spending players for thousands. We're screwed.
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    • Kittens
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      This nails it. The Chinese model is to have an extremely short lifecycle, take advantage of whale on whale spending, and instead of having any concerns about the long term health of the game, you just let it die and have 10 other games replace it, using the same mathematical model.

      I counter with the "be a lazy bastard" strategy. I'm enough dragon tiers behind that I'll never catch up, only get further and further behind. Even with 24/7 optimal play, you can't keep up, so there's no longer a point in trying to be the best. It's a pure spending contest at the whale level, so I just hang out for the people, not the competition. I'll set up bases with Hauheset when need be. That little flying snake is the best! There are plenty of other games out there that reward skill, so that's where I spend the bulk of my free time now.

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    Never fear, boats are here..... and face plant...


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      Less than 12h left in the event and only 45 players worldwide have maxed the event. Way to go PG...
      MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

      Important Threads to find everything you need


      • Warlord
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        That's the best summary for the GREAT AND EXCITING new changes.

        Pvp events are just shit now

      • Lutrus
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        Agreed Warlord , this is the best summary and the best impact of what multiple posts about this topic have been trying to communicate.

      • MareZ
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        Event ended, 71 players worldwide maxed it. I have no words...

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      Just to correct OP's point #3: ALL prizes were nerfed, whether rubies, sigils or eggs (or two or all 3).

      HOWEVER… the points per tier were not reduced, so essentially the entire award tiers are nerfed.