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energy packs nerfed?

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  • energy packs nerfed?

    I have opened 73 gold chests for 4 energy packs

    This nornally nets me 40 to 120.

    Am I having a bad day at RNG or have energy crates been largely taken out of the drop tables and replaced with ice and fire shards ?

    I received 20k of ice, fire and embers ; (

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    Sounds like a gold chest table error yet again :/


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      Can I have your embers? lol


      • gaza8143
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        The were mostly 125 drops lol. 2k max. 18k ice and fire!

      • SilentOne
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        Damn, nah got enough of those for now. :-D

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      I got x4 Energy Packs in my first bronze chest lol


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        Good work. Its more proof that screwing us is easy, but redressing the balance, even slightly, requires "many weeks of internal talks".


        • SuavGlav
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        • odie1993
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        Who even came up with 125 embers as a gold chest? That's awful. One of my flaks just needed 3800 embers to upgrade. That's 30.4 gold chests worth. Absolutely terrible. It would be the equivalent of something like a single 33k lumber pack in a gold chest. I get people want embers for the new towers, but 125 is virtually getting nothing. It would be a great bronze chest, but is not gold worthy. Unless the new gold chests are actually pyrite chests.


        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          Don't worry. PG will have internal discussions about this. But adding more embers into the game is a project of epic proportions, so it might take 2-3 years to see any changes.

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        It's simply rigged. Lol. PG is good at that. End of season rip off time

        and, are you seriously calling 8 mystic frags a "legendary drop"?? Really???

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          Its end of event nearly, pocket grinch could have sent a mail game wide with the following:

          "Hey there sheep, it's the last event of this money making series.

          As a token of appreciation for all efforts and money we made from you, we will increase sigils in prizes and bronze/gold chests.

          We hope the increase helps. Good luck dragon lords".

          Instead you fudge about. Backstab everytime.

          I hope you implement change to start charging us 1000 rubies to start logging in. I'll start whoring myself out just to appease you greedy fudgers

          PG: pimp gang formerly known as pocket grinch
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          Commend my persistence ^.^


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            I opened a paltry 30 I had saved up. I did get 30 energy packs which was good. However the most common drop was dragon and base boosts. 3 in 10 in one case. Utterly useless shite that is like a massive slap on the face. Add in other useless tat like ice and fire shards, and you maybe get 3-4 drops of decent items per 10 golds and only 1-2 of them will be relevant to the current event.

            10 gold chests costs equivalent to £16/$20 of real life money. HOW do base boosts represent good value? Or heal potions? These items should be in large quantities in bronze chests.

            I play another mobile MMORPG. For a £100 pack you can open 100 of the most premium chests. Some of those chests give 3 drops per chest. Every single chest has something useful in it. I gained back enough currency to open another 50 chests from opening those ones. I won't have to buy consumables for a very long time. Those I have too many of, I can sell off or trade to other players, donate to my guild bank or auction in bulk to get gold to buy stuff I DO need. Compared to £100 on War Dragons, where a large pack will get me 1.5 levels of a single tower upgrade and some more base boosts to add to the 7000 of each I already have. Where is the value?


            • War fan
              War fan commented
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              Missing, would be my guess :-/

            • Indi123
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              Baldrick37 - Celtic Heroes

            • Baldrick37
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              Thanks indi. Will try it.

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            Saved up a good amount of gold chest for this pvp event, and so far i have only gotten 1 legendary energy pack drop after opening 60 gold chests. Drop rate was definitely higher in past pvp events


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              Probably a trade off. We keep bonus meter and they reduce the gold chest prizes. Getting 8/10 boosts was rather displeasing.


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                Opening gold chests is always going to be a gamble, sometimes you will get what you want...most of the time you won't. Though I have to agree that PG should up the prizes in the gold chests because 8 mystic fragments and 125 embers are trash. Back in early 2016 when platinum drags were the top tier, this was a nice drop. But 8 mystic fragments get you nowhere when your dragons take 1000 fragments. I think that every item in gold chests should scale with level, the same way food and lumber packs do. That way as dragons and towers take more time and energy to get, it will be more reasonable. If nothing else, atleast the breeding tokens, mystic fragments, and the timers. Because all my buildings are taking 20 days, so in order to level them up I have to get way more speed ups than a lower level would have to, so I think they should atleast increase the amount by something.

                So lets say if you are level 200+ you get:
                20 mystic fragments as a legendary drop and 8 as a normal drop (epic)
                25-30 12hr speed ups per drop.
                5k breeding tokens for legendary drops and 3k for epic

                (It doesn't have to change just at level 200, it should scale with a lot of levels...just showing an example of one level set)

                I think if this was to happen, I would be more inclined to spend some money on chests since I wouldn't have to spend an insane amount of money to get the same result. The thing is that, as someone said above, if people who don't normally spend see that they don't have to spend a whole lot, they may decide to spend to try and get to the thing they want. So if you have more people spending, even if it takes less chests to get what is needed, I think it is a better outcome. Not to mention your community would like that, which is something that I feel like PG needs more of. Just my thoughts.
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                  I'm glad i had energy saved from several PvP events ago that i've been rationing.

                  I will save all of my chests for breeding again if these pulls are typical


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                    I get that maybe with all the siege bonuses and bonus meter, it can be easy for score points but its a fighting event, lowering the % of energy pack drops is ridiculous when that's the thing we need the most to participate in the event.


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                      Once again they artificially prohibit people from playing the game. Heal shortages in regular game, energy shortages in events. There has to be a basic amount of playability to a game before people will spend, some will never spend, but those that do, or would, need more than 5 mins of game time every 4 hours. Reading that makes me cringe, 5 mins of game play every 4 hours, hand out energy like its free. Should be able to fly nonstop. Thats the very basic game play. My FTP players struggle to get even a basic amount of points. Seems silly to me the discrepancy is so broad. It should be free'ish energy with income from siege. Charging for both is stupid.

                      Basic game play must be tenable. 5 every 4 is not basic game play.

                      oh ya, my $99 packs, lol, another week of not getting my money. 55 of each shields, swords, for dragon and base, plus 55 heals, 7 gold chests. Adding 55 to the thousands i already have is,i dont know what it is. Its insulting that trash is even offered to me. Then the other one has 5 energy? Lmao, 5 energy, so im supposed to spend the rubies to get more energy from the nerfed drop rate golds?