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How difficult is it?

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  • How difficult is it?

    how difficult is it to have an exact start time for events? This the only game I have ever played that does not have a set start time for events, especially ones held on a weekly basis

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    If i remember right the last Event started at 3:30pm my time. Now almost 4:30pm and not even treasure hunt. What gives.


    • Lutrus
      Lutrus commented
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      Minor events never have a treasure hunt phase.

    • SmokeMaster1
      SmokeMaster1 commented
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      You right i forgotten that. But still start at odd times.

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    If we can get information on upcoming events on Mondays of each week, can we get an event clock?
    Or will that make you accountable for delays?!🤔


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      to be honest, if they announce the exact time of the event and then suddenly it was delayed for about an hour, people would rage about it.

      "Why am i missing points? I started at XX:05 and you said that event starts at that XX:00. Compensate me for this or i will quit this game"

      or something along the lines.


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        They actually use to tell us the start times in Ash chat and it wen't EXACTLY as you described.

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      Season's dragons are not worth the trouble by the look of it. So with event start messing us about again may be a good season to not bother with events at all. Whole load of new junk coming down line too.


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        I sorta addressed this in a previous post here:

        In the case of events, there's a ton of human-driven work that goes into running them. Realistically we're not going to be in a position to change the start-time of events in the foreseeable future. We continue to automate our processes as much as possible. But still, every time we start an event a huge team of human beings is "doing stuff" until the moment the event goes live. and then that hardworking team sits there monitoring all our dashboards to make sure it's running with minimal problems, triage the issues, and try to fix them as quickly as possible. even when we run events which feel like they've been run many many times, there's inevitable some sort of change that has happened since the last time we ran it which requires that we modify / test / integrate / deploy. Even if "nothing changed", just the fact that the userbase itself grows means that running an event can cause players to slam our servers in new and unexpected ways, often requiring us to scramble and figure out how to deal with something which didn't used to explode but suddenly has scaling issues. While we do have R&D team members working 24/7 every day, running events is error prone enough that we want to release them during our normal business hours in case something explodes and we need to grab people to help..

        The truth is our events are pretty labor intensive. Sometimes we find problems in the final hour while doing final pass of integration testing and smoke tests after we start deploying to the production servers and checking everything. We try our best to hit a certain time of day (we want to have a predictable schedule and get to eat dinner on time) but there are definitely unexpected things that pop up.


        • Kittens
          Kittens commented
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          So this only applies to resource intensive events like building/breeding? How do you manage to have a countdown timer on PvP events (treasure hunt phase) if you can't have a countdown timer any other time?

        • Jeff8682
          Jeff8682 commented
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          Please tell me you meant production server(s). I can understand why you would have scaling issues if this was the case. Lol

        • CampusLifer
          CampusLifer commented
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          Jeff: I edited my post to add an "s"

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        but we dont announce when the treasurehunt phase (the beginning of the event from the perspective of the people working on it) is gonna start, right?


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          CampusLifer just out of curiousity: Is it possible that minor events also get an event island and a treasure hunt phase? Then everyone could get ready and see the timer countdown to when the minor event will start. Sounds like a simple solution to me.
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          • gaza8143
            gaza8143 commented
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            Second this - great suggestion

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          the problem with me having knowing a start time for minor events it kills the activity of the game. Imagine we knowing the game going to start at 3PM est, then everybody gets on to protect what they have for the hour or so before it starts and all staring at our screen instead of going out to raid. If a raid comes we all go bouncing rss because we know exactly when the event's simply too boring for me. I like having to come on line and checking if the event starts or not, and able to raid because most people are not on line to protect their rss.


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            We all have deadlines at work ( maybe a project by 5pm ) uni/school. And we all do what we need to do to meet the deadline. I really dont get why you guys cant meet a deadline.

            Just do your planning, assign the right people and be realistic. By all means under promise by giving yourself a buffer of a few hours.

            Deadline's and commitments are not scary it is how the world works.