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Sigh...healing striker glyph again...

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  • Sigh...healing striker glyph again...

    I haven't seen useful glyphs like rage for a looong while I'm the event prizes. Is PG going to give them out at all from now on?

    i don't think anyone is going to spend their money to get healing striker glyph🤣

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    But it's Legendary! So it must be awesome!


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      Nope, its been brought up many times. Theyve said they would be looking into getting better ones in there more often. Never happened.


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        We had it before and now still the same kind. Anyone observe the energy cost is 30 for the 3rd round ???

        Is this a glitch ?


        • AaronNewb
          AaronNewb commented
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          in response to your edit:

          ... and then never get fixed, just like the worthless runes in the rewards!

          really PG, add some runes ppl can actually put on a dragon/monument... otherwise might as well give us rune dust as reward, cause this is getting ridiculous

        • defpolak
          defpolak commented
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          This is not a glitch. It is the standard increase in cost each round. They have done it a handful of times where the third round and all subsequent rounds of purchase cap at 20 or around there. Usually an email regarding the change goes out before the even start about saving energy costs.

          But again, this is the standard cost increase and is not any different than 90% of pvp events.

        • Talarius
          Talarius commented
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          It WAS the std increase. It was capped for the last several energy events. This is a regression.

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        I have a brand new sapphire dragon that will need 100,000 shags in 1 day to produce 1 offspring. Can he use healing striker?


        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          Healing STRIKER runes/glyphs are for towers.

        • Hieronymus
          Hieronymus commented
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          I got the joke, gaza. :-)

      • #6
        This issue will be lose lose for both players and pg? Isn't it?
        I mean players have no fun, pg won't be getting revenues from those who are just close to getting a better grade runes...
        and I don't know coding of program at all, or pg's decision making procedure but, is it that difficult to give out rage glyphs once every month and not the healing striker?🤔CampusLifer PGJared EggToken


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          as long as there are enough ppl paying, they dont give a s...
          i sent a message to support too, telling them this is ridiculous and forums are filled with ppl complaining about the runes, guess what? they advise me to try the forums... they dont even read support messages anymore, just copy-paste the same standard message everywhere


          • War fan
            War fan commented
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            Support's efficiency metric (if it's the same as all other support centers) is how quickly they can respond or close queries.

            PG's support seems to be the same, based on how many canned responses I've gotten in the past.