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Sigil jump of i possible proportions?

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  • Sigil jump of i possible proportions?

    OK, PG... spill. What's the deal with the jump from 830 sigils to 5000 sigils cost on the last line prize? Unless ye're a bloody blue whale no one is going to make that last jump. WTF were you thinking beside the usualy extorsion game ye been running the past year? This rates an even dozen piles! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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    It's been like that for 2 seasons already. And expect to get 10k sigils for the obsidian stone


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      You just realized this now? I'm genuinely curious if you did so little planning the entire previous 2 seasons that you completely missed the big jump at the end. Do you just not reach those tiers or.....?


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        Before it was "only" the evolution stone ... But after we complained that even if the difference between tiers could be high, there should be prizes added inside them.

        So at least inside that 5k sigils , are beside that stone 25* goldchests, 25* 12h timer and 5k eggtoken.


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          Since I'm not one of the whales, i only follow one path as far as I can go. it's been kinnarus this season, and i just got the sapphire stone. I don't ruby chests, so i never have a lot of goodies on hand. And no, I don't consider myself a serious player, at least one who looks so far ahead... there are still a bajillion things about this game I don't comprehend, at least to the depth that you upper sapphire and diamond players seem to have . I prefer to spend most of my free time in my woodshop or with my family, and lesser and lesser on this increasingly frustrating, formerly enjoyable pseudofree endeavor. As most have stated, I am hanging on only because of the social aspect, and even that is starting to get old. Will be lucky to end up with three sapphire dragons by the time my Elite runs out... oh well, life goes on! Fly well, blow stuff up, buy more chests, take PG to dinner before they take you to the cleaners again 😈


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            I stopped caring after it has become clear that the sapphire+ wall will not be improved, so you don't necessarily have to go all the way to the end. If it's such that you won't get to emerald tier for another year, that's a year's worth of divines before you'll ever use an emerald evo stone, or obsidian, or garnet, or whatever the case may be. Unless it's a really kickass dragon that you don't expect will come around again (and won't get arbitrarily nerfed), I wouldn't put too much effort in getting it more than a tier or two ahead of where you're at now. There will be so many more divines you'll have by the time you actually get to use that stone (all blocked at the same point) that it'll be highly unlikely that one will be your best dragon.


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              I got Borg to emerald stone without spending anything.... So it's definitely achievable if you put in the effort during events. You can easily max one line.


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                Just got the last evolution stone for Borg as well this event.
                Team rewards will put me over. Zero dollars spent in the past 4 months.

                It is possible (and purposefully planned) to be able to get only one dragon now though. PG is doing that on purpose to get $$$. Times where you could get 2 and struggle to get the third are gone. I expect it to get worse, as the game is getting worse. It's a nice symbolic relationship of two shits coexisting and going slowly down the drain just to finally dissolve in the sewage.

                By that said, with some planning and saving rubies only to be used in events that require energy and IF, for example, you are able to finish a branch. Maybe look into planning your season better 🤷🏻*♂️


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                  I not a spender (any more) but managed to get Borgian's final stone this week. If it gets to the point that non-spenders cannot get to that point because of raised costs then it'll be a travesty, so expecting that next season given PG's track record!


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                    I'm only a light spender now, and managed to get Borgian's emerald stone, the egg token boost from whichever top line, and Zam to Sapphire or somewhere around there.
                    Without spending, and playing a decent amount of time each day/each event, I think getting at least one divine finished out is entirely possible. I think the others are there to tempt you to spend more. I mean, they are in the money making business. If you could get everything and do everything without ever spending a dime, then they aren't really making money, right? (Unless they add in ads, which, for the love of everything, if they sunk to that low, I'd give up war dragons instantly.........)


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                      if you are looking at the cost on the evolution stone, then yeah it increased. However, if you compare it from the previous season, you will see that the items you get this summer season is worth more than the previous season.

                      from what i see, there are a lot of elemental ember rewards than ice and fire shard. previous season almost have everything at ice and fire shard. Cosmetic is gone for this season in exchange for more usable items so i think its fair to say that its worth it for a few increase in sigil cost.

                      Might be better to record the season rewards now and compare it to the next season if its going to be worth it again instead of just looking at the evolution stone only.